RAŚ (Ruch Autonomii Śląska) – The Movement for the Autonomy of Silesia), Europarliament and Polish death camps in German Europropaganda!

RAŚ – The Movement for the Autonomy of Silesia)

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I hear that Kazimierz Kutz has come to the conclusion that he does not do enough harm to Poland in the Polish Sejm, and now that even not a soul will vote for him here, he intends to immigrate to the European Parlaiment. Of course, it would be quite impossible if we had DIRECT DEMOCRACY postulated by the Free People’s Movement for Free Poland. But, because he is going to start from Palikot’s list with number 1, as the leading representative of German interests in Poland, he has the opportunity to top up this pro-German lobby in the European Parliament.

So that we do not lose vigilance in this propaganda and not just propaganda war which Post-Adenauer’s Werwolf declared through his grandchildren and inheritors centred in the organisation only for a dodge called the Movement of the Autonomy of Silesia (I guess it should be called rather the Movement of the Autonomy of Katowice and Chorzów, because it doesn’t represent anything more with itself), we publish here the materials submitted recently by the Red Polish Silesian man – Roman Adler. The materials for an innumerable time focus on the issue of the persistent and purposeful calling the German nazi-fascist extermination camps built by Germans in then occupied Poland as ”Polish death camps”. The Germans built the camps after the partition of Poland for the 4th time by Hitler and Stalin in 1939.


We are pleased to observe a certain change in the thinking of observers and intelligencers from the „The New York Times” magazine – the Zionist scrawl from the USA representing Sephardic banksters, which is undoubtedly happening under the influence of Polish Internet publications (after all, this change in thinking isn’t influenced by the Polish governments which consist in 99% of ”spiritual Jews” and  the post Socialist Republic of Poland’s successors, ”grandchildren”, KGB / UB <UB = Safety Office>), in so far uncritical acceptance of German films about Poles-Fascists and Anti-Semites.411-800
From the collections of the Polish Silesian Museum in Katowice

It is true that NYT, for other reasons, has recently attacked the famous German series which (as at the times of Goebbels) assigned the crime on their own, native, indigenous, Nazi-German genocide of Europeans to the Polish and AK (Armia Krajowa – The Home Army of Poland) – it was mostly 30 million people – Polish and Russian citizens that were killed. However, the same NYT lambasted the film as a pointless pack of lies, also about the Jews.


I would rather not have to constantly return to this matter and I would rather the Polish government finally took up the defense of the Poles instead of invigilating and harassing them in various ways (including by getting new taxes for their budget full of holes), but unfortunately we are not lucky enough to live in peace, in the face of the Zionist-German onslaught (well, let’s say „pathetic tormenting”) which our German and New York Friends are giving us.


Wołyń 1943

Here are some sent texts and important links:

I recommend from the last weekly edition of ”Solidarność” 3 (1314) January 17th, 2014 article by Wojciech DUDKIEWICZ „Thousands of righteous” http://www.tygodniksolidarnosc.com/pl/2196/65/c/tysiace-sprawiedliwych.html 

based on the book by Grzegorz Górny „The Righteous. How Polish people saved Jews from the Holocaust”. Introduction: Norman Davies, publishing house Rosikon Press 2013. It is also worth leaving a comment on this article in the „New York Times” so that our point of view is well heard all over the world. Yours sincerely – Roman Adler, historian of work culture in Silesia, „ed.” Polish Ślonzok

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Professor Kieżun, ”May God let these who think in the Polish way come to power”.

A veteran of the AK Army (The Home Army of Poland) about the American criticism of the movie series called ”Our Mothers, Our fathers”. 

published: yesterday, at 19:59

The Germans can’t have expected this. The New York Times magazine destroyed with its criticism the movie series called ”Our Mothers, Our Fathers”. It wrote about the film the things that our portal had been stating since the beginning, namely that it was a sheer propaganda issue, one of the tasks of which was to offend the Polish and their history. 

