The Amazing Slavism – Great Mystery and Great Mystification

© by Czesław Białczyński

© translated by Katarzyna Goliszek

I begin this article deliberately from Maria Janion’s citation: – ”The Amazing Slavism”. Indeed, Slavism is AMAZING and it is one of the greatest puzzles that every Aware  Human Being comes across sooner or later, i.e. every Thinking Free Human living on Earth – regardless of the birth place and language that he / she speaks.


aa Haplogroup-R1aMap 1. I should point out that R1a in Europe is heavily related to Slavic speakers. Though quite high levels in Scandinavia as well, the result of which is that most R1a in Ireland and Scotland are probably related to the Viking age. Other major language areas which you see with lots of R1a are among Iranian (Persian, Kurdish, Pasthun) and Hindi (Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Nepali etc.) speakers.

[The map of R1a above is fairly honest – it is rarity. The description which we are presenting  fragmentarily below was not as honest, however, because it suggested that languages of the Kentum group are of the same source for the pre-Indo European language as languages of the Satem group, which is untrue. The premordial Indo European language was the Satem language – we can call it SCYTHIAN or Ancient Slavic from which originate all the present Satem languages deriving from Old Slavic (the language common for Hg Y-DNA R1a1 which means  Scyths and Hg Y-DNA I which means Ancient Europeans) – the languages: Slavic, Albanian, Romanian, Hungarian, Baltic-Istian, Persian, Hindi, Pali and others. It is clear that the mentioned languages contain components of other genetic bases contributng to their obvious diversity. For instance, in the Baltic or Hungarian languages the Hg Y-DNA-N, in Persian Hg Y-DNA J, in Pali and Hindi – L, H (the Gypsy who coexist with us Slavic people in Europe) and R2 (of Dravidian people). Likewise, the earlier common language – pre-Indo European for the Scyths and Celts was Satem.]

Of course, we ourselves as Slavic people find it incomparably harder to think about Slavic culture than others who either do not feel related to the Slavs or are not them. At least, it should be put so theoretically; an external view ought to give – through emotional distance – greater objectivity. Nevertheless, it does not happen so and Slavic people are commonly perceived and described, especially by so called West, in a biased and dishonest way. It happens so because of  nationalisms and chauvinisms shaped in the 19 th century which gave way to, even in today’s thinking of different nations, schemas and stereotypes founded on the propaganda creating frameworks of their national pride.It leads to lingering intentional methods of thinking about oneself in various nations today  and also makes ideological concepts about ethnogeny of nations and participation of particular ethnoses in developing and building civilisation, depreciating or excluding other nations from this process as well as warping facts towards seemingly consistent ones, yet made arbitrarily with the omission of results of scientific research (keeping them secret or other manipulations) theories. Even the very geographical location of Slavic cultrue in the structure of Mother Earth lands  lets many people think more deeply and makes them wonder or dismay. You can approach this notion statistically – well, a coincidence – this north-central and central-south Asia as well as north and the centre and east of Europe (the Heart, – Trójmorze <Intermarium or Intermarum > could be dwelt by, according to the statistical point of view, the Chinese, or Semites, or Celts, or Aborigines.


Map 2. The Mother Land of Slavs – Distribution of Slavs across Eurasia, Haplogroup R1a1.

On the basis of huge research material, geographical cards showing the areas of the Slavs’ movement across Eurasia Haplogroup R1a1 [28-49] were made by the western scientists. Taking strict scientific data into consideration, the percentage of the Slavic population among the countries of Eurasia [28-49] was determined. We processed these figures and made the table of the Number of Slavs in Eurasia, Haplogroup R1a1 (for 2010). At the end of the table the number of Slavs with regard to religions was determined.

[The small map in the corner is unreliable, it does not cover north Africa with brown colour and it is obvious that it was one of the routes of R1 expansion to Europe. It is aimed to demonstrate the range of R1 – that is to say R1a1 as well as R1b1. Moreover, the big map presenting Slavic peoples as R1a1 is unrelaible – here we can say about Scyths, i.e. ANCIENT SLAVS who became Slavs after intermingling with Ancient Europeans and forming the common old Slavic language – the progenitor of the contemporary Slavic languages.]


Map 3. The Mother Land of the Slavs is the area joining the R1a1 + I  range.  Such a map would cover a considerably bigger area which can be seen above on map 2 of „Europe R1a1” (green colour – goes to: south Scandinavia and Asian part as far as India), and the area covered on the map below (map 4) by Hg Y-DNA I1 which is a relatively late mutation of  HgY-DNA I , called Scandinavian (Great Britain, Scotland, Scandinavia with Finland and Iceland). For obvious reasons  Hg Y-DNA I1 (glacier) this group settled in Scandinavia together with R1a1 quite late in comparison with settling areas on the Adriatic and the Danube.

haplogroupI1Map 4. The map of Hg Y-DNA I1. There are incredibly a lot of such lies, prejudices, understatements and misinterpretations  in popular-scientific materials concerning genetics. These are evidence not so much for unreliability but they are evidence for ”intentionality” of those who make and report this knowledge. We have already written about unreliability and manipulations of Germanophile Eupedia assigning being German to the R1a1 and I  haplogroups in a separate article. The article is to be found on the Black Stripe on the right side:  „About Pan-Germanic chauvinism and nationalism, about unceasing attempts to twist facts as well as Anglo-German manipulations of Y-DNA [ENG]

6938Map 5. Distribution of Slavs across Eurasia, Haplogroup R1a1.

