Seven Chakras of Earth and Undercut Roots of Polish People

© by Czesław Białczyński

© translated by  Katarzyna Goliszek


in other words, about disappearance of social memory and popularisation of deceit and nonsense

” …The name of the city lies deeply in its history. .

All ways of the empire led to Rome. At the road leading to the capital city from the far north was Cologne – Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensis – such was the name of the military settlement on the west coast of the Rhine separating the Roman province Germania  from the barbarous world. Thanks to the care of Agrypina, Emperor Claudius’s wife (a Latin name of the city commemorates both of them) who was born nowhere else but on the edge of the great empire, it quickly became the capital city of the whole province.  

It was there, in 383 AD that Britons’ princess – Ursula was going back from the pilgrimage to the holy city. She was accompanied by eleven thousand virgins. Because the times were troubled, they all fell into the hands of Huns, under the command of Atylla,besieging the city.

The commander of barbarians fell in love with Ursula, but she refused to marry him. He murdered her and all the virgins accompanying her. Seeing the crowds of the martyrs going to heaven, the horrified Huns abandoned the walls, and grateful inhabitants accepted Ursula and all her entourage as the patronesses of the city. 

Where did thousands of virgins come from? Probably from incorrect reading of the Latin inscription. Probably there were eleven virgins. This number of flames in the crest reminds of those events full of legends.

Twelve churches
The Romance church of St Ursula bears relics of many patronesses of the city from the entourage. It was built on foundations of an earlier building, perhaps on the Saint’s grave. In the Gold Room, in  the Baroque chapel built nearly 1,5 thousands years later there can be seen herma reliquaries (in a bust form) hiding the remains of the entourage participants. The one that belongs to the patroness of the city is the most valuable. 

Katedra w Kolonii 736px-KdomContemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance of anything, in general – Cathedral in Cologne

The church of St Ursula is one of the dozens of Romance buildings which were build here at the beginning of the second millenium and they have remained till our times: St Martin, Andrew, George, Pantelemon, Kunibert, Geron … They carry calls of the saints known in universal church and of local bishops. Taking into consideration the number of preserved churches, their magnitude and their raw richness of interiors, we get to know what great power was the local church, the headquarters of the Rhine archbishops … ”.

This is what Anna Ochremniak wrote in her the article in Poznaj świat – Warszawa 20.08.2009.


Hagia_Sophia-lgeContemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance in general – Hagia Sophia – mosque?


I can not get over how Polish people can write similar nonsense against themselves, and moreover identifying themselves with the tradition of their eternal enemies – Romaiōi, i.e. ancient Romans and Greeks.

We are also familiar with, for example, Gereon’s Vault in Wawel – standing on the ruins of the Romance church which was built on ruins of The Slavic Temple of the World Light – today  surrounded by stewards, chains and the only God knows what other bans issued by the Wawel abbot and the castle custodian – two guardians of catholicity of the Third Republic of Poland.

Katedra na Wawelu 292Contemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance in general – Cathedral in Wawel – one of the Seven Chakras of Earth


This place has been widely recognised by Poland’s Faith of Nature, by all the Slavism, Europe and India as the chakra of power and the holy place of ”the worship of the Faith of Nature” (i.e. natural) – for millennia.

Not permitting Polish followers of the Faith of Nature enter this place is simply a crime persecuted by the criminal code of the Republic of Poland – but nobody cares about it and no prosecutor will touch these sacrilegists.

This article and some other activities of guardians of Christianity belong to, unfortunately, one of countless examples of spreading of Christian baloney and lies having been repeated by Byzantines and Romans as well as by their  descendants Educated in the Truth for hundreds of years.

The  name of the city – Cologne has, of course,  nothing in common with the cited history about Ursula, Atylla, Claudius and Agrypina so why repeat it offending the memory of their own great ruler and king – Kagan Atylla – Chytiłła-Hatiłła (the surname quite close to us to associate it with Jogaiłło-Jagiełło, or with others from Lithuania) – well if somebody is cut off from their roots and awareness of their own language which they speak every day, there is no reason to wonder why it happens so.

The church of Ursula stands just on the ruins of a pagan temple and should be pulled down or given over to the community of the Faith of Nature who had prayed here, in this place, for thousands of years before Roman dissenters appeared – those who christned people with sword and battleaxes. It is only catholic devils who know what is concealed in scapulars, but for certain there are not any bones of any virgins from the entourage that never reached the number of 11.000.

