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Slavdom and The Great Change – Czesław Białczyński – the XI th Harmony of the Universe – 10.07.2013


28th-30th June 2013


The campsite on the Sulistrowice Bay

The Massif of Ślęża near Wrocław


Accompanying events on 30th June:

Author’s Seminar of Klaus Don from Austria

and the XVII th UFO Forum


the XI Rally of Free People

Harmony of the Universe

My name is Czesław Białczyński.


Ladies and gentlemen, I have prepared the text to read here as we have only half an hour and I would like to tell what I have got to tell so that there isn’t a situation in which  I’ll tell half and we will have to finish so let me, please, read it.


Ladies and gentlemen. I’m not going to tell you who I am as you can search for it on the Internet. Some of you may know it and those who do not will find out. I must tell you, however, since when I have been involved in the topic of Slavs, their origin and mythology. Well, it has lasted since childhood. When I was 10 years old, I was given ”The Golden Bough” by Frazer. My mother bought me ”Greek Myths” by Graves when I came down with scarlet fever at the age of 14, in 1967. What else can I add? It may be worth telling you that I have been pagan since I was born, a follower of the Faith of Nature.


My youthful rebellion was the stage of atheism. Atheism, materialism – I didn’t rebel against the Catholic church to which I didn’t go, but I rebelled against my parents’ faith of nature. I’m a rationalist – a  rationalist which means an empiricist, man who, first of all,  believes in what he sees, in what he has experienced, in what he has personally thought over, and not in what is written in books. Atheism, to my way of thinking, is a form of the undervalued feeling from which comes man’s  stupid self-confidence leading to very bad consequences.


Today we know, for example, that the universe is filled in 95% by the so called dark matter. Dark because invisible as the ether postulated the other day. We know it but a materialist, an atheist doesn’t regard this because science neither sees nor measures these substances today. Considering this, I dare say that the lack of information presented by materialists who think that what they don’t see doesn’t exist, doesn’t work, is at least 95%.


For the 4 weeks with scarlatina I read many books, three times Greek myths from cover to cover and Frazer from the beginning and I was surprised that we know so much about the Greeks’ myths and so little about ours. And it was then that it began, and for good in 1980. It was after my rebellion of the 70s – the hippies, rock & roll, cannabis and so many things. Consequently, from 1980 I entirely studied the mythology of Slavs. I published the first volume of my work in 1993. As for Księga Tura (The Book of Aurochs), the red book – there was a different edition, the first one – it was published in 2000.


To make this meeting meaningful, we must tell about the Great Change first. It is a very rare connection: Slavdom and the Great Change. What do the two issues have in common? – One may ask essentially. I am going to make it brief as this half an hour binds me here, and the topic is for the half of life. Therefore I unwillingly make public appearances as half an hour lets me tell very little about this topic. 


It was in 2000 that I last held a microphone in my hand. I was performing at the Advertisement Festival, the International Festival in Kraków, in the Kijów (Kiev) Cinema. I was speaking to 1000 people then. At that time I was the director of film production in the Krak Film Agency, film production of TV Theatre, advertisement. I was a totally different man. The person who was then speaking, doesn’t exist any more. I hope you can see it somehow.


Ladies and gentlemen, then at that time, I still didn’t renounce many desires. I was still accompanied and directed by the imprints which each of us receives and which have been shaping us in a certain way since childhood. Perhaps we should remember this word: IMPRINT. Every one, which is taught by psychology, possesses such imprints that he/she absorbs as a child along with the message from the nearest family as well as with the message he/she acquires through institutions such as churches and schools. We are imprinted with the official image of the world that these institutions impose on us.  It is extremely difficult to get rid of these imprints, to overcome them. This is the programming of our awareness. The subconscious imprint plus the image, emotion, plus the image and this imprint rises in the early childhood – fartherst up to the age of 10. We build our own world out of this, the world in which we live till the end of our life.


What is taught at schools today is the image of the world shaped by science from the half of the 19 th century till, more or less, the half of the 20 th century. They teach so. The up-to-date image of the world is being carefully concealed from humankind. One of the examples are military laboratories which have been spilling the beans for as few as 5 years that there are, however, different states of consciousness, that consciousness works differently from what we have been imprinted so far, that there are mind reading, the influence of the observer on the outcome of the experiment, clairvoyance, that self-healing is nothing extraordinary. So, all the things are not any marvels but something towards which military has been practising media disinformation since the 60s of the 20 th century. But is this new knowledge – e.g. about clairvoyance taught at schools? No, it isn’t. Before it occurs in school books, 50 years will have gone by. Professors materialists who don’t believe in this must die out, and then someone will write a school book, after that someone else will approve of it – a minister and so on and so forth.