We have received sensational results. In Russia lives only 66 million Slavs, and along with Ukraine and Belarus  there are about 92 million. In all Western Europe live approximately 66 million Western Slavs (as  in Russia). But in Asia itself they do not know that they are Slavs, i.e. 650 million people. It turned out that more than 810 million people in Eurasia have the R1a1 Haplogroup in Asia which means the second group in the world after the Chinese Haplogroup O (Han Chinese – 1137 million people – in 2010 ).

[The map is deceitful: Bulgaria where 12% of people with R1a1 live has not been marked and neither has Greece been marked with 16%, nor Turkey and Iraque (on average for 8%) –  where on Kurds’ territory there are more than 20% of R1a1. Another, a much bigger range of R1a is  in Iran and India. In Germany 16% has been marked whereas eastern and northern Germany make up 25-30% and Lusatia as even 63% of R1a1. This way of thinking presented here is not wholly correct, either because Slavs in the ethno-genetic sense, i.e. the language and historical ethnos + the store of genetic family co-creating the ethnos are in fact all the population of R1a1 in the world, and also all the population of Hg Y-DNA I (I2 + I1) as well as all representatives of other haplogroups in the Slavic countries who speak Slavic languages today (J, G, E, R1b etc.)  It seems important to emphasise that the percentage data are dynamically changing along with the development of the research.] populacja Słowian w starym świecie 6943tabela


From this inconceivable number of Slavic people there are only 100 million of Orthodox and 57 million of Catholics and Protestants. But the number of Moslems is higher  – 272 million people. The number of Hindu people is even higher – more than 377 million. Slavic people have turned out nothing worse than  the Chinese – the present Mongols who do not have a number.


[The table does not include the share of Hg Y-DNA I population in the Slavic ethnos. Neither does it include the share of populations of other haplogroups speaking Slavic languages today, J, G, E, R1b and so on.  Notice: The table may deviate from the up-to-date estimates of 2012 which are given  in various  places. It does not include some R1a populations, for example in Switzerland where the number of people is 1 million, in Saudi Arabia 2 million, in Egypt 2 million, in Indonesia 15 million, in France and England 7 million, etc. Generally, it  agrees more or less. ]

Yet, we have to reject this kind of ”scientific” thinking which is deeply enrooted in the Newtonian image of the world, in other words in purely mechanistic view of the world. We have had to turn it down since we learned about the existence of the biological ”rule of minimalism” called ”the rule of natural selection” among biologists, and which is also applied in the world of physics and mathematics and other sciences, where it is called ”Ockham’s Razor”. Since that time we have known for sure that nothing happens ”by chance” as fortuity in Nature and that everything has been going along the so called ”line of least resistance”. If we take the both ”natural” and ”minimalistic” way of thinking and accept claims and discoveries of Holy Geometry about the ”hidden” or ”higher” / ”deeper” code / plan working in the construction and structure of the Universe, and also about the existence of the ”piercing” everything Net Joining the Universe, which means etheral lining intelligently taking part in forming material beings and shaping  the history of matter in pursuance of a certain ”intention” (which is experimentally postulated and confirmed by contemporary physics), we have to forget fortuitousness once and for all. It is then that we jump at a logical conclusion that Slavs are placed in this ecological niche on planet Earth that was destined for them by ”nature” and for living in which they were equipped by Nature best as possible.

6907Nestor’s Christian swastika in body a cross.


The data regarding the number of the Hindu , i.e. the followers of Faith of Natture among  the Slavs demonstrated above are biased too but, anyway, they somehow approximate the appropriate picture to us. It is so because 28 million people with R1a1 blood  only from China have not been counted here. The ”New World” has not been taken into account where a high percentage of people with Hg Y-DNA R1a and I live. Furthermore, neither Buddhists nor Taoists have been taken into account. Having considered these data, in countries of the old time SIStan inhabited mainly by Slavic peoples and nations related to them in terms of tradition and the language, it turns out that as far as  professed religion is concerned the Slavs are mostly the followers of: Faith of Nature – about 420 – 440 million people, Muslims make up about 270 million and Christians around 270 million as well. These figures do not include atheists,of course. Between the numbers presented here and those from other articles where we touched upon the topic of the number of particular religions in the world there are significant differences. This matter is especially hypocritical and obscure subject to „bizarre” practices of orders and prohibitions, and dual ethics (for example, in Poland, according to recent data, only 16% of Catholics take part in the Holy Communion at all, and only 30% of Catholics participate in weekly masses. Many of them christen children out of  conformity and take vows of the church for the sake of peace. This situation concerns the whole of Western Christendom to a much greater extent than Polish – in the West a wedding is an event of a commercial and legal issue of a „capital-economic” character rather than a religious act .

