The text is addressed to hypocrites who ruling practise anti-Polonism…


© by Czesław Białczyński

© translated by Katarzyna Goliszek

The text is addressed to hypocrites who ruling practise anti-Polonism and think that they are some Berliners … or New Yorkers. It is pathetic because in the eyes of those they are just small, false Poles who have denied their homeland ….

(….) The flood of information and advancement of knowledge which is the result of it and which affects various disciplines of science, has led to the particular revolution in the views on the forming of languages, myths, religious concepts and their interrelationships in Eurasia.
Genetics has refuted the views on the source of origin of particular ”kinds” of the human being and racial ”differences” that functioned for ages. In a consequence, the knowledge has not only undermined established and lasting for ages opinions about human races, i.e the opinions which were obligatory in the matter which the knowledge is studying, but it has also impaired all, less scientific humanistic disciplines. The disciplines (aspects) painstakingly built the image of the world in their respective fields, such  as, for example, archaeology, history, linguistics, anthropology of cultures and in other ones, for centuries (at least two, but this process can be extended seeing it as a slowly progressing historical process).

(…) These findings lead to the fields seemingly inviolable and distant (and present and important in the daily life of every human being on Earth) as the global religious system or the global politics.

(…) Indicating the right process of the forming of races, genetics has refuted the image drawn in the field of the forming of language groups and has ”thrown out”  the facts which were hidden by the imposed, false vision of the previous state of knowledge. It has demonstrated, from the very beginning, the directions of the formation of concepts in the language and relationships between the languages by removing from the pedestal, for example, Latin which was to be the source of every culture and tradition for the Europeans. Latin has turned out to be secondary, just like Greek, in relation to other Aryan languages. Considered for 300 years, by etymologists, the origin of Slavic words from Germanic words, from the German language, lost the undisputed value of the truth, and then it appeared to be only a propaganda myth of the period of the early science of the 19 th century. The myth associated with the emerging phenomenon, at that time, of the German nation.

Slavic languages have turned out to be closer to  Persian and Hindi, or Sanskrit. It has been found that they are more archaic than the Germanic languages and less creolised (impured and distorted).
The consequence of this has been searching in them for sources for many ideas relating to mythical categories, the discovery of Slavic etymologies, denominations of deities and supernatural phenomena as well as natural or technical notions concerning nature and technology such as fire, oxygen, wheel or sickle, but also god, spirit-breath, or soul-breath.

The discovery and association of the Faith of nature of the Slavic peoples with Vedas and Gatha and comparing the mythology and vocabulary of these religions with monotheistic religous systems such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism have revealed the secondariness of the latter ones (…)

Moreover, genetics has awakened hitherto sleeping issues of the forming of so called nations and cultural ethnoses as well as national traditions and values. Today, for example, Germans are questioned to have ever been  Aryan which is  symptomatic for the revolution taking place.
Here is what it turns out when we start to consider only from the point of view of genetics, the problem which is so ardent in Poland and arousing continuous emotions, namely the  matter of existence, or non-existence of the Jewish people:
From a genetic point of view, Jews are supposed to be Semites, i.e. the Y-DNA J haplogroup. In theory, therefore, they do not differ from  the Semitic environment in Asia Minor, for instance, from the Palestinians. Both of them differ in terms of religion, the Jewish are the followers of Yahwism, whereas the Palestinians’ faith  is Islam. So why do they fight so much with the Palestinians? It seems that the only reason for that  is the prevailing social system in the world – capitalism. It generates a conflict there. The two groups, the Jewish and the Palestinians, use similar languages and have similar genetic composition. They are apparently the groups that are traditionally tolerant to different religions. The Jews came to Palestine from the United States and other parts of the world with great capital, so as Masters, and the local population of the different religion was probably to serve them, work for them  and be their slaves.