All old churches stand on bones – it is a fact, but on bones of sacrificial animals sacred to earlier gods and sacrifices of humans from the time – it is true – cruel, but definitely much earlier.

The twelve churches must stand in places of former four-angled Slavic temples sacred to Twelve Houses of Power.

The Vatican has been popularising the lies about Atylla-Chytiłła, the rurel of Huns – Guniowie for 1600 years, since that great kagan and the commander of Sistans, one of the last great rurels of the Sis Kingdom, reached for nearly all the lands due to the kingdom and which earlier owned by Zerywanowie and Scoloti.

Meczet Al Aksa ws1Contemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance in general – Mosque Al Aksa

The truth is that the Great Scolotia (Scytia, the Kingdom of Slavs-Ists-Scoloti, in other words SIS, Sistan) tolerated the Romaiōi (Romans and Greeks) drang nach osten, of which Germans unfortunately – particularly Nazi Germany – wanted to be heirs, the many centuries of traditions of Germans – as half-breeds of Celts and Scandinavians and of Slavs and Scandinavians – that is how the German nation came into existence genetically – would rtather have predetermined them to support different traditions (closer to their ancestors’ traditions than Roman religious trends from the beginnings of our era).

Thus, the Great Skolotia having been taken its territories away, reached for what had belonged to it and it was Hatiłła-Chytiłła who took those territories back and became power again. It was, after all, the start to the collapse of Rome, though in all elaborations those all defeats for 300 years before the Collapse are described as a series of victories, or coincidental unlucky failures.

The chroniclers of Rome and Byzantium maniacally repeat the thesis about invaders’ barbarity, but the problem is that archeological treasures found there deny it. These chroniclers carry out the mission that is full of arrogance and pride inherited after their principals. The truth is that Barbaria – Warwaria (ros.) – Gargareans (Herodot – gr.) – Wharat-Bharat (hind., pers.) means Har Haria – Great Haria (Wielka Haria), the Country of Hars-Havars, so Avars – none other than We – Scoloti, Veneti, Slavs, throughout millenia.

Moreover, the truth is that it was Har-Haria, Great Wharat that totally defeated Rome, and then Byzantium, and earlier had eminently brought Persia to the fall under the blows of the Greeks feeding the latter with their own grain. It was the reason for which Darius the Great set off  the crusade against Scoloti and Serbomazons (Sarmatians) to the Black Sea in which he was defeated and nearly lost his life.

And here is the example of another, native expert on culture, religion and the intelligent human. We can see how wrongly the Polish press has been referring  to the chakra of Wawel and the holy Hill of Wąwel since 2000. The extract comes from Andrzej Kozioł’s article in Dziennik Polski 29.06.2001.

„… Historic epochs are being mixed, rationalism is accompanied by revelation and ordinary desires are used for attempts of factual explanation

There is no such entry as ”chakra” in the ”Great universal encyclopedia” from the 60s. There is no such entry in the ”New universal encyclopedia”, either (and what kind of  encyclopedia was it in which information about Wł. Gomułka was three times longer than information about Piłsudski, and the entry Katyń did not exist at all, similarly charka – the author’s note).
While surfing the Internet, one can find various definitions: CHAKRA – a
circle, a swirl, an energy centre in the  body. There are seven main chakras which prosess energy to power subtle bodies of the human. They are locatedd along the spine, the last seventh chakra is a few centimetres above the  tip of the head. The chakra can transform energy in two directions: to the inside and to the outside. Apart from the main chakras, there are many others of a practically much less meaning  though used during different kinds of therapies. The harmonious functioning of the chakras has a large influence on physical and mental functions of the human. Such energetic spots called earth chakras are also located on the surface of the Earth. Positive radiation of the radiesthesia type focuses in them. In general, old times builders elevated temples and even whole settlements in such places. Such an example is Wawel where the centre of the power spot is located in the temple of St Gedeon. The definition, written rather amateurishly, with mistakes (not a temple of St. Gedeon, but remains of the Romance church dedicated to St. Gereon), disagrees with another one, also in the Internet:Chakra – according to the beliefs of Muslims and Hindus, God strewed seven holy stones all over the world in the following places: Mekka, the Ganges delta, between the Euphrates River and the Tigris River, at the foot of the pyramids, in England, in Krakow – in St Gedeon’s vault in the remains of the Romance cathedral in Wawel, and the places are especially protected against disasters and any misfortunes.