READ MORE : New York Times ostro o niemieckim serialu “Nasze matki, nasi ojcowie”: “Bohaterowie są niczym zdjęci z plakatów nazistowskiej propagandy”(New York Times sharply on the German TV series ” Our Mothers , Our Fathers „: ” The characters are like pictures of Nazi propaganda posters „)

We are talking about the criticism of the movie series which came from the overseas, and not from Warsaw, to professor Witold Kieżun, veteran of the AK Army (The Home Army of Poland), an economist, a participant of the Warsaw Uprising. Professor Witold Kieżun has been struggling with the anti Polish attitude in the USA and all over the world.  

wPolityce.pl: The NYT strongly criticised the German movie series. It is good that the Germans were run down for their propaganda, but it is a pity that the criticism did not come from us. 

Prof. Witold Kieżun: That’s great, but probably the NYT criticised not what it should have criticised, namely that the film had presented the Poles as anti-Semites, and The Home Army of Poland (AK) as a criminal organisation. The NYT surely disparaged the fact that the Germans from the movie series were friends with the Jews from 1941. It is obvious nonsense because the Germans could not shake their hands with the Jews at that time. 

How ought Poland to respond to this Goebbels like propaganda in itself which makes such films as ”Our Mothers…”, or which writes about ”Polish concentration camps?”


Very simply . Our organisation Ius et Lex already said  about it 10-12 years ago: we need to sue the film makers. We wanted to do that to two producers of the movie series: ”Holocaust”, in which Polish soldiers along with the Germans were shown as the ones who were attacking the Warsaw ghetto  during its Uprising and were killing the Jews. I even found solicitors who would deal with the matter for $ 2 million and we could win $ 100 million. Yet, there was no willingness to do so from Poland. 

I know America well. I think that each of them is convinced that it was the Polish who murdered the Jewish. I once did research on the subject and 80 per cent were convinced about this. I was refused to sign the contract with the university when they found out that I had been an officer of the Home Army of Poland (AK) as, according to them, it was a criminal organisation cooperating with the Nazis in murdering the Jews.
Not long ago, a friend of mne was in New York at a conference on science and an American man who was sitting next to him asked him where he was from. When he heard he was from Poland, he stood up and said that he was not going to sit next to a Polish person as that would be humiliating to

My son and I wanted to make a special documentary about the Polish and the Jewish during the Second World War, for the Americans. We weren’t given a penny for it. I asked everybody. Bogdan Borusewicz – then Speaker of the Senat, also refused.
I managed to make one film – „
Warsaw Uprising 1944” – for my and my son’s money. I ran into debt, but I made the film which got the first award 5 years ago in the category of historical films.

Where  does such weakness among the Polish come from? The infirmity to defend our historical rights? Is it the consequence of the war, in which Polish elites suffered huge loses and their places were taken up by various ”departmental children?”

Yes, of course, this is a certain explanation why nobody is concerned with this and nobody cares about this. These all are people who don’t care about our Motherland at all. Each of them is thinking how to make money where it is only possible.

It is really good that you are concerned with this and that you are responding to this. These are the last years of my life, but I will also tackle it. To tell the truth, I see the opportunity in the change of the government and that those who really think about Poland will come to power. How possible is it that there are prosecutors who state that the ”Polish concentration camps” is a geographical name?” It is such huge injustice because we behaved best as a nation during World War Two. We didn’t cooperate with Germans, we fought against them. We live in a horribly deceitful reality and may God let these come to power who think in the Polish way. And all these problems of ours are simple to cope with: for example, a case for the defamation against the producers of the German movie series and receiving a huge multi million damages for the slander of Poland and the Home Army of Poland (AK). The same Home Army of Poland in which two thousand Jewish people fought along with Polish people during the Warsaw Uprising. Only in my batallion were eight Jews.
Spoke Sawomir Sieradzki


„Polskie obozy koncentracyjne” standardem również dla polskiej prokuratury? (Polish concentration camps also a standard for Polish prosecution?)