The Jews also arrived in contemporary Paland in a few waves, first initiated by the expulsion from Western Europe  and then by being expelled by the Charism of Moscow, then they were ”invited” by J. Piłsudski during the II Republic of Poland

(it was probably to be the camouflaged implementation of the idea of Judaistic Poland?), and finally they arrived on bayonets of the Soviet Army as the Military Arm of the coloniser called the Soviet Union. That arm shaped the system of Master – Servant (Slave) in the People’s Republic of Poland. We should rememberr that part of them can be regarded as the indigenous ”Polish” people, both as we understand the Ist Republic of Poland as well as in a much deeper meaning reaching the roots in ancient times. They are Ashkenazi Jews who settled in the Great Steppe, or who were fetched here  by  Scolotians-Scyths  after  conquests  of  Judea,  the  later Khazars and  the  current  Polish  and  Russian  post-Khazars. Part of them co-create with Slavs and Turks today’s Khazachstan and Kyrgyzstan (where there is a lot of R1a1).

But who are they, these contemporary Polish Jews if fact?
Has anybody studied this issue? Of course not  because they do not come  clean  officially  about  their  origin. Yet, we know that many of them were the leaders of the new system of ”Administration” established in Poland by the Soviets. If so, they must have been dialectical materialists, and not the followers of Yahwism. …they do not know the  Yiddish  language!

The problem with the Jews in general is the fact that what really distinguishes them from other nations is only their language and religion. Even the famous community after the line of mothers is a myth that genetics refutes. Only in Ashkenazi Jews one can tell a definite advantage of mothers  with Mt-DNA – K (32%). However, the maternal haplogroup is also frequent in England and in the Alpine countries. It is its presence in England and the Alpine countries that paradoxically indicates that we are talking about women of partnership and of biological relation (genetic) with men of Hg Y-DNA R1a or R1b. Generally speaking, the R1 in both groups of Jews makes up 18-19%, which means that it is on a par with the Semitic J1 and J2 when they are counted separately. The total of J obviously outweighs by far because it makes up 48% of the Jews, but considering the Palestinians whom the Jews are trying to oust from their homeland there is even more Y-DNA hg J, up to 56%.

When we look on the Y-DNA of the Jews, it is a conglomerate in which we can find almost all.
There are R1a, R1b, E, G, I, T  as well as L and Q there.
Ashkenazi Jews  I 4, R1a 10, R1b 9, G 9.5, J2 19, J1 19, E 20.5, T 2, L 0.5 , Q 5, N 0, others 1.5
Sephardic Jews I 1, R1a 5, R1b 13, G 15, J2 25, J1 22 , E 9, T 6, L 0 , Q 2 , N 0 , others 2
Palestinians and I 0, R1a 1.5, R1b 8.5, G 3, J2 17, J1 38.5, E 19.5, T 7, L0, Q 0, N 0, others 5
In this situation, genetics refutes another basic concept of the contemporary political language and global geopolitics – Anti-Semitism!
What is anti-Semitism?

Is it aimed at the R1 Jews, Slavs-Celts, or is it directed at the J Semitic Jews?!
If anti-Semitism is aimed at the representatives of the Y-DNA J genes, shouldn’t the Jews then begin to ”defend”, from tomorrow, also their brothers of blood and genes – the Palestinians – against this  horrible phenomenon, against this prejudicial thing? Shouldn’t they defend Iraqis and other Semites? But it is the Jews who regard the Palestinians as ”slobs”! They organise continued crusades against Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians under the auspices of the United States. Recently they have even implicated Poland – which I regard as special insolence – in the murdering of those local brothers of ours, of the same blood as we are – Y-DNA R1a. (…) Is it not anti-Semitism? The Jews are, then, nasty, libelous ANTI-SEMITES who ill-treat their brothers in Palestine and in the Middle East. Using the concept of anti-Semitism they also turn out to be mythomaniacs and hypocrites. If anti-Semitism is directed at the Jews of the hgY-DNA R1, it is not anti-semitism then but it is ANTI-POLONISM, RUSSOPHOBIA or it is ANTI CELTIC.  (…) We know how the events went on and where anti-Polonism is still in everyday life. Anti-Polonism is represented by people who mostly identify with Germanic culture. Anti-Polonism is very well known from the environment of American Jewish people. Remarkably, symptoms of anti-Polonism, putting it very gently, is represented by the so-called “Polish Jews”.
What exactly is really going on?!

