Ślęża – about the Power of the Holy Mountain of Slavs, the Word and Slavic Faith of Nature, Polish Native Faith and about the Slovianskie Slovo Publishing House

© Czesław Białczyński

© Translated by Katarzyna Goliszek

      (This text contains many typically Polish–Slavic names, most of which do not have their equivalents in English. For this reason, only the Polish words that have their corresponding words in English have been translated. The words in the text that are only in Polish have been explained in English in brackets. There are, however, some Polish words which have been left unchanged in the text because translating them into English would not carry the proper meaning of the content of the text.)

                                                                      Sleza DSC_0183 pow 160  

Ślęża sends out the Thought of the new Being , it is not the World any more, it is Consciousness (painting: Joa Maya, text: Mak)

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          On Sunday evening – at Full Moon (from 3 rd June to 4 th June 2012) – I came back from  a Meeting at which were Author of Kumir of Svetovid,  Author of His  description and Message, Author of This Blog and other People (we are not mentioning Their names as there is no time for it).

sleza sulistrowice DSC00171

Sulistrowice – Modry Banior (Deep Blue Evorsion Basin)  (those who are familiar with the 9 th book of mystery know what this place relates to)

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The meeting was held at the top of the Holy Mountain of Slavic people,

                                  At the Holy Mountain of Poland,

The Holy Mountain of the birth of Light, Nature, Family and Nation


Water, Light-Sky, Air, Wood, Swamp-Leaven, Mother Earth, Fire and Flash – Birth of the New

 Ślęża – The Holiest Mountain of Polish People

The Holy Mountain of the Entire Slavic World


– Ślęża –

Emanation of the Deepest Vibrations of the Earth’s Spirit

is the Hub of the Universe during these days

The Centre of the Force of Transformation, the Centre

of the Birth of the New

k nn nn nn poganie__gora sleza_2

Here is the message from Ślęża Svetovid:

“…Slavic World is like the ocean, to feel its infinity, depth and power one needs to immerse in it and swim… 


Slavic peoples worshipped the Only God, but it is impossible to outline a border between their religion and life. These two spheres permeated each other like sun rays go through the air. They perceived and worshipped manifestation of God’s power and love.  Always making their knowledge of the world creation alive – the knowledge which they were given – they could freely use countless sources of profusion which always wait for the human…

Listening attentively to the rhythm of NATURE – the Moon, Sun, Galaxy – they lived  in  harmony with GOD’S CREATION.  It used to be – already lost today – aware participation in the endless stream of LIFE.

The key to understanding life – Slavs’ religion – is language. Contrary to the present civilisation, the ground of their culture was KNOWLEDGE (knowledge = wiedza) about the spiritual world, the knowledge which was in the language, and it has always been a living language. The word consists of a spirit and letter. The letter is only a form of message. Through thought, the spirit joins the speaker’s WORD (word – słowo) with the whole profoundity of the phenomena of the stream of life which the WORD possesses.

The Slavs weighed the WORD as they knew that every thought taken from the harmony of the LAWS OF CREATION and expressed from the heart with the WORD becomes a creative act!

SWĄT, SWENT, SWIENT – these are Slavic Names of God.

SWĄT – GOD is the light (light – światło). That is why we use the word light for the space that he created for life. The world is  ŚWIĘTY (HOLY). The statue in front of which you are standing is  ŚWIATO – WID (SVETOVID)   ŚWIĘTA WIZJA (HOLY VISION)   ŚWIATŁA ŚWIAT  ŚWIETA WIZJA (THE HOLY VISION OF THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD).

Vision is necessary to create something! What you are looking at is a material record of the plan of creation! It contains the full information about the World. The fourfoldness of the statue informs us about construction of the space: east, south, west, north. In addition, it tells us about the time known to Slavs as a rhythm – a season. Spring, summer, autumn, winter are  the seasons indicating the rhythyms of any life – childhood, youthfulness, adulthood and old age.

the aspects of time space

east – jaruna – spring – childhood

south – gajruja – summer – youthfulness

west – jesza – autumn – adulthood

north – kostroma – winter – old age – wisdom

Three vertical segments of the statue – trinity, prawia (heaven), jawia (earth) and nawia (afterlife world) tell us about the triple nature of the evolution of the Spirit – Consciousness. The central segment – two masculine and two feminine characters demonstrate four phases of life, but they also show the rule of the first section, i.e. femininity and masculinity. The first two phases of life which  relate to fertility, breeding, puberty and giving birth are in the charge of femininity. The following two which  present harvest, protection, leadership, wisdom are in the charge of maculinity. These characters are performing a WHEEL OF AGES  dance which excludes any priority. The fourfold character of time space and the triple being of the human nature  3×4  equals 12 aspects of existence. The Statue of the Holy Vision, however, contains the thirteenth element as well – it is

… head cover. The brim of the hat – Circle – means that all aspects of vision make up Unity. The dome of the hat indicates that the Unity is embraced –  looked after – by the Mind of the World – God.