Warning: People with deep-formed worldview based on the CANON (dogmas) of the Temple of Science of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries should not continue reading this article. Those who have attentively read the gray print captions under the pictures know for sure what is coming. I recommend that you withdraw in order to save the Building in which Your Awareness lives – the Ivory Tower formed on the Dogmas of the Early Era of Nationalism. I warn you that the risk of entering Alternative Reality is very high considering the further reading of the text.

6909Nestor’s Christian swastika in two head an eagle cross.

Let’s repeat truisms. The genotype is given on the line of male, and a phenotype – on the line of female. Therefore it is not necessary to be surprised, that descendants of Slavs from Mongolia and Central Asia in Russia and Europe got white and began to look as normal Europeans. On the contrary, Slavs in Central Asia, the Inner Mongolia and Hindustan have remained dark as local women have a corresponding shape. Besides, Slavs in Europe are Christians, and in Asia they are Moslems and Hindu.

It will be a short article. Overall, there is very little to say. Anyone who is a Slav – and I am writing to you, to All Slavs, in Polish – is  in a sense affected by Slavonic Disease – and intuitively feels that there is something wrong with them. He / she recognises the symptoms of this disease, but is unable to make a diagnosis. The diagnosis is going to be HERE – so if Any of you prefers not to know what is really wrong with them, just stop reading as well because if you have once swallowed the fruit of knowledge, you will be unable to THROW UP THE TRUTH and live on as if nothing has ever come to your mind.

Just one more remark: Because of their natural / inborn development so called an educated and also thinking human being sooner or later reaches the limit of their shaped (educated) Awareness and starts raising questions to which  the process of education / shaping has not brought satisfactory answers. This article goes beyond the ”classical” or ”canonical” limits which are reached by different types of schools, including universities educating their students. All these schools as you know  are based on so-called „programs” approved by so-called „ministries” and  so-called „program board” where one canon arises and which is firstly ideologically subordinated to so called ”the  leading tendency in education” , secondly it is politically subordinated to the government in a particular field and its view on past events (history) as well as all other disciplines.

Thus, today  in Europe, there is not a university that would question Darwinism while teaching biology, or that would lay at the base of physics the Paradigm of Consciousness, i.e. the philosophy of Immanuel Kant from Królewiec (from Königsberg) while teaching physics. Here, we deal with exactly the same situation as in the Middle Ages when the theory of Mikołaj Kopernik from Toruń was not lectured on. Neither were students informed about Galileo’s discoveries.

Epoka brązu mapa europa afryka mala azja 2000 pneMap 6 – Bronze Age archaeological cultures – around 2000 BC. You can see the next manipulation here. The Unietycka culture has been linked with colour to Balkan, Apennine and Little Asia Brown Cultures. Yet, we know it from genetics that the population of haplogroup I and R1a1 has been present on the Adriatic and the Danube since 8000 BC (also on the Black Sea which can be seen here – as the Corded Ware) and since around 3000 BC this population has also been present and has been creating cultures on the Vistula River, the Elbe, the Oder and in Scandinavia. Here, Proto-Slavs have been linked with Celts with green colour and divided by the Unietycka culture suggesting its special position. All the manipulation is exposed by the discovery of the tomb of a Royal couple from 2400 BC in Eulau (west of Lipsk <of  Leipzig> –  the red square on the map) – this Royal couple had Y-DNA of the R1a1 haplogroup. The map shows cultures on the Amu Daria as steppe shepherd whereas they were the central hubs which built huge cities and kept a high level of production in the Bronze Age. It is seen on the map below with the archeological description from the article.

clip_image0021Map 7. In the second half of the third millenium BC, in the region between the Amu Daria and Koped Dag mountain range the Baktryjsko-Margiański Archaeological Group developed and it was the dominant cultural formation in the southern part of Central Asia in the Bronze Age. It was characteristic of the structure and architecture of large settlements which usually consisted of centrally located citadel, often of a very complex form of fortification which was surrounded by more modest buildings and successive rings of walls. The Oxus Civilisation maintained close trade contacts with the Indus Valley Civilisation. In Bactria there was even a trading post inhabited by the people of the Indus Valley (Szortugai position, cf.: H. Francfort et al 1989). However, the terrains of Margiana were crossed by nomadic people of the Andronovo culture  with their flocks. The people came from  the northern part of Central Asia and they are supposed to have been moving between Margiana and Chorezm. The people of Andronovo are derived from the Trypolska culture whose population, in Ph. Kohl’s opinion,underwent transformation from a sedentary to nomadic kind of life. The people of Oxus civilisation and / or the Andronovo More:

And one more thing: We are not going to deal with the issues of other nations than the  Slavic „Nation” because they are not our concern. Let them worry about themselves and seek solutions within their own internal capabilities. We have a great comfort because of our „spreading” all around the world as well as because of using the common Slavic language.  All those who feel their Slavic spirit and live in other nationalities – in other words: „in national states which identify themselves with a culture and language different from  Slavic” – and are Aware, will get necessary knowledge Here and NOW – in a while, at once. If you care about someone in particular – to get to know about it as well – pass this knowledge on to them as an e-mail copy, or as a link – they will also  learn it at once provided they feel like clicking with the mouse.

i-rp-poc5bcc485dna-mapa-wojewc3b3dztwMap 8 [Click and magnify] – At last it is  a decent map of I RP – I just mean that you appreciate this field of Polish culture, Polish ethnos, Polish Sarmatian and Scythian tradition. This is what cultural and national  Poland looked like, along with her tradition even in 1770, i.e. at the end of the 18 th century, 800 years after being christened. Moved to the east by German expansion, Poland did not lose her influences of culture and faith in Silesia and Pomerania as well as on the Elbe. It was nothing but the 19 th century germanisation made by the state system of violence that  killed the Drzewiański and Wielecki-Połabski languages, but has been unable to kill the Lusatian language till today.