For thousands of years we have been observing the fratricidal clash of people of a big genetic proximity of the haplogroups Y-DNA R1a and R1b. It has been the Slavic-Celtic clash which today, after germanising the Celts can be called the Slavic-Germanic clash.. The party of the German ”enemy” of the Slavs, particularly the Germans, has been hugely genetically infiltrated by R1a+I (altogether 40-50%) throughout ages. Nevertheless, this genetic group was unable to restore the language to the Germans which this genetic group used, i.e. the Slavic language, but the group managed to ”Slavinise” and then to ”Germanise” the Celtic language and to impose their culture (tradition, mythology, customs) on Germanic peoples (Germano-Celts). Among contemporary Poles, also live 20 % of people of the Y-DNA R1b haplogroup as well as 15% of population of the Y-DNA I haplogroup, which totals at 35%. This group of the Celts and Old Europeans living among the Slavs did not manage to  impose the Celtic language on the Slavs, nor did they manage to Germanise the Slavic / Polish language.

Conclusion 1: We wage Slavic-Slavic, Slavic-Celtic and Celtic-Celtic fratricidal war and we differ from one another only by the language. The reason for this war is similar to that of Israel. Some people want to dominate others and turn them into their slaves. Who commands this war? Can we discover it? We can. And it is quite easy. Both after World War I and after World War II, the support for German nationalism came from American Banks by generously granted credits for the development of Germy, the credits for which Poland waited in vain.

Conclusion 2: In fact, it is the war of  Sephardic Jewish money from  American banks with Slavdom. The more victorious Germany is in this war to which the Sephardic banks send them, the more it is losing the war in terms of genetics, territory and culture, and lead Europe to bigger and bigger CRISIS.

Germans discredited their culture throughout all the 19th century by Germanising the Slavs. Germans led to the disappearance of Polabian languages and today in the majesty of the law they ”eliminate” Lusatian language and writing and Germanise the the Polish Diaspora living in Germany. Do not let us forget that Germany killed Prusians as early as in the 15th century and usurped their tribal name for several hundred years. Denationalization and destruction of other people’s culture is now widely recognised by the UN as barbaric.

Throughout the 20th  century Germany gave evidence of even deeper cultural collapse unleashing two wars and committing holocaust, or genocide on a massive scale and material destructiveness, and looting, even on the scale that is unprecedented in the history of the world. Demolition of Warsaw and ruining of Poland, and the Holocaust are the phenomena that are recognised today as the most atrocious barbarity. Germany by making (of the USA Sephardians’ persuasion) two world wars in Europe and the October Revolution in Russia, so three wars which, as a matter of fact, were aimed at Slavdom (at Sistan), in the 20th century led Europe from the position of the unquestionable Leader of the World Civilisation to the position that it is in today, far behind the back of the USA (the main perpetrator of European conflicts), and at present also behind the back of China, and before long behind the back of India. This is an unprecedented collapse of the civilisation of Europe which today ceased to be  not only the centre of contemporary civilisation, but became a vassal dependent from the United States, from its former colony.

Conclusion 3: 20% of today so-called “German Jews – Sephardic” and 20% so called “Polish Jews” are people of the haplogroup Y-DNA R1 so the Celts and Slavs.
At this point, we come to the overthrow of another myth by genetics and to the next conclusion:

Conclusion 4: The Holocaust of the Jews does not exist. It was the holocaust of  the citizens of Poland, Russia, Hungary and Germany, and other mostly Slavic countries of Central Europe, citizens professing a particular religion – Yahwism (Judaism), and what their Y-DNA was can be only learned by examining the bones of the dead. Today, you can not responsibly claim that they were people of haplogroup J, or R1a or R1b, or E.

The next conclusion is:
Conclusion 5: R1a wins the historic confrontation because that is the biological regularity. It can not  go by the chimneys of Auschwitz,  nor  in any other way can it be destroyed. The more it is  ”wiped out”  the  more strongly it extends all over. The R1a people are now all over the world, and the great part of the R1a people are in India where they have spread their culture and Aryan languages (the contemporary varieties of Sanskrit) among 750 million people. The R1a Slavs make up the following 300 million people in other parts of the world. Additionally, there are  Slavic-speaking representatives of other haplogroups (especially I) who co-create with them numerous countries.
There is no doubt about the fact that the Holocaust affected mainly Slavic countries, there is no doubt about the fact that the victims of the German murders were mainly Poles, Russians and Jews who spoke Polish and Russian (partly also Jews who spoke German). Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the holocaust was funded by Banksters from the USA.

