Shyamasundara Dasa: A Response to – The Argument for the Tropical Zodiac in Vedic Astrology (Odpowiedź na argument za tropikalnym zodiakiem w astrologii wedyjskiej)

Odpowiedź na – argument za tropikalnym zodiakiem w astrologii wedyjskiej

Od Cegiełki

This article was originally published in two parts in May 2012 on different websites like this one. Because I am often asked about this topic I decided to move the articles to my own site and merge them into one article for easier reference. At some point I may write a more formal article taking into account the developments over the years since this was first published. My objective was never to change the minds of the apostles of this system, an impossible task, but rather to give a different narrative showing the other side of the story. To provide credible information and counter arguments for those who oppose these views but do not have the time or resources to do the necessary research.

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