Thirteen – the most stigmatised number – is the number of  Completeness.

Thirteen months of the calendar –  13 x 28 days (a woman’s monthly cycle) – The First Day of the week – Sunday, synchronised the Slavs’ life rhythm with the pulse of the World. Listening to its quiet melody, strong in Spirit, they sanctified all around them, simultaneously carrying out God’s Plan.



If you have read that and want to try to reflect upon it – go outside at night, calm down, look at the starry sky and ask yourselves what melody you are listening to tonight.”

author: Mak




                                                       sss sleza


THE POWER OF ŚLĘŻA is enormous.  Those who have been there just once KNOW it, those who have not should necessarily arrive at the mountain and stay on it and with it – with its SPIRIT and ITS POWER, with  the POWER of the Light of the World.  They should reach the top of the mountain and feel its activity, its energy, its divine emanation, its Gods and through them the very Father of Fathers.  They should immerse just for a second in its invigorating Stream and join the Forces of the Whole World, with Its Light – which runs down from the Depth and reaches the Depth of every living being.




Every Polish person should look from the top at the gorgeous Land that surrounds them – at our Indigenous, Native and Family Land. It is impossible to describe the impressions and depth of feeling of meditation and worship on the top of the mountain – it is not to be compared with anything else,  nor  is  it possible to tell about it with a spoken  WORD.  You can feel it only inside – in Yourselves – THE Word – the WORD of WORDS.




I write every Polish person as the Polish are the genetic and cultural inheritors of Lechites – Lachy – Ślęchowie, Ślęchanie and Lusatians, and Wielkopolanie, and through them also the inheritors of this tradition, culture and genes are all other Slavs  – among them particularly the ones who are closest to them: Pomorzanie-Koszanie (Pomorzanie –  Pomeranians; Koszanie – Kashubs at present), Pomorzanie-Wieleci (Wieleci – Veleti), Pomorzanie-Wandale (Wędowie) <Wandale – Vandals>, Pomorzanie Lęgo-Wędowie (Lędo-Winile, Litw-Wini) and Harowie (Horole-Górale  <Górale –  Highlanders>, Chorwaci Wielcy (Great Croats) – Mało-Polanie  (people of Lesser Poland), Harusi Czerwoni (Red Harusi) – Karopanowie from Pod-Karpacie (from Subcarpathia) and Szczekowie-Czechowie  and Dawianie – Drzewi-Drawi, Drawidowie (Dravidians)-Drzewianie, grandchildren of  Drakowie (Trakowie – Thracians) as well as Mazowszany (Mazovians) and Serby (Serbs) – descendants of Serbomazowie – Grandchildren of  Syr-Matia – Syr Ziemia (Ziemia – Earth) , in other words of the Native Land of Kąptroga and her son Kołak Wielki  <Kołak the Great>  (of Skołota) and all the Southern Descendants – are the inheritors of the Great Lechite Heritage – the heritage of Lugia – Ancient Ślęgia-Lechia-Stolemia – Great Borania (Boreasz, Hyper Boreia), Storada-JątMer-Jilmer, Tartaria, Scythia, Wenetia-Wenedawa, Sarmathia and Siewierz-Syweria (Sewer-Waria, War-Waria).


          It is our native-rudimentary-family Land – Ślugijska(Silesian)-Lęchska (of Lugia)-Łużycka (Łużycka – Lusatian), but we can not forget that it is also the Native Land and the Mountain of All Slavs – regardless of their history and who their lives were intertwined with. 

nn swiatowit

It Is Thiers

All the Slavs of the World

Holy Light


Luminous Heritage


             Every Pole and Slav should stand just once in their life at the top of Ślęża. A moment of interaction with the Power of Ślęża, unifying with its chakra, changes everyone internally once and for all.




radunia sleza Probaslezy


          Thank you all for the comments which appeared on my blog during my absence, under the articles about destructiveness of Censorship.

           Thank you for marvellous presents for Our Children for Children’s Day, and first and foremost thanks to all of you for all the ideas and initiatives to break the deadlock in development of art, knowledge and messages from Slavic spiritual origins, and carrying the ”green light” and rescue message to our Mother Earth – Ziemia-Sjemia ( Land of Family) and Nature – Przyroda-Rodżana (the Place of Life). 






Other symbols of Kin and Mother Nature are Flower and Fish


          Thank you for your votes in the article about censorship. Its role in the sector of culture is the same as the role of corruption in economy, the same as the role of information monopoly in journalism and social passing of information, the same as domination of an Only Idea and an only political party, or an only religion in the system of social outlook – they are the sources of destructiveness of national resources and individual initiative – it is the mechanism systematically lowering the creative level (of thoughts, ideas, things) and lowering the quality of kinds of work being created in Poland.