This map is also to prove the traditional Polish religious diversity. The whole East is the Orthodox Church and add to that Arians, Calvinists, Lutherans, Tatars – Muslims, Jews, and all the so-called  simple illiterate people (peasants), who quietly professed the faith of Nature. It had been so till the Counter-Reformation, i.e. till the time that definitely ended the continuation of the state. Remember that this is the cultural area that beamed far to the east on all Russia and far to the south of Europe (to Turkey,Constantinopole and Italy – the Poland of the Jagiellonians is not somehow placed on any map though it reaches the Adriatic including Hungary, Wołosz, the Central Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania, Slovakia, Moravia and Steppes to the Black Sea) – from which came the two greatest explorers of all time: Mikołaj Kopernik (Nicolaus Copernicus) from Toruń – who  made the Heliocentric Revolution which means he made the Sun the centre of configuration and Earth a Sphere (which contemporary astronomy begins with) and   Immanuel Kant from Królewiec (Königsberg) who made a revolution of Consciousness by putting , consciousness paradigm underlying Material Physics. [Here, I do not suggest that their discoveries were the first in the world because Atlanteans had discovered it before in a different way which was later described in the books of ancient Sumer, Assyria, Persia, and India – but they made re-discoveries after the Dark Ages for the common use of Western Civilisation].

We know that everything but virtually Everything is holistically (comprehensively) related in Reality. Also the date and hour, and the second of edition of this article are Related and not coincidental. I already have quite enough of constantly explaining to Sceptics who regard the Theory of Consciousness and the whole philosophy of Kant as prattle (bajdurzenie bajoka – telling prattle) that Consciousness exists and works over (under / over) the Matter whose physical creation we are. Arguments given by ”rationalists” that they will believe when we hit the lottery 3 times in a row is pitiful and proves inattentive, superficial reading of this blog – the Lottery ”coincidence” has already been talked about – I do not remember where exactly – it was not long ago, so devote some time to understand how much inaccurate this argument is in any discussion about Infinite Consciousness, and also how imagined the ”evidence” for non existence of the Infinite Consciousness is. If you think it is a waste of time to dig into the materials, just dash it all (in Polish as the author of the article writes it: ”to pal was Licho <just / so dash it all>, (but not the licho <devil> from Catholic sayings and tales – the true Licho – Lichesis…)”.

…Because once I said that every Drop of Consciousness in the Ocean of Infinite Consciousness as well as every blob of Consciousness co-creating Collective Consciousness of the Planet – Mother Earth is priceless and every beloved Leming and sweet Yetisyn must be taken away, if it is possible, from the world of Delusion – Maya in which they live and in which they run blindfolded attempting to grab and kill off at random all other Yetisyns and Lemings, I direct another message from Greg Braden to Those who have reached this part of the text:

If this is not enough, I recommend another one: Peter Rusell:

And this one so that you know who has been speaking to you:

“Rationalists”, who are still holding on to the flat Earth after watching this material – this article is not directed at you and neither is this Wieda (wieda – knowledge) – Turn off!

Now, the first observation which will let all of those who want and can go further is going to be shocking.

Recognitionof the existence of Etheric Energy Connecting Everything (dark matter and dark matter) brings on far-reaching repercussions for any way of perception and working of the Universe, and thus its previous past events and its future at the same time. It entails recognising its ”intelligence” and existence of a ”plan” which means the ”intention” of just this, and not a different one, shaping  of the Material World.  Recognition of the existence of hidden proportions in Holy Geometry and constructions based on these proportions leads, as a result, to a logical conclusion about the holographic nature of the Universe which contains important records of the wholeness in detail (in micro molecules) co-creating the wholeness. Recognition of the Intelligence of the Universe Connection – Ether (the Light of the World) and its rudimentary, organic bond with Consciousness: co-vibrations, empathy, shaping of the matter in an ”intelligent” answer to an immaterial reflective stimulus, adding to this an instant contradiction of Einstein’s theory of relativity, is not only acknowledgement of the rightness of  Meta-paradigm of Consciousness in relation to the World of Matter and recognition of Immanuel Kant’s philosophy as true. Recognising the facts above implies revolution in thinking and perceiving the whole material past of Earth. It also imposes on us a necessarily fresh outlook in planning common future of the Human and the Planet which is his / her Mother Land / Homeland, and simultaneously the creation of the same Infinite Consciousness.  