Fight with disorientation
Well, again Gedeon instead of Gereon, but at this point consistency ends. Just as the first definition says, the chakra is a spot of special energetic features, the other one gives a material shape to it – a stone.
Łukasz Jasielski, the manager of the Krakow Centre of Human Improvement wrote a text which is in our office, but which has not been published as it is too tight. In the text he says: Chakra (cakra) is not a stone, and a stone is not a chakra. Chakra is an energetic knot playing a very significant role in the Human, on Earth and in the Cosmos – it is an important transmitter, stimulator, equaliser and carrier, rather transmitter and mediator, and sometimes even a censor. A stone, however, can be an emitter and a carrier, rather a transmitter and mediator of information,but never a Chakra because its structure is not suitable for doing so. At the most, it can be an anchor for the Chakra. The Earth Chakras, one of which is undoubtedly the Charka of Wawel, were created earlier than Stones…
After the three attempts of defining what the chakra is, we are already
confused, stupefied and  bewildered. In principle, we know one thing: that according to the quite widespread belief,  there is a source of unusual,beneficial radiation. Well, the charka would be – like the dragon, shoemaker Scuba, Krak and Wanda – the part of  the Wawel’s legend if not the events of the last months. The head of the Wawel museum, professor Jan Ostrowski and the parson of the Wawel cathedral, priest Janusz Bielański took action against something that is very hard to fight against – a myth.
It was not only because of the fact that visitors, in search of the chakra power, stained the wall leaning against it (before it had been even worse – people hacked away tiny scales), but because of principles.

A sentence in an announcement hung in the Wawel courty ard read that making occult practices is not consistent with the dignity of  Wawel as the place of the highest historical and religious values, and  participation in this kind of practices contradicts the rules of the Catholic faith. The place where people leant against the wall was separated. In the newspaper ”Gazeta w Krakowie” – a local addition of ”Gazeta Wyborcza”, a hot debate started. The topic – quite too early because before the so called silly season (the cucumber season – nothing to write about in press) – appeared in other newspapers as well, among others in ”Wprost”, ”Życie” and ”Super Express”. Consequently, what was to come just happened – the matter of the chakra, or the stone, as some prefer to call it, came back. It was not the first time that a ban had the opposite effect to what was expected.

Aliens, Apollonius and Queen Elizabeth

What is written about the chakra of Wawel gives us a slight dizziness. Historic epochs are being mixed, rationalism is accompanied by revelation and ordinary desires are used for attempts of factual explanation.
Ms Eugenia Fedorowicz – concerned with psychotronics – made a direct contact with the stone  in 1980 and she saw the Wawel hill from an enormous height  from thirty thousand years ago. To be honest, it  had not been a hill yet, but only a little isle surrounded by water. People who arrived there from the cosmos to lay an apple, mace and crystal in this place bivouaced there. It is hard to find out whether these were crystals in a geological meaning, or things made of vita glass similar to those which were the basis of travel export of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. After some time, the isle grew, changed into a short hill and an aura occured around the buried objects. Pink and pulsating …” and so on, and so forth…

KaabaContemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance in general  – Holy Stone of Muslims, Kaaba, one of the Seven Chakras of the Earth – Mekka

How to oppose intolerance and ignorance of our citizens that people are unaware of.

Mr Kozioł regards himself as an enlightened representative of inteligentsia and tolerant – perhaps Catholic, perhaps an atheist. The  author of Poznaj świat (Learn about the world) also considers herself an enlightened representative of inteligentsia, and they both feel Polish.

How can foreigners respect us???

For the sake of all Gods of Heaven and Earth – just a little knowledge about yourself and your own roots, just a little respect for your own history and religion – for yourselves.

Pałac Pothala Lhasa TYB_71Contemporary symbols of religious tolerance and tolerance in general – The Castle of Potal – Lhas, Tibet – one of the Seven Chakras of the Earth – the only temple of the Faith of Nature presently open on the chakra – the object of bitter attacks of the Chinese

When will we begin to properly  honor our Holy Stone.

Palac_dachu_swiata_3219248The Palace on the Roof of the World – the eternal Holy Place of Zerywani and the Sis Kingdom

Podziel się!