The tradition and history of Ashkenazi Jews and the tradition and history of Sephardic Jewish history and their lineages are two different traditions and different history. However, they do not differ much genetically. The main difference is that there are more R1a than R1b among Ashkenazi Jews and more E (African haplogroup), and among Sephardic Jews there are more R1b than R1a (…).

Conclusion 6: The so called Polish Jews were mostly locals and not nomads (certainly at least in the meaning of the First Republic of Poland) originating from the ancient tribe of Moses  and located throughout the Khazaria. The so called contemporary Polish Jews are mostly their descendants. Sephardic Bankers (banksters) managing the war hit the purest Mosaic blood! Purer than their own!!! Of course, meanwhile they also hit with their war their Polish-speaking and

Russian- speaking brothers who are here as a result of the pogroms in England, Spain, Holland and France as well as Germany. In Poland it is seen very clearly that the local contemporary so called  Jews do not speak the Yiddish language. They make up inadequate over-representation in the government of the Polish state and in the so called political class in relation to their  “ideological”  number in the Polish  nation. Why have I used the words “ideological number”? I will explain it in a moment. It can be said that they have become Kshatriyas who instruct others how to live and what they should think.

Conclusion 7: The so called Polish Jews speak Polish, and may also be fluent in Russian, but not in Yiddish. What is more, the Polish Jews are mostly atheists, people who do not visit their “Sufis” and their “mosques”. The argument about the continuity on the line of  the Jewish mothers has already been discussed – it is the next myth. Thus,  Polish Jews as a “nation”, and also Polish Jews as a “nationality” do not exist at all. Today Polish Jews are completely Polonised, they are Poles. They are only Polish speaking atheists.
I believe, accepting the statements of genetics as  the truth, the Truth and nothing but the TRUTH and using the definitions of a nation and nationality that neither the Jewish people nor the Jewish nationality in Poland occur. Contemporary Polish Jews therefore are perceived as xenophobes and racists.
Instead, there is an artificial composition in the world that was once a religious and linguistic relationship (because it has never been a genetic compound) which was embedded in the 20th century in Palestine and arbitrarily called a nation, during the Zionist Congress.

The so called Polish Jews who classify THEMSELVES TO THIS ARTIFICIAL COMPOSITION  knowing a few words in Yiddish and a few jokes about Jews, and being atheists, they have no reason to be this “nation”. These people took the theory of their “origin” and “being choosen” from the religious book which is the Old Testament, and Adolf Hitler as well as the gang of ”erudites” like him established the legend of their coherence. The only thing that may distinguish Jewish people is the common language  (Jews of Poland do not know it) and their common Mosaic  religion (Polish Jews went away from religion long ago, they are usually the model materialists). Of course, there are some individuals among the Jews in Poland who know both the language and religion of their Ancestors and profess it but we do not talk about individuals here. The Jewish problem in contemporary Poland needs to be recognised in accordance with the identifications of GENETICS and definitions of the NATION.
Therefore we are arriving at the next conclusion:
Conclusion 8: The Jewish problem in today’s Poland is not the problem of a foreign nationality  but the problem of there being a group of Poles in our country who do not identify themselves with the history and tradition of Poland, but identify themselves with some other external tradition. That is why we can call them, at most, a worldview group. There are definitely very few followers of this philosophy in Poland. Their number in the government, however, is the result of the choice of the Polish nation. The choice made in the act of democracy.  They might have concealed their family roots before voters, but they did not conceal their worldview and this worldview has an influence on the way of thinking about the state, the rules of governance  and  objectives of the government. They have introduced themselves as Poles, because they are Poles indeed.