And the same propaganda, disinformation also concerns Slavdom, the past of the Slavic people, their history, the knowledge where they originated from and how they contributed to, for example, ancient civilisation. Well, Slavs probably didn’t exist in the ancient times at all. I was born in 1952 in the world which was as solid as a rock, steady and in that world it was said that the Slavs fell down from the sky, togethr with christening and were somehow born in 966 with Mieszko I – they hadn’t been earlier.


Ladies and gentlemen, I was born in the family that was resident behind the summer dwelling place of Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir III the Great), in Kraków’s Łobzów. This king is said to allegedly have piled the mound for Esterka. The mound was virtually 200 metres from our house. It is not true that he piled the mound for Esterka. It was the mound of Mother Earth that had already stood during his times when he became king.

I was born in a family of gardeners serving at the court of the Piast and then Jagiellonians, so I love trees and flowers. And this is another imprint – imprint in the genes. Times were changing. My grandfather couldn’t keep up the family doing farming, so he started to do bricklaying. He was employed in the construction of churches and in this way he met Stanislav Wyspiański and the whole company of Bronowice. He met them while making famous stained glass installation in a really pagan church of Franciscans. The interior of the church was designed by Wyspiańiski who was a pagan. This is the church next to John Paul II’s famous window from which the Pope nodded to people. Beside stands this church full of Masonic symbols, with the tomb of Kochanowski inside – Kochanowski who was esoteric – and pagan unbridled stained glass with flowers and sun. Is it any wonder that my family has long been pagan? I think they have never been different because Polish Catholicism is formal and pagan in the spirit.

I was born seven years after the end of World War II – the war during which 35 million Slavs were killed – mostly Russians and Poles and Jews. Who were the Jews? We don’t fully know it. We know that they preferred to speak Hebrew and go to the synagogue, but how much they were strangers to the Poles, and to what extent they were the local Hazar, Aryan-Semitic people made up of the slaves of Scythian kings, i.e. the slaves of pre-Slavs, of Ario-Slavs – we don’t know. To what extent they – those murdered – originated from the genes and blood of Ario-Slavs, we don’t know. No one has examined it so far. We know that among the Jews of today there are still 10% of people with Slavic blood, i.e. the R1a haplogroup.

Ladies and gentlemen, changes have been following all the time for thousands of years, but the Great Change is the only one. We as free people, the absolute leaders of mankind, have to realise the realities very well. And what are the realities? I have already said about one fact, namely that what I am telling you today is yesterday’s knowledge, out-of-date, and that our knowledge is not knowledge but imprints and that the real holocaust was done to the Slavic people of whom 35 million were killed. The Second World War was an anti-Slavic war. And maybe something more to add, namely that the Polish, that Polish Catholics are half pagan. After the war the cold war still continued. It was still an anti-Slavic war. The Iron Curtain which separated us Polish people from the so called normal world was established in Germany. It cut us off in terms of information, education, with the economic system which made people slaves of the only employer that was the power, i.e. the state.


It was an extremely slave system, the same which currently prevails in North Korea. The so called Poland’s allies, the ones from the West sentenced us to that system. They condemned us to that because we were, after all, just Slavic people – second-class human beings. After World War II the world entered an era of very rapid changes. It soon became clear that it was impossible to keep the Iron Curtain even by making  radio information very inaudible, and the radio had been the main means of communication to 1960. Please, realise this, especially young people – you must run all your imagination to comprehend the fact that the radio was the sole means of conveying information from abroad, and the borders were then walls, tanks, rockets, and making radio information inaudible. Additionally, Poland was a huge store of atomic missiles, about which nobody here had an idea. However, that all didn’t work. 


Repressions, the Iron Curtain, lack of communication, tanks on the streets – all of them didn’t work. The same concerns the Great Change – it’s impossible to stop it now because progress has been so enormous that the countries behind the Iron Curtain couldn’t stand still, and now everything is happening, if not 1000 times faster, that’s for sure 100 times faster. The world in our eyes has ceased to be stable and solid and has become elusive. Between 1967-1972 last century came the Great Revolution in history – the hippie revolution which was worldwide and at all levels of human existence. The revolution from music and clothing, from philosophy and the way of being, to the attitude to religion, animals, people of different races, the social role of women, diet, health, patriotism, approach to nature, to the earth, to sex, etc.


That was the real revolution, permanent, millions of victims, drugs, HIV. I was 15 years old when it started and I went in for the revolution like someone who broke out of prison. It was then that all the Polish, all Slavs mentally broke out from prison.