Mec. Obara: Zastanawia mnie strach TVP przed ujawnieniem informacji, ile nas kosztował serial “Nasze matki, nasi ojcowie”. NASZ WYWIAD (I wonder wht TVP are scared of revealing information how much the movie series @Our Mothers, Our Fathers” cost us. OUR INTERVIEW


”Polish concentration camps also a standard for the Polish prosecution?

published on December 13th, 2013

Regional Prosecutor’s Office, Warsaw – Mokotów does not see a problem in the wording : ” Polish concentration camps and Polish ghettos ,” which were in the German newspaper ” Rheinische Post” on August 27th this year . – Informs ” Polish Daily Newspaper” .
Journalist ” Rheinische Post ” Beate Wyglenda in one of the articles wrote ” they survived Polish concentration camps and Polish ghettos”. A report on this matter by outraged representatives of the Polish „Rodło” in Germany, Anna Halves and Józef
Galiński demanded 200 thousand euro to one of the Polish charities.

According to the prosecutor Mariola Reda – Pieczeniewska:
The phrase „Polish death camps” although extremely unfortunate, was not intended to indicate that these camps were built by Poles, but only that they were located on
the Polish territory.

Thus, the prosecutor’s office refused to initiate an investigation, noting that the newspaper posted a correction.
Similar cases
have occurred repeatedly in the German media. The expressions concerning the „Polish camps” appeared in Die Welt, Der Spiegel, Bild, Die Zeit, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Focus but also in the English-speaking New York Times, and The Guardian.

Many Poles affiliated in various organisations have long expressed their opposition to the widespread hypocrisy in the international media, but the Polish state institutions do not offer support in this regard.

Krzysztof Szczerski, MP of Law and Justice Party (PiS) commented the position of the prosecutor‚s office for the Polish Daily Newspaper :
This is an outrageous decision. How shall we now, as the Polish, demand respect from others if we can not respect ourselves ?
In his opinion, such a decision of the Polish office that is supposed to care for the rule of law is the result of attitudes being pushed through by the largest media and the power of assuming that the problem is not seen.

– German historian: Niemiecki historyk: “Niemcy świadomie używają sformułowania ‘polskie obozy zagłady’. Nie ma mowy o lapsusie językowym”(The German deliberately use the wording ”Polish concentration camps”. There is no question of linguistic lapse”)
Była więźniarka pozywa tygodnik “Focus” za “polskie obozy koncentracyjne”. “Jestem pewna, że wygramy”. NASZ WYWIAD (Former woman prisoner sues the ”Focus” magazine for ”Polish concentration camps”. ”I am sure that we will win.” OUR INTERVIEW

German historian: ”The German deliberately use the wording ‚Polish concentration camps’. There is no question of linguistic lapse”

published on October 12th, 2013


Speaking for the Polish Radio, a German historian Professor Dieter Schenk admitted that the term „Polish concentration camps”, used by the media in his country, are not, by any means, the lapse of the language, but the deliberate manipulation.
The authors of the term „Polish concentration camps” can be rarely accused of neglect, more often it is a conscious manipulation –
said prof. Schenk.

This fundamental recognition of the facts is very much needed and there is no way not to appreciate the Polish fight for the good name of our country. Even in Poland, the so-called useful idiots or „independent journalists” bought by the German foundation say that it is a mere mistake because Germans could not be able to lie so much. They are able to lie and they do it, indeed, professor Schenk explains why.
It is worth recalling that this scientist was deeply involved a few years ago in the rehabilitation process of the defenders of the Polish Post Office in Gdańsk who were captivated and murdered by his natives.  As long as until 1998, German law had recognised the „process” of these people as compliant with the rules, and judges, such as Kurt Bode was restored to the profession as early as in 1945, and he was highly promoted having in his personal files such opinions as „considerate, hardworking, trustworthy”.