Representatives of this “non-Polish” or “anti-Polish” biased group, i.e. Non-Patriots, or Anti-Patriots-cosmopolitans who are regarded in Poland as Polish Jews by virtue of their former belonging to the Jewish religious-language community of their ancestors did not conceal their personal attitude to the state from  voters,  nor did they hide their ideological past, nor their personal program, nor their views on the capitalist economy.
Determining the “true genetic genealogy of the Jewish people” by modern genetics has, as we can see, incredible effects, including political ones, for this “nation” (…).
For 5 years, the world has been roaring with the findings of genetics, whereas Polish science is “sleeping”. Fortunately, we have the first signs of revival in this matter. Researchers from Bydgoszcz agreed that the Slavs “probably” were on the Vistula River in the Bronze Age. They did so by examining the  Mt (mitochondrial) DNA. I do not know why they did not examine the Y-DNA? Anyway, it is always better than nothing – a good praiseworthy beginning. One of the readers of our blog has sent the article and it is the latest news.

News bulletin: (
The ancestors of Slavs may have been in Europe  4 thousand years ago.
28.01.2013 Archeologia, Przyroda, Historia i kultura (28.01.2013 Archaeology, Nature, History and Culture).
Contrary to the opinion of some archaeologists, the Slavs did not settle in Europe as late as in the early Middle Ages. Some ancestors of the Slavs may have lived in Europe as early as 3 – 4 thousand years ago –  think scientists from Bydgoszcz who are studying the DNA diversity of the Slavs.

More on:
The very title of the article of the PAP (Polska Agencja Prasowa – Polish Press Agency) is obviously biased. Researchers from Bydgoszcz say that the Slavs were on the Vistula, and not in Europe 4000 years ago. Five years ago genetic research of the Y-DNA in Europe pointed out that Our Ancestors were on the Adriatic Sea and the Danube River 10,000 years ago! This shows how deeply hypocritical authors of PAP messages and the mass media journalists are and how biased they are in their thinking. It does not have to be an aware activity of theirs because they are subjected to pressure and are thoroughly full of the propaganda of invaders / colonists that has been told for generations.

Conclusion 9: By sparking off  racism in the past the Jews became the victim of this racism, according to the saying “what you fight with you die from this.” Sephardians from the USA and Sephardic immigrants from the USA  to Israel do not have any rights for inheritance left behind in Poland by Ashkenazi Jews, the more that it was them – Sephardic Banksters from the USA – that  funded the Holocaust and the war slaughter in Poland. It is rather they from whom we should start claiming for war reperations.
Let this be a warning for all time for all. Do not wage war with our own race and do not fight other Races, but demand only the truth about the RACES. Do not fight against races and nations as it can very easily turn out that we are fighting against ourselves.

At this point, I appeal to the so called Polish Jews not to suck up to the Sephardic Jews from the USA any more who disregard them, not to try, either, to deplore the anti-Semitism of Polish people because the Polish love and appreciate very much the brave Palestinian nation so they are not anti-Semites, and they also sympathise with the Jews who suffered large losses during World War II, just like a brother can sympathise with his brother, like someone from the nearest family because the Jews have been this family for the Polish.

I would suggest to the “Polish Jews” that they genetically examine the bones of Auschwitz because it may turn out that if the Holocaust had not happened, the proportion of the Ashkenazi Jews would be also 50% today like it is among the Polish, and then it would turn out that the German Sephardians let mainly or almost exclusively only the Slavs go by burning through the Auschwitz chimneys.
Realise “Polish Jews”,as well, that on the 17th September 2009 a new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, was concluded which is now called Covenant Obama-Putin. As a consequence of the covenant, the USA opened the way for coups in Arab countries and all around the Middle East, once again, “selling” Caucasian Countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the Baltic States, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and the whole of Central Europe to Russia. “The result” of this transaction is the making of the interests of Sephardic Jews from Israel, i.e. the war of American Banksters with the Islamic world. A side effect of this covenant is the “Smoleńsk Catastrophe.” This is another action of Sephardic Bankers from the USA against Poland and against you “Polish Jews” who are just miserable Poles for them, unworthy of even the American visa. You are now cannon fodder of  the FOREIGN ones, a puppet in their hands. So it is about time you came to your senses before the final evil happens. Does it seem to you, ATHEIST AND RATIONALIST GENTLEMEN that September 17th is a random date? Does it seem to you that the West does not care to explain the Smoleśsk Catastrophe by “coincidence”? Do you see something “accidental” in the events of 1914 in Europe and 1917 in Russia, and in the events in 1939 or in 1945?