I set up a family in 1972, still in the times of stony, solid, constant world which was just next to the revolution, and actually not entirely yet. It had existed almost unchanged since the times when my great grandparents served at Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir III the Great). And now we have the world which is like liquid, gas.


Science developed in Europe in the 19 th century – please realise that it was the time when Poland was not on the map, when we were living in a foreign bondage. The so-called humanities developed the picture of the past at that time – from Darwin and the entire biology, from the beginning of man, i.e. anthropology, through the study of history associated with archeaology, etc. Those who shaped science then, gave the shape to the image of the world which is taught today in schools and churches.


There is no doubt that the so-called civilisation of the west which imposed its image of reality on the whole civilisation of earth, shaped the world. Those who were the leaders of science freely shaped the image of the past. As the saying goes: „The history is written by the victors” – that is no secret. The image of antiquity, the migration of tribes, language development, reading shells of buildings, alphabets – that all was shaped by Germanic science, Anglo-Saxon. There were also some Polish people in it. If you want to mention their names, you can do so, but I think that it will be just a handful whose contribution to the development of science was really great.


Ladies and gentlemen, how could it be otherwise if in 1914, 80% of Poles were illiterate, and in 1945 there were still 50% of illiterate people. Well, the Catholic church which presents itself as the creator of our Slavic civilisation, hadn’t taught the people to read and write throughout 1000 years. Was the 1000 years such little time? However, communism, our deadly enemy, did so within 10 years.


Ladies and gentlemen, I will say something that maybe some of you won’t like much. Religion enslaved humanity for thousands of years . Religion and its priests consciously kept people in the world in darkness. That’s what happened from the times of ancient India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, everywhere and all the time. Now it’s starting to change. How is it possible that we Slavic people, Polish people gained everything, our civilisation thanks to the church, thanks to the Vatican, thanks to the christening of Poland in 966 – I repeat this after school books – this is still taught at schools, right?


How is it possible that the church which did so much for the Poles, didn’t teach them to read and write for 1000 years? Now consider what science was put into the heads of those Poles who could read and write. By 1918, only German and Russian languages had been taught at schools – what were history, archaeology, anthropology, etymology of words, etc. like? Was the knowledge for the Polish or for the winners? These are imprints, thought patterns, thought forms that we still have been getting from parents as children, and then we absorb them through the church, and then through the school. These are the imprints such as: the church the donor of civilisation, Rome and Germany the donors of the world civilisation, tribes on the Vistula River such as the Vandals and Goths were Germans, creators of the wheels are some proto Germans.


I’m saying this using thought abbreviation, and that it is the abbreviation corresponding to the truth, and not false, the following example will be enough: today as it turned out that something like Germanic people are just a mixture of genetic population of the Celtic people of the R1b haplogroup of which the Welsh have 80% and Slavic R1a of which the Polish and Lusatians have nearly 70% and old European, a totally non-Aryan haplogrup. Now that it turned out, the German webpage concerned with genetics: writing on the maps within the I haplogroup – old European, non-Aryan, the primary in Europe before the arrival of Indo Europeans, incribes  the maps: Proto Germanic + Illyric. You can check this.


If what they are writing is true, it means that they aren’t Aryans at all. Of course, it is a lie. They are continuing the propaganda which was imprinted in them. It is the propaganda contaminated with German nationalism and they don’t do it maliciously, but they aren’t able to go out of the imprints which they received from their grandparents, parents and from school. They have got lost in all that and they don’t know themselves what they talk about.


Only today, science is beginning to rectify the distorted image of the world. This image, however, is anti-Slavic and not surprisingly. It was formed by the so-called western civilisation, by Germans, by nationalism. There is nothing and there was nothing in it what Slavs would have imposed, and especially nothing that illiterate people would have imposed. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a true miracle that at this scale of organised and modern indoctrination, the indoctrination directed by the countries and the church, i.e. by the most powerful institutions of human bondage, we are sitting here today and speaking Polish.


This miracle is not the merit of the Catholic religion because in my childhood there were still masses in Latin, neither Prussian training, and certainly nor the Russian deportations to Siberia. It’s a wonder that among the great explorers we can point at Polish people at all, like Nicholas Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik) and Marie Curie Sklodowska.


It wasn’t Sarmatism or the state in itself that killed the I st Polish Republic of the two nations. This was the Counter-Reformation that killed it. It destroyed the relationships among the many cultures of the huge state that the I st Republic was. It consisted of a great number of diverse cultures. The Republic’s territory was in the whole central Europe as far as Smolensk near Moscow. It was the Vatican advisors and imprints which the Polish king of Swedish origin received that the Republic of three nations and many religions – a gigantic Slavic country – didn’t come into being.


