Contemporary cult of Sventovit in Poland and beyond

Śwaitowid i wieszczki DSC0612673Priestesses-prophetesses at a stolpe (sacred pillar) showing      Svetovid – Kupala Night – the Feast of Faith of Nature
June 24th, 2007

01c ŚwiatowitSventovit by Jerzy Przybył, now in his mansion in Rajcza the     Żywiec Beskids

Światowid muzeum archeologiczne krakówb img_2325Svetovid from Zbrucz, original, the Archaelogical Museum, Kraków

       Swiatowid P1110834 Near Wawel in Kraków – copy
Świat kraków 90_bigSvetovid – Kraków, general view
Śwaitowid Warszawa Podzamcze f57868ed933e0cbeWarsaw – Podzamcze
Światowid Arkona współczesny Svantevit-StatueArkona

   arkona_0121     Arkona
Swan arkon 7125359Svetovid’s pillar of Arkona – another shot  
    arkona 2   Arkona
Światowid Głogów_2005_2_cutGłogów


        iv k nn swaitowid-nockupaly20072440Svetovid at Kupala Night 2007

       Śwaitowid nockupaly20072594duzy The same as above
Śwaitowid Babia Góra CRW_1140-1Svetovid’s mount in Choroszcz

swiatowid BiskupinBiskupin

Świetowit nowoczesny 4106716Modern Svetovid

Światowid z Gubina DSC02175Gubin

Śwaitowid naturalny polskie góry StożekGory_377Natural Svetovid Rock – Cone

Śwaitowid Kamień Pomorski DSC_0211Kamień Pomorski

Śwaitowid drewno mal100_0843A medium-height figure – as a deity of private cult

Śwaitowit fig kultu domowego swiatowit

Picture 21: Another presentation – a figure of private cult

Śwaitowid z Rudnika nad sanem 270420061Picture 22: From Rudnik on the San
Śwaitowid woliński kopia prywatne bóstwo 703679101Svetovid of Wolin as a private home cult

Świętowit w Otrębusach 75swietowitIn Otrębusy

Światowid Ja_Swiatowid_TatoCarved in stone?
Światowid jeszcze jedenAnother stolpe for a place unknown to me
K Grzesik art Kosciol_sw._Leonarda_w_Lipnicy_Murowanej_-_Swiatowit_13.08.08_p3Svetovid from a church in Lipnica Murowana (faces were cut out, there is only a hat and a post)

[An interesting component is also the bar supporting the altar from its back. Allegedly, it is an old sculpture of Svetovid.]

Śwaitowit ChoroszczSvetovid from Babia Góra near Choroszcz – not far from Białystok

It is interesting to state that standing in the focal center of the circle and directing our eyes towards the church tower in Choroszcz we see precisely the mast of the relay station in Krynice corresponding to the dome of the temple. Carrying on, we reach the junction with the ring road of the Narew National Park (marked in blue) and pass on the left, which is a bit out of the way, an erratic boulder, called ” Uprising Stone”. Then, we cut the Trail of Włókniarze marked with blue colour and we get at Babia Mountain, common hornbeam (most likely it was a place of the worship of Svetovid (the 10 th century). At the top of the hill there is a wooden replica of the statue of Svetovid (replica from Zbrucz) and a symbolic military cemetery from 1915.

Damage to the sculpture from Choroszcz, July 3rd 2009

July 3, 2009, 8:26

A sculpture of the pagan god Svetovid standing on Babia Mountain near the village of Kościuki in the municipality of Choroszcz was damaged. At the point of contact of the main column with the image of the four heads there is a mark after using a saw. The vandal did not cut the wood to the end, so the head of the god still holds on the figure.

  Apart from damaging the head, the base of the sculpture was damaged as well: special stone protection preventing the wood against rotting was gouged out of the ground. It looks as if someone wanted to break Svetovid from the ground. Now the figure is exposed to direct moisture.

„This is mindless vandalism” – says Jan Adamski, expert and lover of local history – „Svetovid was an important symbol, a souvenir after our ancestors, it testified their spirituality. It is Svetovid from which comes the name „Światkowizna” which later changed into „Sieśkowizna”, and this – in today’s „Szyszkowizna”. Above all, however, Svetovid is a unique tourist attraction. I do not understand who could deliberately tried to devastate it. „

The police from Choroszcz got to know about the incident from us. The police duty officer assured that even today (07/03/09)

the police would go to see the figure.