And the second piece of information apparently less shocking but difficult for some people to ”discover” and ”accept”:

There is only one subspecies of man in the world whom we call the Slav – or Slavic man. This man speaks the Slavic language or a language derivative from Slavic (close, another Aryan language). It is sometimes a foreign language as the first, for example, the language acquired in childhood, but this man in general, and as because of using this foreign language, is only in two genetic subspecies, two dissimilar genetic forms. This man bears two genetic groups coming in the male line from the genome of haplogroup Y-DNA R1a and I. In distant past, these groups made up a fateful decision about CO-EXISTENCE. The decision was on the scale of the whole Planet. The two groups put the decision into practice creating the ethnos which we know today as Slavic culture. These two gropus of people – two peoples of Mother Earth made up a multitribal Community.

The first tribe / people (of these two groups) bearing  Hg Y-DNA R1a1 is called Pre-Slavic by us today, or by some people who do not accept this terminology – defined as Scyths or Scytho-Sarmatians, or Aryans, or Indoeuropeans). Peoples of the Aryan language SATEM originate from this first group of people. The second tribe / people (of these two groups) is Old Europeans whose language significantly contributed to the language of Aryans (Scyths=Pre Slavic peoples) making up a new language and ethnos – Slavic. It is clearly noticeable in the north-west part, in Scandinavia. However, it is less noticeable in the south-west part but mainly because so little has remained from the traces of the Scythian language that it is hard to obtain a sufficient comparative material so as to estimate the scale of changes made in the Scythian language that transformed into Old Slavic under the influence of the people of Dawanowie-Drzewianowie-Drakowie <Drakowie – Thracians> (Old Europeans).

In the course of  re-migration to Asia around 1800 – 1500 BC the Old Slavic language  transformed under the influence of Semitic languages which it encountered, and others, for example Dravidian  and then formed in Persia and India as well as in other parts of Asia into the one that we know today: Hindi, Persian, Pali and others. In some parts, for example, after encountering Mongols and Turks it nearly disappeared giving way to the Turkish language, partly to Chinese and Mongolian as well as Siberian peoples.

The case of the Siberian peoples of the Hg Y-DNA N  is very special and striking because their language is so strong that a small population of the peoples passed it on to the mostly genetically ”Slavic” Hungarians and kept it as undisturbed among few in numbers peoples of Siberia and Finns, and significantly contributed to the language of Turks and Mongols. Also the Ugro-Finnish group clearly influenced the language of mostly genetically ”Slavic” Balts – who became a separate linguistic group, transitional between Finns and Slavs – like Turkish peoples became transitional between Ugro-Finns, Slavs and Mongols, and Chinese.

800px-HaplogroupI2Map 9 – Europe: Population Hg Y-DNA I2

Therefore, one of the groups that created the cultural and language community is Aryan R1a and the other is completely non-Aryan for it is Old European – I. Of course, a Slavic person  also has his / her characteristic maternal markers – female Mt-DNA, the names of which I mention here, but we are not going to deliberate on their genealogy here (they all originate from Mt-DNA N  and  R and there are mainly Mt-DNA I, J, W, K, U, T and X) just not to bring in any useless chaos in thinking – it is essential that they are as characteristic as male DNA. This conglomerate – very impressive Aryan non-Aryan made up the language group of Slavs. People of Hg Y-DNA R1a1, i.e. Scyths, linguistically dominated over this setting, and yet the others of I1 and I2 added their share to the Pre Slavic-Scythian language and here we have something that we have known and have been using in the records for 1000 years.

All people in the world who have naturally acquired the ability to use the Slavic language are Slavs and speak ONE LANGUAGE COMMON TO ALL OF THEM, they speak Slavic. It means that there are not any artificially created languages in the 19 th century, so called national languages: Czech, Slovak, Lusatian, Bulgarian or Serbian, or Kashubian – they do not exist as isolated ”natural” languages. They are only dialects of the one,common, inherited, ”inborn” language. The decisive majority of people of the R1a and I2 haplogroups use the Slavic language.

Have a look at the map how Hg Y-DNA I contributes to the population of Eurasia:

Haplogroup_I_(Y-DNA)Map10. Population of  Hg Y-DNA I,  Eurasia and North Africa. Where did they come to Aral and Baikal from?Well, they arrived here during the repeated wave from R1a1 – it is one of the proofs of this Community because Old Europeans primarily lived only in Europe so their entering Little Asia  and Africa is related to the R1a1 and R1b1 communities.

The statement that there is only one Slavic language may be a discovery, amazement or shock for some people, but for people who are ready for this message, even thanks to their short studies on the development and characteristic of the spoken and written language it will be  no sensation.

Slavic people all over the World speak One Slavic Language – using a few dilects of it. There are also huge groups in the world – Hindu people and Iranians who speak closely related languages derivative from Slavic languages. This is so called Satem League – when people say ”sto” for number 100 and not ”cent” (Kentum group) – I call this Satem League Sistan (to which also belong: Balts, Hungarians, Romanians and Albanians, and others).

Let us take the map of the world and sit comfortably to look at the proportion of R1a1 – well we are not able to present a similar map for I in the world.