Conclusion 10: Highlighting the so called “Polish Jews”  as a “nationality” has totally ceased to make any sense at all as a result of  the 9 previous conclusions.
There is not a Jewish nationality in Poland today. Neither is there Jewish nation in Poland. There are only Polish people. Jews were completely Polonised. There is, however, a certain group of people who ideologically do not identify themselves with  Polish tradition  and  the  Polish  Vistula  historical centre. The group gained the status of the class of Masters in Polish society with the wave of the 1989 changes, while thievish post-communist enfranchisement, in a deceitful and unjustified by anything way. I can not call these people Jews, but only Poles who succumbed to     ,  “cosmopolitanisation” or for some other  reasons they mistakenly  identify themselves more as “Americans”, “Berliners” and “Muscovites” than the Poles. It is time to finish with the myth about existence of Polish Jews if it has been overthrown by modern science! Also, it is time to draw the right conclusions and recognise the situation in 100%. We can not let ourselves make mistakes.

It is not surprising that this group of people is recognised as ”traitors” of the nation by Polish patriots, by people identifying themselves with history and culture from the Vistula, with Slavic and Sarmatian history and culture. Apart from Polish people, there are, of course, Jewish agents in Poland, just like American, German and Russian agents as well as agents of other nations. It would be bad for us if all the people who do not identify themselves with Poland, would start to identify their interests with the interests of foreign branch offices and Sephardic Bankers from the USA. First of all, it would be bad for ourselves. One does not make the same mistake if they are intelligent as such.

Polish patriots should be understanding to “Polish cosmopolitans” and they have been understanding for all the 23 years. Polish patriots know that these are the people who have succumbed to the propaganda and falsehood of Sephardians from the USA and to assurances from the colonialists who have been governing Poland for the last 200 years, and that this time they will introduce great prosperity here called the European Union. I remind those of you who do not remember that the communism promised by  the Russians after the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact was to be the former key to great prosperity. It was announced on 22nd July 1944 as the System of Eternal Beatitude in Poland and soon after that mass murders were started.

The people who describe themselves as “Polish Jews” make the mistake of an incorrect fact. They identify themselves with the centres  which  they do not belong  to  and to which they will never belong.  The Sephardic Jewish gentlemen from tne USA will never take them there, but instead they will gladly settle them on the frontline in Israel, or they will repeat the ”experience” from World War II. I have a request to the Sephardians from the USA: gentlemen banksters examine your genes well and get rid of the anti-Polonism and Russophobia quickly as after the examination it may turn out that you suffer from the ”serious illness” called R1a1. Then, just like Adolf Hitler turned out to be Half Jewish, you will turn out to be Half Polish or Russians. How embarrassing it will be when the World gets to know that you really have wasted  money that you like so much, and that you have wasted the money to fight one another. Then it would be the money spent in the most stupid way ever in the history of the world and it would be an irrefutable proof that your inborn intelligence is just the next myth.

Sephardians from the USA, imagine what your status will be like at the end of the fratricidal World War III which you are just  beginning. In the future, for many centuries, through the next succeeding generations till the end of the world, you will be said to be criminals, barbarians, fratricides, racists, anti-Semites and fools. Germany (your previous allies during World War Two) do not have to carry so many epithets, and notice how  hard they live although 4 generations have passed since their crimes. Worse! Up to the thousandth generation you will be said that you turned out to be cannibals who devoured your own Nation. As a result of your new anti-Slavic crusade, the Old Testament or even the whole Bible may be forbidden all over the world, just like Mein Kampf has been banned today. Do you want to make the book which is the basis of what makes you different from other people on Earth be prohibitted? Is it not true self-destruction with your own money?! Phew! I think that we all see here, at a glance, the ruthlessness of exposing the myth, the exposure that has been done as a consequence of  the scientific revolution in genetics.