The figure of Svetovid stands on Babia mountain near the Kościuki village close to Choroszcz. It is a copy of the statue of the Slavic deity found in Zbrucz in Ukraine. According to historians, Babia mountain was a place of the old pagan cults. The sculpture was erected here in 1998. The initiator of the project was Sławomir Halicki, then director of the Cultural Center in Choroszcz, now Mayor of Suraż. Initially, the sculpture stood for a short time in the seat of the Cultural Centre building, and was also the pride of the Dominican Fair. (ida)

       Świętowit z Jatrzębiej Góry 172606 A statue of Svetovid in Jastrzębia Góra

        Świętowit z Białowieży 172614A statue of Svetovid in Białowieża

      Świętowit z Łodzi 172550  A statue of Svetovid in Łódź

Slęża Światowit Wojt Kudr 1 2Ślęża



Ślęża – sculpture by Piotr Kudrycki

Światowit Kijów a9d48-p101003101Svetovid in Kiev

Światowit Kijów 8b175-p101003201Svetovid of Kiev

Światowid Olesko

        Olesko in Ukraine

światowit kraków park krakowski 20100330(001)Another Svetovid from Kraków (the Kraków Park)

       światowit park krakowski 20100330 Svetovid from Kraków Park (another shot)

Światowid Kemerowo Rosja vetovid-kemerovosud-vestul-siberieirusiaKemerowo, Russia
        Svantevit wsppolczesny n e6449dd53030fa2d5154db790f014Contemporary Svetovid – Poland

        Światowita kamień Gard1_Altenkirchen1A stone of Svetovid built into a church on the island of Rugen     (moved from Altenkirchen, which was built in 1215 – it is to be         a humiliating position – horizontal, overturned – the old god     died and is buried here). However, he was embedded by     Slavic builders in Alenkirchen in such a place that everobody      that was passing had to take out a sword of a sheath and lean the head down walking next to him.

Światowit misa Altenkirchen Arkona Gard1_Altenkirchen2Rugen – a bowl for holy water from the same church with    components of Svetovid from the same period of time as above

        Swiatowid nn Palaszek _dsc0710Svetovid by Albin Polaszek in his museum in Florida (USA)

        svantowit albin polaszek-svantovit-collection_f6Another shot of Svetovid from Florida (Svantovit, Polaszek,        USA)

       svantovit Czechy Contemporary Svantovit from the Czech Republic

        Acer ImageChociebuż (Cotbuss) – Łużyce (Lusatia) –    Svantevit

       svetovit nn -from-wollin---silver-pendant_3 Svetovid from Wolin – a contemporary worship necklace with a silver pendant

        swietowit-2-bela-krajina-slowenia22Svantevit from Bela Krajnia

svetovid nn nn w Belji Krajini 2        Belja Krajnia

       svetovid- nn nn morawy --replica-from-wollin_2 Svetovids from Moravia – cult figures for sale, contemporary      replicas of Svatevid of Wolin

       Svantvit nnn Rana Rugia 2823090438_fabac6fec3_z Svantevit from Rugen (contemporary cult figure, wood)

Svantovit nnn współczesna fig kult dąb Niemcy        Svantevit – Germany (cult figure, oak)


       svantovit nn nn_velky Svetovid from Slovakia

       svwiatowit nn nn amulet rosja 00064-b Amulet – Russia

       Światowit Floriana Rachelskiego Florian Rachelski – Svetovid

       Światowid figurka domowego kultu 700719534 A figure of a private home cult

       Świętowit fig kultu domowego swiatek33 Another figure of a home cult

       Światowid Edmunda Szpanowskiego 074 The monument by Edmund Szpanowski (he also made       gorgeous Amazons from Galindia)

swiatoPolska -Słowenia (Bartosz Wilczkiewicz)

        Światowid Czeladź 42228.3Czeladź

      Śwaitowid w Gruszkach  In Gruszki

      Świętowit kultu domowego z matką Ziemią w sercu Swiata swiato  A folk sculpture – with mother Earth and Bożyc in the heart

       swiatowidwidok Luboń

        Światowid z Milowi 14 m z4248749XUnveiling of the 14-meter statue of the municipal Svetovid in      Milówka – 2007


       Śwaitowid w lesie Rybnik 4ED986DA-A9F6-F20F-453C-1B8E798D9031 Sylvan Svetovid near Rybnik

        Świętowit mazowiecki RKP a2Svantevit of Mazowsze – the Polish Church of Nature

       Świętowit Babiogórski 384002 Svetovid of Babia mountain

        Svantevit MeklemburskiSvetovid of Mecklenburg – so Wielecki-drzewiański

        svetovid-mecklenburg-vorpommern-germaniaMecklenburg, Teterow – Western Pomerania

        Ralswiek_Svantevit_imgp7645Svetovid from Ralsvieg – Rugen

       WładywostokVladivostok – They think it’s Perun, but Perun can’t have had     four faces – he was not a supreme god, i.e. of the Whole   World. Thus by erecting four-faced statues contemporarily,         they make pillars for the Light of the World

       Władywostok 4 Vladivostok – the deity in close-up

       sculptura-perun-rusia Somewhere in Russia


        Śwaitowid na kopcu Klimka Grudziąd 1965 36Grudziądz – the Mound of Klimek – Svetovid still stood here in   1965 – unfortunately I do not have a better photo

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