One of the most important publications by professor Schenk on shelves in book shops in Germany is a book titled ” Der Lemberger Professorenmord und der Holocaust in Ostgalizien ” (the Polish title is „The Night of murderers. Execution of Polish professors in Lvov and the Holocaust in Eastern Galicia” ) about the homicide committed ​​by the Germans on Polish professors in Lvov after the occupation of the city by the Wehrmacht in 1941.
Similarly, frankly and bluntly prof. Schenk talks today about the so-called „Polish death camps” . According to him, writing and speaking in this way his countrymen want to get rid of painful memories and deny guilt and shame that they have in themselves.

Memories (of the times of the war – ed.) may be too painful, so in German families critical questions are not asked, and children separate the good father from the evil Nazi.

Hence – in his view – a simple way to ensure that the psychological mechanism works are well illustrated words by the the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:
I did it, says my memory. I could not do it – pride
suggests. And my memory gives up – explained professor Schenk and added that the pride and shame play the censor’s role in the individual memory: they sort the past in accordance with their own needs. He also used a literary quote : memory is like a dog that lies down where it wants.

The German researcher also stated that from the Polish perspective the use of the phrase „Polish concentration camps” or ” Polish death camps” is unbearable .

He suggested that the control of the World Wide Web be led by the „Google -alert ” for the search of terms which offend Polish people and their history. At the end, he appealed to the Polish government:to begin the absolute struggle with the lies.

And the last postulate may be the biggest problem. There is no doubt that Donald Tusk is rather not at all interested in caring for the dignity of the Polish state in the context of the „Polish camps”. His specific lack of interest goes down, for example, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Well, we hear blusterous declarations about the on-going concern, but in practice it hardly goes at all.

For example, yesterday we learned that the Ministry headed by Radosław Sikorski, is launching a campaign so that the historical lie ”Polish death camps” are called … a faulty memory code.

Suing slanderers is rather impossible because, as Artur Nowak -Far, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal Affairs and Treaties, and probably the originator of the linguistic awkwardness „faulty memory code” stated:
Yet, we approach this cautiously (the issue of suing – ed.) because it is putting the matter on the absolute razor edge. More effective in this case are the claims raised by private individuals.

I do not know where the belief that private claims are more effective than these official ones comes from. However, the recent refusal of Irena Lipowicz, the former MP of the Democratic Union and the Freedom Union, today the Ombudsman of starting the case against the  „Die Welt” newspaper for the use of the phrase „Polish death camps” indicates that the Polish state is rather hampering the defenders of Polish history and dignity, instead of giving them a helping hand. Even in private claims .

READ ALSO : OUR NEWS. The Ombudsman refused to participate in the trial against Slanderers of ” Die Welt ” for the phrase ” Polish concentration camps”

READ ALSO: OUR NEWS. Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich odmówiła udziału w procesie przeciwko oszczercom z “die Welt” za zwrot “polskie obozy koncentracyjne” (The Ombudsman refused to participate in the case against the slanderers from ”die Welt” for the phrase ”Polish concentration camps)

http://wpolityce.pl/dzienniki/dziennik-slawomira-sieradzkiego/64559-niemiecki-historyk-niemcy-swiadomie-uzywaja-sformulowania-polskie-obozy-zaglady-nie-ma-mowy-o-lapsusie-jezykowym (German-historian-consciously-expressing-Polish-camps-concentration-no-way-of-linguistic-lapse)


Slaughtered Polish people -(women and children)
byGerman and other Nazis. The victims who are still helplessly crying out to Heaven for vengeance!

au 194
Although I don’t know if it has any meaning at all to the German society who is used to the penal obedience to the official propaganda created by the grandchildren of the Nazis being owners of the media in Germany and in Poland (press, radio, television, portals) and spreading lies about the Polish.



Slaughtered Polish people – children – victims of the Fascist-Nazi ideology in Wołyń – the
homicide committed by the UPA (The Ukrainian Uprising Army), sung about and commemorated by monuments by the contemporary Ukrainian Nationalists.

Podziel się!