Modern science corrects false picture of the world’s past which we got  as the legacy after the era of the 20 th century disinformation. Ladies and gentlemen, the so-called genealogical genetics studying the origin of the individual nations is one of the latest upheavals in the vision of the world. Genetics turns over the image of the human past just like quantum physics overturns our understanding of the universe. The first pieces information from genetics overturning this image were announced in November 2009, so just a little while ago. They concerned not Slavs, but of course the Germans and Celts, i.e. the haplogroup R1b. Then came further ones, and the greatest revelations came  in 2011 and 2012 – the revelations about the Slavs.


The Great Change which we all talk about has the rate calculated in months, not decades. Year by year more and more people are participating in it. Changes in the vision of reality, in the knowledge  that we have are gigantic. We can’t let ourselves miss out on them in any field, especially we can’t miss the changes in the image of our own past, in the discoveries of our true roots of civilisation.

Slavic people have an immensely important role to play in the Great Change for many reasons. Even because the core of this Change lies in the heart of the world and the heart of the world is Poland, and Ślęża is the heart of Poland, but this is a great topic for a separate lecture on the heart of the world. It is for us Slavs – Polish people very significant to have a proper idea of our own roots, our origin and our role in the history and the challenges which we have to face in the future. To make this possible, we need to clear the earth and our own minds of the dirt, propaganda, of the lies and deceit of the 19 th century science, of all that we inherited after Kali Yuga as patterns and imprints, as the false picture of the past and present. What can be built on a crooked foundation? A Leaning tower of civilisation reaching the sky?


This historical falsehood which we deal with is rectified by the books that I have here behind me, which are standing beside me.  The  history of Slavs – they describe the history of the Slavs and Slavic Olimp. This image is amended by quantum physics and by the modern philosophy, even by the quantum paradigm about the superiority of consciousness over matter. It is corrected by genealogical genetics, it is rectified by astronomy.


Why do I have the audacity, why do I have the courage to include these books in the canon of the Great Change? Because they had been both written earlier than genetics and scientists announced their revelations. The first was written in 2000 and the other in 2010. Now they say exactly the same what scientists say today, but let’s take another example from astronomy. Ladies and gentlemen, I was born 61 rotations of earth around the sun ago. What does it mean exactly? The earth goes with the sun at the speed of 107000 km / h through the galaxy, and along with the whole planetary system and the sun it moves more or less at the same speed.


Let’s realise that the sun and the earth have never ever been in the place where they are now, and we people have never been in this place in space for sure. Is there scientific evidence for the Great Change? Maybe some can be treated so. For example, there is the thing which is very seldom talked about. Recently the speed of the solar system in the journey through the galaxy has very much reduced. I will quote here a message about this issue: the speed of movement of the solar system relative to the space surrounding it has fallen by over 10% for the past 15 years. These are the results of measurements made by astronomers from NASA. The measurements were made in 1993 on board of the Ulysses probe and were repeated in 2009.  10% equals 10000 km / h. Such reduction of the velocity of the whole solar system occurred. What’s more, the direction of its motion has changed as well at 4 degrees, if I may say – to the north – which means toward the galactic equator.


The variable of the direction of interstellar helium atoms means that also the geometry of the magnetic field of the solar system and the balance of pressure in it (because it all is decelerating) can change. Let’s imagine such deceleration – within 15 years the earth decelerates at almost 900 km per year. This gives 2.5 km per day. Such is the speed of the deceleration. This case is one of the aspects of the Great Change, one of the proofs. I think so. Another aspect in the area of social life or politics is the matter of Slavdom and its placement on the map of the present and past world.


Let’s realise that our role in the past, the role of the Slavic people which we have played in the history of civilisation is different from  the one assigned to us by the 19 th century science. The Great Change is related to refuting historical and political myths. Science also reveals the truth to us about the origin of all major religious systems of the ancient world. These religions were formed apparently from one ancient source located somewhere in a place called Atlantis – the place which fell and is non-existent. But that was most probably the civilisation of the north, and not a land to the west of pillars of Hercules.



All the so-called great monotheistic religions have common roots. There is a lot of evidence and clues for that. Just as there are a lot of etymological evidence and etymological hints indicating that the Slavic language is an ancient language, the closest to the common language of Indo-Europeans. And so we come to the proto-Slavic language because the people who spoke this archaic language, this common satem language in which the number 100 is pronounced /sto/ /stan/, and not

/centum/ /kentum/ are called Aryans or Ario-Slavs. We can call them Scyto-Slavs-Hindus, we can call them pre-Slavs.