Haplogroup_R_(Y-DNA)Map 11 – The population of  Hg Y-DNA R1. We do not have a map which shows the distribution of Hg R1a1 in America because such a map was not made. Therefore, we are reproducing an Hg R1 map as we suppose that even up to 30% of Americans can be of the R1a1 + I origin (I is a component of the language) which means that the above presented table of the population of ”R1a1 in the world”  needs to be supplemented by about 100 million people who come from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brasil, Indonesia, Cambodia, Egypt and other countries, e.g. Australia, and also about 110 million people of Hg Y-DNA I.. Then, the  Hg-Y R1a1 in the world should be estimated – basing on the data from 2010 – for 1.1 billion people and it can be well compared to the Chinese Hg-Y O which amounts to 1 billion 100 million people (however, without American diaspora and in other Asian countries – if we add these, there can be 1.3 billion people – for 2010).

arianie mapa 765px-Religions_in_Poland_1573Map 12. Religions in the area of I RP without taking into account the Jews, Moslems and Pagans (Faith of Nature of Slavic people). The hubs of Polish Brothers are falsified (there are none in south Poland around Krakow, and there used to be a few of them here – even very big ones– all Arian villages). Silesia and Pomerania should be marked, to a large extent, as Lutheran (Evangelican) beyond the borders of the country but culturally they turned towards and were set in the country’s historical tradition. 

mapa ceramika sznurowa i inne R1a1a1Map13. The setting of archeological cultures of  the Bronze Age and Y-DNA haplogroups is a lie because it suggests a smaller range of the R1a Culture in the Balkans, e.g. it is not specified on the areas of Bulgaria and Greece, nor is it shown in the peninsula of Asia Minor – it is not true (it is a lie). It suggests the existence of the hub of Celts on the Black Sea and Celtic culture of Troy – Troy was Sistan (Scythian) and not Celtic. Similarly, a big part of today’s Turkey and Kurdistan – the continuity of R1a1 was never broken off there. The Celts were placed centrally on the Danube – it is totally false. The Celts moved above the Danube – on its northern, more sparsely populated side – to the west and stopped in the area of western Germany and France. Hallstatt and La Tene was the Iron Age and spreading of Celtic influences from the Atlantic into the areas of the Alps and  the Danube, from the west. That was a period of time 1000 years later. In the description of the map the cultures in which R1a  is mentioned (Yamna and Corded Ware) are limited to the minimum, and additionally R1a was described as Proto-Greek on the map. It is really odd.  Moreover, the Danube cultures of the I haplogroup were purposefully set apart  to suggest that they were in isolation. Add to them R1a1 – because it was so.  Add also R1a  to Troy, Hatti and Kura Araxes. There, R1b1 was included, but creators of the map ”forgot” to add R1a1  ”pretending”  that it was not there. A coincidence? After making the correction it will turn out that R1a1 is in nearly all Danube cultures and Asia Minor. In that time 2800 – 1500 BC, Scytho-Slavs had already co-existed with Drzewianie (old Europeans) on  the  Adriatic and the Danube for 5000 years and they had already taken the lands to the Renn and Scandinavian Peninsula which – strangely enough – was shown here. Well, it is the method of manipulation of maps. 

So far presented in this article numbers and maps of populations and archeological cultures show that Slavic peoples dwelt  on  an enormous area of the world,  its most fertile agricultural lands (Europe and Asia) and the biggest possible pastures (Big Steppe). They inhabited the ecological niche of moderate climate ideally suitable for life and they ruled that whole territory. In this area, they developed animal husbandry and farming, saddled up the horse and started using it as the source of transport, they domesticated cattle, mastered production of dairy products, invented the ​​wheel, cart, chariot, millstones,  mastered bronze smelting and refined iron smelting, weapon production giving them advantage, they created efficient armies to ensure safety  and tactics allowing  armed conquests, they developed trade, introduced bread for use, pasta, tea, flaxen and hemp fabrics, dyes, drugs, silage, preserved food, mastered gold craft, mastered wood and stone construction thanks to which they built many cities of stone and wood, defensive castles and fortifications, co-created the oldest archaeological cultures in Eurasia, they were creators of the earliest known Vinca writing  and other types of writing, they created mythical stories telling about the setting of the innate world which gave basis to many mythologists,  performed astronomical observations and created calendars and counting systems which today’s  mathematics and physics as well as astronomy are trying to catch up with  using advanced technologies, e.g. computer technology (Nebra Sky Disk).

Scythians_MapMap 14 – apparently shows enormity of Scythia but the map is from later times when the Scyths lost control over Partia (created by Scythian Dacians and Parni) Asia Minor and Thracians-Drzewidowie (Thrace-Dacia). Below there is a version from 900-800 BC.


Map 15 – the right range of Great Scythia – without Veneti’s lands in Europe. Remember that the Turks were subject to the Scyths at that time, and then they rose in revolt and started to get free and impose their own order in the Steppe together with Mongols.