I believe that we clearly see the Great Change with its effects in the political aspect.

The next conclusion No 11: If someone says  about Jews  ruling  Poland,  he or she makes a mythical,  unreal thinking. Scientific recognition of  Reality enables us to clearly state something different, the image of people wandering in darkness of their own identification and nationality, the image of the group of cosmopolitans who do not feel Polish appears the group of victims with inferiority complex who are trying to ”run away” from their identification and presence but whom nobody wants to welcome, and finally the group of Poor Lemmings immersed in maya-blindness, in the hypocrysy of their own EGO, so deeply that they have stood on the edge of ”National Cannibalism”.

Conclusion 12 – the last one: This group not identifying themselves with the history of Poland and Polish tradition is rightly perceived as ”traitors”. Yet, we can not punish the Lemmings with death penalty for treason because for them it is a punishment when they have to learn something. Well, we have opened their eyes and now it is high time they learned THEMSELVES from the beginning.  Let us give them advice and teach them in the same way as they teach us very often so willingly, which they ought to do now as soon as possible so as to get away from the mistake. I would advise this group of people to revise their views and attitudes as quickly as they can. I would advise them – it they hate Poland so much – to immigrate to the centres of tradition and culture which they identify themselves with and which will want to accept them! I know that the frontline in Israel is not the best place for home. Yet, everyone has a passport, after all, and sometimes even two. It is not the People’s Republic of Poland and everyone can leave for a place they wish, for instance, to Paris. If they do not decide to go away, however, I would recommend them to stop doing harm to Poland as soon as possible, they had better stop hurting Poland and the Polish from today. The truth is that by doing harm to Poland, you do harm to your own interests in Poland, and doing harm to Polish people, you do harm to yourselves.

You could be proud of the fact that you are Slavs and Poles, but I do not know why you do not want to. And yet you can see with the naked eye that the Slavs are incredibly resourceful and indestructible people, whether they speak Hungarian or Yiddish, whether they speak German of ”beautifully sing” in Russian, whether they ”mumble barbarously” and ”horribly rustle”, or speak Polish. The Slavs are conquering and they will conquer the World.
The action of Sephardic banksters has therefore been stripped to the roots, to the bottom, to the point! It does not have any chance of success in the World of Free People.

I appeal to you, “Polish Jews” – be proud of your Slavic culture, of your Slavdom as it gives you the ability to assimilate and conquer, this incredible strength and vitality, and toughness. Just stop destroying the country that has nourished and educated you, the country which was the common home for the generations and which is the common  home now.  And finally, defend the Palestinians, stop being the unrelenting anti-Semites and racists.
I would like to mention at the end of this tragic example of the biggest mistake in history which may lead to a new phenomenon that will surely be called ”National Cannibalism” in the future that I am a friend of Polonised Post-Jews who feel patriots and Free People. These  people feeling relationships with Jewish roots and past that tied them with Polish Motherland, behave and act  and try to live in a normal way in Poland like all of us. There are really many of them among the people who openly say that they are Polish Post-Jews. There are the majority of them among Polish people of the post-Jewish origin. As we can see, anti-Polonism is not some of their organic affliction related to the race. May it be the affliction based on professional dealing with politics? Meanwhile, I would like to apologise to all my Polish Post-Jewish friends and the ones from Israel who are in the Judaic religious congregation and who speak Yiddish, for this bitter text with some dose of sarcasm. I personally can not get over the losses that Poland incurred in World War Two and her cultural  impoverishment  which has been going on after the holocaust and after reducing her territory  to the size that is today. Furthermore, I find it hard to see the blindness that the USA represent, the most racist and anti-Semitic country nowadays, in which racism and anti-Semitism  has  a black colour of its president’s skin.

This text is not aimed at you, nor does it say about you, my friends.
This text is aimed at hypocrites who practise anti-Polonism while governing Poland and think that they are some  Berliners or maybe Muscovites or, perish the thought, Londoners, Parisians or even worse – New Yorkers. It is pathetic  as  in the eyes of those  they will always remain small, false Poles who have denied their homeland and Motherland.


Podziel się!