It is ruining of Poland and Slavic Culture – the continuation of colonisation and denationalisation.

Would any of us like a forest to consist of only one CHOSEN species of trees?



Top of the Mountain and a church tower. Research of the following layers of old temples under the floor of the church tower has been started. The church has been closed.

          The Slavic, ecological  and native faith  movement has been developing very dynamically in Poland and is gaining more and more followers.


          Understanding that Protection of Nature must be focused on a philosophical essence and the change of the way of seeing Nature and Society as well as on the change of the way of functioning  Man’s  civilisation in this Nature is becoming more  and  more common.



View of the south – Góry SOWIE <The OWL Mountains> (the Owl’s Nest, the Mountains of Sowi and, on their other side Bohania – the Czech Republic, Czech Forest and Gate Mora as well as Czech Moravia and Hara-Hov, the Taja-Dyja River and Har-Dragon from where our Mieszko of Koszykowie-Koszyszakowie Koszebowie – Piastowicz Dago took Dąbrówka. On our side you can see the Forest of Harowie – Hercyński Forest, The Kar-Ko-Nyskie Mountains (The Karkonosze Mountains), Tajch Forest and The Mountains of  Harowie – Gorce and Harwaty – Carpathians the Harwackie Mountains. Everyone should know and remember that so called Klub Bohemijski (Bohemian Grove) is not Native Faith – it is the same counterfeit and implantation (”theft”) of the symbol and concepts of Slavic Native Faith  as many others in different systems of religion and faith to which these symbols infiltrated, often introduced unwittingly by founders of groups and sects. 


I recommend Niezależna Telewizja (Independent Television)

(Niezaleznatelewizja.pl) – important especially on Thursday evenings

And new Slavic blogs which are rapidly growing, like:



Or other very important ones, like Opolczyk, slowianskawiara,  or mojaslowianskafilozofia




Descending from the lookout tower

(click – magnify)



          Additionally, I recommend all the others which I do not mention here not because they seem less important (e.g.: The Oldest Trees) – they are  as considerable as the mentioned ones – each of them and all of them, altogether – there are dozens of them today, if not hundreds.



          The Publishing House “Slovianskie Slovo” (”Slavic Word”) is arising – “Księga Ruty” (”The Book of Rue”) is going to be the first published item.  The book of Rue is supposed to be the flywheel of OUR First Publishing House of Slavs in Poland, Polish Slavophils and the Green Light Movement, the publishing house of Faith of Nature,  Development of Slavic Tradition and Memory, the publishing  house of the Light of the World.

sleza jawor kompr DSC00177

Holy Multi Trunk Sycamore of Ślęża and Bear – one of the stone symbols of Kin of Kins (of Nature and Faith of Nature)

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          I hope that the first book will quickly ”spread” among readers and that we will be able to carry out our next publishing initiatives out of gained funds. 


sleza jawor DSC00174

Holy Sycamore

(click – magnify)


It will be followed by others if Gods let which I have no doubts about.



Bear, not a pig as Germans called it.

                                                   (click – magnify)


           A periodical will be launched as well – we will see how often it will be coming out – we expect its debut in the last three months of this year.






View from the tower at Pąp Rudzi – Modry Banior (Deep Blue Evorsion) in Kłódź – Pępek (Hub) in Sulistrowice (Sol-Ister – Solar Ist Wice – the Light of the World Bis – the same as in the name of the Holy River – ISTER-Dunaj (Dunaj – the Danube) that carried the divine Being to the Dark Sea. Just near Sul-Istr-Owiczki – Owieczki Pana Boga (God’s Sheep) – Ist Słońca (Being of the Sun) – Soło-Wianie!!! And between them – Modry Banior – the Water of Waters, the Spring of Springs. Could any other than the Guardians of the Slavs’ Faith do that? Let this question remain unanswered. The Hub of the Universe at the foot of the Mountain of the World – Mountains of Mountains – of Wierch Wela (of the Top of Wela), WW – like in the name of Mount Szklana of Weles – WąWel-WAWEL, like in the name of  Babilon-WaWilion – Wa-(W)Ilijon, Jąt – Iliryjsko-Ilmerski (Illyrian-Ilmerian), i.e. Ilion-Widłuża-Troy? W-oWalu (In an oval), W Kręgu (In a circle), W Jaju Świata (In the Egg of the World), W Jedni! (In Unity!) W-OWalo-Kitaż-Zworze (In an oval brace) – like in the Sanskrit  word (świętoskrytym, sens skrywającym = hiding sense, meaning): Awalokiteśwara – WW – (Z)Wara i (S)War – Brama Bram <the Gate of Gates>  (Brama Brahmana – of the creator of Trinity – of  Trimutra-TrójMać, TróMacierz, TrójMatryca, TrójMądrośc (mądrość – wisdom)?) – War War – like in  Warwaria – Bar-Barja!