Scientists are discovering that the population of Poland, India and Iran, and of large areas of northern Asia are largely the population of the R1a haplogroup. The population of the R1a haplogroup and the population of the I haplogroup managed together in Europe as early as 10000 years ago and together they developed their language in the areas from the Adriatic Sea through the Danube, the Oder, the Vistula, the Volga, to as far as Lake Baikal and the Himalayas.


This heritage reached together the Indus and the Ganges. You can learn all this from the books which are standing here. There is hard and soft evidence in them. For example, the ancient Scythians (Scyths) whose kings are found in mounds on the steppes of Ukraine and Asia, are of haplogroup R1a such as we Poles. It turned out, ladies and gentlemen, that this population of R1a in India accounted for 90% of the highest social caste that brought The Vedas 1800 years BC. The Vedas – the formed religion which is there, and growing out of the Vedas, in a sense, Buddhist philosophy and the philosophical system of China, and so of Japan.


It turns out that this population brought the Veda from the north, that they sold it to Persians in some modified form, that the people came from the north to the big march, and that it was the Oder and the Vistula where they came from. This Veda, as a common religion and a common language shaped the civilisation of the Indians, Persians and Slavs, that is the linguistic and cultural group of Ario-Slavs. The focus is here on common concepts such as: the wheel, the wagon, the corn, the sun, the sky, the star, the month, the light, the cow, the horse, the entire system of the names of numbers or of gods. I do not have enough time to really give hundreds of proofs and examples of this community. I write about it in my books and on the Internet. First of all, in these two great books that you see here, which I call the Slavic mythology.


These are the first two volumes with images by Jerzy Przybył presenting Slavic gods. Here, I discuss the basic myths and concepts as well as names from our language – Polish, Slavic, Slavic-Aryan. There are names of gods and the cosmic forces, and natural phenomena, and the astral beings. These beings are just the epitome of physical forces of nature, i.e. the inherent forces of the universe, the elements and the power which rule the universe which affect the earth and us people.


These holistic dependancies can be described only by just symbolic language, the pictorial language. This was done thousands of years ago and people, illiterate people, ordinary common people preserved this. They preserved passed on messages and rituals and if they were unable to preserve the messages and the rituals, it was their language that preserved them, the language that they spoke because they repeated even unconsciously the same words for thousands of years. And these words have preserved that entirely. The words of the Slavs who praised the world, who praised what they saw.


Science, in its description of the world, didn’t take into account the voice of these illiterate people. The Old Slavic faith has never died, so it is present at all times. The preservation of the contemporary faith of nature, the innate faith of the Slavs, the faith that is living today is thanks to the Polish peasantry, the illiterate, the most ordinary people and dozens of guards of faith. I describe it here in these books. These are the proofs based on hundreds of scientific sources, not a fantasy, but a reproduction, not something imagined, but the thing based on documentation, based on new scientific discoveries.


These two books have more than 500 pages each. I think that they provide basics to understand who we are – we Polish people, we – Slavic people, what the ancient faith of nature was – that it was the faith based on observation of the natural world, that it was a natural system, that it is this system from which all the subsequent religions originate and which, unfortunately, strayed from the natural path. First and foremost, they established mediation of priests and thus they were distorted, they became religions serving the maintenance of this caste and the keeping up of the social system of slavery, the system of master-slave to date, the post-Roman system.

And this is just changing. The entire system ofthe master-slave is changing. This is the Great Change. This system is falling down. We are starting to associate with the gods at the present times – with the gods which means with the energies of the universe, with the forces of the cosmos, with the knowledge of the infinite consciousness, with the source of everything, with the father of fathers or, as you prefer, with the God of gods, without intermediaries. Everyone has God in themselves, has the channels of power and by themselves and by the cosmic channels, we can have a contact with this infinite force, with this energy that moves everything around us – what we see and what we can’t see. We can call it one way or another, but it exists and it works. And this is an optimistic tone at the end because we experience this Great Change for sure, and we all experience it.


Thank you very much for your attention. I would just like to add just one sentence – who wants to talk to me, next here we have the stall and my friends and I will stay there for some time. There you can buy books and the quarterly magazine, which has just been released and the title of which is ”Słowianić”. There are the editors of this quarterly magazine with me here: Joanna Maciejowska, Piotr Kudrycki and Marek Wójtowicz. This is the editorial people of the quarterly. The magazine has as many as 200 pages – it means 200 pages of the Slavic thought. Thank you very much.


Podziel się!