They did that all beyond the shadow of a doubt. It was them that created Persia and became the caste ruling all the peninsula of India. They and their Amazons were the fear of Egypt, Judea and Greece. It was they who did not let Darius the Great’s Persians who submitted to Semitism and  Alexander the Macedonian’s Africanised Greeks go beyond the line of Caucasus and the Danube.  It was them that later did not let the Romans enter the mentioned territories. Finally, it was they who made a conquest of Rome and many a time resisted attempts of expansion and revival of Post-Rome based on Christianity. This is Slavic Culture that has its roots in North Atlantis (Atlantis = Atlantyda – WądLądTyda – the country of Wątowie-Wędowie-Wenetowie), in Great Tartaria, in Great Scythia, in Great Sarmatia, in Kaganat of Huns and Avar’s State, Great Moravia and the Kingdom of Jagiellonians, in Great Russia and in contemporary Slavic culture.

800px-450roman-hunnic-empire1764x1116Map 16. The Empire of Huns – Guniowie Hakownikowie Chytuiłła-Hatiłła (Atylla)

I think that everyone who has reached this item of the article and has gone through all the presented maps and their descriptions till now, has received enough evidence for eternity, antiquity, cultural genetic power and integrity of man called a Slav with the rest of the Human Civilised World. He / she has also obtained a supply of unusually edifying facts confirming the contribution of Pre-Slavs (Harowie), Scyths, Sakowie, Tok-Harowie and D-Aryans (from the Oxus Darya) and next Slavs, Ists (Balts), Dawanowie (Thracians, Dacians), Hindu people and Persians in co-creation of all and any possible archeological cultures and any possible achievements of civilisation of Eurasia.

Imperium Jagiellonów XVwMap 17 – Comparison of the Empire of Huns and Jagiellonians’ Dominion in the 15 th century.

I think that they have also achieved the knowledge that brightens the darkness of Mystery about the origin and development of Slavic Culture in the deep, distant past, the mystery of the continuity of Slavic culture and tradition. I believe that they have mastered the knowledge which lets them get rid of problems concerning their identity and an ”illness” called Slavic Illness – which means a persistent lack of inveteracy and feeling of continuity as well as inferiority complex stemming from the conviction put into our minds which says that Slavs emerged from swamps and primeval forests around the 10 th century AD and were civilised by missionaries of the ”Broadminded Empire of the Post-Roman German Nation”  by common christening. Do not believe, either that the Slavs fell onto the Earth with Avars in the 7 th century AD, or that they arrived with Huns in the 5 th century AD, and do not believe that NOMADIC BARBARIANS made the Civilisation of the Great Steppe.

Jagiellon_countries_1490 2Map 18. The states under the Jagiellonians’  rule in 1490, over 2.000.000 km2 – [click and magnify] – the capitals are highlighted in red.

I think that this knowledge also lets us have the right view on the Slavic nations’ own development, on their position in the World which they did not attain owing to a miracle or coincidence, but it belongs to them by the very principle, inherent and confirmed by nature on the basis of their having been settled for so many centuries and on the basis of our Ancestors’ hard work having lasted for so many centuries as well, on the area that they had received from Mother Nature under their protection as the place to live on. By our ancestors from whose blood we come – which is impossible to deny, or any spells on the ground of no fascist-nazi propaganda of the superior theory of Post-Rome.

Our ancestors who  left all that heritage to us, devoted their lives to survive on that passage of the White Land and Masia assigned  to them by Gods. Many generations worked by the sweat of brow in order to build civilisation on this piece of the world which can be called, with no embarrassment, The Northern Culture of the Great Forest. That civilisation had been based on the tribal pattern, it had been decentralist and had not comprised fundamentally the model of Master-Slave by the times of Christianity. That was the society of free fellow citizens.

In my opinion, also thanks to these maps we have shown that the contemoprary Slavic Culture has its roots in Poland which was on the Aral Sea and in Siberia after Stara Koliba Zerywanow and after the Second the Danube-Adriatic New Koliba the Third Home of Slavism – the Slavism that returned to Masia and created Persia of Parni and India of Kshatriyas, and then formed Great Russia as well.

In my view, our Ancestors, all the great numbers of our ancestors’ generations who brought us to the world from their tree root, from the DNA root, from the ROOT of Infinite Consciousness, from the root of the Endless Tree of the World as their contemporary Best Fruit under the Sun, would expect us – THEIR CHILDREN not to waste this HERITAGE. I believe that our Ancestors would like us to always remember about the roots of the Tree, i.e. about them and their work and to never forget about who we are and what we owned and what contribution we brought to the development of both civilisation and the Human Being.

I think that anyone who has approached this point and simultaneously has got to know about the Great Mystification which we have been dealing with in terms of  Slavism since the beginning of the development of the era of SCIENCE till contemporaneity in which relics of an inseparable connection of humanistic sciences with nationalist propaganda linger.