Does anyone remember the sunken lost Kitaż Gorod?! Add to it Omfala-Owal of the Greeks, the famous Hub and the Oracle of Delphi (Delphi = Dziełwy = Dziewy) – deriving from  the northern Bacchanal (dziewanijski, dzeusyjski – making day out of night) gods – and we will be at home, in the Gniazdo ( Nest ) along with our Sowa-owa (owl). It is the Owl to which  inheritors of Faith of Nature, which was taken beyond the Ocean by Polish Brothers, say mantras but they do not seem to understand  anything (or perhaps they understand?).




                         (click – magnify)



The idea to implement subscription-based publications is important and really valuable. It is comeback to the noble principles of honor which were in force in business before World War II in Poland. We will bring in both the subscription  system as well as voluntary payment contributions for the development of publishing initiatives – Our Publishing House must be Our Common cause. We also hope that there will be serious investors and donors willing to support this publishing activity.


sleza kompr trzy obr w prawo DSC01659

Descent of Thousand Steps Trail [triple turn right]


There will be also new initiatives which I hope will develop successfully and we

will soon be able to tell you about them.


sleza poszycie kompr trzy obr w prawo DSC01657


Cover consists of the finest plants – ferns, berries (blueberries), hare cabbage, herbs and precious grass. On that day, everything was full of wonderful greenery  and freshness. [triple turn right]



The Book of Rue will be released in the Autumn. Soon, the publishing house will have its web pages, and further initiatives will commence. 



These rocks do not resemble a natural mountain track but ruins scattered around the peak by explosion. Different thoughts come to mind when you look at it, when you touch it. Did energy flux from the Depth of the Universe hit this solitary mountain? Might it have been a gigantic space ship that stuck into the mountain? [Triple turn right]



I am sending my regards to all of you and thank you once again for your ideas, declarations which we are not going to waste. We are also planning to publish poetry and simultaneous art which links literature, painting and music, film and all other means of artistic expression. Additionally, we will be publishing  research studies, analytical studies and work of popular science concerning various aspects of Slavic people’s tradition and culture.



sleza kompr obr trzy razy 6 06 21012 DSC01655


Aged thuja near the forester’s lodge at Ślęża [triple turn right]



I am sending my warm greetings to you in the hope that we will be able to find a way to carry out a series of publications for children and young people – not only ”New Adventures of Baltazar Gąbka” but also the new fantasy novel – the comic book with New Adventures of Baltazar Gąbka, or the new edition of Slavic firly tales for the youngest children.


DSC00183Cheers and thank you once more.


sleza kot kompr obr dwa razy prawo DSC01663

          Cat-Parking Caretaker – Guide like in ”The Master and Margarita” , which running up and waiting for us and walking sideways (as though he had been driving the herd), led us from the thuja near the forester’s lodge to the bar at the car park at Ślęża. Seeing that we were not going to drop in there, he saw us off to the cars with his sad eyes.  [triple turn right]



About Ślęża – important – on Niezależna Telewizja (Independent Television)

We should remember always and everywhere that the Slavic Faith, the Slavs’ Native Faith – is the faith in which Every Follower, every Human is in contact with God/gods/Energies of the Light of the World (of the Universe) – with no mediation. Wiedunowie (people who know, who have knowledge – <knowledge – wiedza>) – regardless of what temple they come from and irrespective of what group of priests/shamans they are from – can give each of us merely hints, and group, public rituals performed by them are only for building memory, caring tradition and shaping social bonds on the basis of community membership to the same Faith of Ancestors – the Slavic Native Faith.

Marriage is only a matter of vows between husband and wife, an act which is significant to themselves and their families and for anyone else. The same concerns an act of farewell to the deceased or celebration of monthly and weekly holidays – are an individual or a family matter.


Rituals of Great holidays – like Tany on the occasion of the Holiday of the End – Kupala, which is just coming in the Northern Hemisphere of Mother – are used in public for sending to the Light of the World the unanimous, collective sign of followers of Faith – Joining in Oneness – One Thought  charmed out by Common Experience of the Moment of Being (HERE and NOW) – Time of Becoming, happening, manifesting of Free Will – Swąboda-Jimila-Chwila, that is Freedom and  Moment of  Realisation of the Change.


A public rite of all these occasions is  a manifestation of attachment to traditions and passing the traditions further on to future generations. It is also an act of building a social community around Faith. Be together – do not forget about each other – unite your interests and help each other.


Svantevit – CD preview

The High Tatras of Slovakia – Krywań –  “Dziwoziemia zamar(z)ła w czasie” (Dziwoziemia died in time) – a beautiful film and the text. 





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