Why does the world repeat with maniacal persistence that Slavism is a wild and an uncivilised piece of the world. This is a worse part of Europe and Asian savagery?! It is going on through science which is on the par with the system of violence of the state and the decadent social feudal structure, the System of Master-Slave, so called capitalism today. Science is repeating these propaganda statements of the West, multiplies them and gives them the status of truths because it is still in the original material error which led to taking Knowledge apart, defragmentation of the World into particular disciplines and closed the disciplines with arbitrary boundaries. In this way, in its reasoning while forming theories and justifying the right, humanism stopped applying items from beyond the circle of humanism, such as mathematics and genetics today. Such areas of knowledge as history or archeology became clumps of facts and allegations, free interpretations and the field of propaganda manipulations being subjected to centres that have money and power. The saying that history is written by winners is an ideal confirmation of this deformation of science. The contemporary humanistic science is the grown from nationalisms, deformed by theses of propaganda flowing clump of facts and half truths as well as complete deceptions not justified by any evidence. It is the collection of fabricated hypotheses and theories based on fragile bases and frail logic which we can easily question nowadays.

For example, the dominant in reasoning of archeological sciences or etymology image of distribution of cultural and civilisational achievements while the CONQUEST (as the main, or just the only implement of distribution of news and innovations) was the conventional image in the 19 th century when humanistic sciences were forming. Today we know that a conquest, an armed form of mastering a territory is not the main tool of popularisation of newness. It is well seen contemporarily, when variable pieces of news are adapted as well in communist China by the Chinese themselves, and not under the influence of British-American colonialism. This image of the world made by the 19 th century science is unreal which we have been already writing and talking a lot about here.

If it happens so, somebody will ask, why are we not taught it at school?!

Ask about it those who are voted for to Seym and who probably are to represent us. Ask them why they do not want to teach history at all? As them what history they are still teaching? Let’s all of us ask them what they have been doing to deny the lies of the image of the past and   restore   dignity and the feeling of inveteracy to the Polish (Slavic people)?! Let’s  ask them if they have ever lifted a finger to distribute this knowledge in the world,  the one that we are distributing here?! Have they donated even one Złoty (one penny) on whatever book about the mythology of Slavic people, about Slavic Faith of Nature?! Have they ever generously given, from the wealth of the Polish state, even one piece of land for the Temple of the Light of the World, for whatever Temple of Faith of nature?! And yet, they are giving away our COMMON (belonging to us all) property to the church from the Desert?! Let’s ask them if they propagate the Slavic native culture and  customs?!

I think we know answers to these questions. They do not want us to revive as the Slavic ”Nation”. They are clotted enemies of THE POLISH NATION, THE SLAVIC NATION, Enemies of Nature, enemies of Faith of Nature. Even though they declare themselves to be ”ecologically” thinking, deep at heart they are enemies of ecology and all that is Green, all that leads to respect Nature. Here is an example from yesterday from Krakow. After 20 years of discussion about changing bulbs into ecological ones in the Town Hall, they decided again that they would be using old bulbs as they look nicer. It turned out again that in response to an organised Petition on the Internet Concerning No Carbon Heating they had no plan how to take away carbon fuel which poisons people, from Krakow! They decided again that they would organise the next Winter Olympic Games in 2012 instead of building an incinerator and start heating houses ecologically, or keep a few primary schools, or introduce stimuli to people so that they want to have children!!!

It is not time to whimper about the state of their minds because their days are counted. Think rather positively about what results from the films presented in this article, from what has been said there, from what contemporary physics is pointing at, from what we feel, from what is coming as the result of the Great Change in 21 12 2012! Let’s think what tools to use  to make underlying changes in our surroundings and how to put all this knowledge into practice.
What conclusions can we draw  if we consider the image of the world and the Slavs’ history as has been presented above. What conclusions should we draw if we consider a new Theory of Meta-Paradigm, i.e. the Infinite Consciousness which forms through our community – Slavism and through us, the Slavs, individually the material world around us?


The first conclusion seems simple and obvious, but it will be shocking again.

We are who we are and we are in the phase of development in which we are, and we live in such an area as we do, and we constitute the part of the world population of People as we do because SUCH IS OUR COLLECTIVE and INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, OF OURSELVES, – THE GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS. It means that the General State of Our Slavic Consciousness let us be just in this place of the World and its Civilisation in which we are.

The second conclusion.
By aware reaction of small groups making up just 1 per mil of population we are able to change the Material world around us. Let’s  look how huge an infuence on the world had individuals grown in our culture – individual persons such as Mikołaj Kopernik (Nicolaus Copernicus), Immanuel Kant, such as Maria Skłodowska-Curie – discoverer of radon, like Slavic inventors and scientists, and also artists who gave the world many cultural breakthroughs (there have been dozens of names that I would have to mention here, the names of the format of Szopen (Chopin) and Stravinsky.

The Third Conclusion

Through our own Consciousness  and by using it as a tool, each of us really has an enourmous influence on the shape of the Material Environmet around us and on carrying out our own individual goals. This environmet is not a small narrow-minded Poland cut out by Stalin, but it is our whole heritage from Kamchatka to the Atlantic, the whole world that we live in – it is the present area of our Slavic Tribe – this is what we are to manage. The very pieces of Asian-Siberian land will suffice for generations – our Land is where  the Polish (Slavic people) and their ownership are.

The Fourth Conclusion

We should do anything to spread the knowledge that we have – we should pass this knowledge on to all Slavic people in the world, all people of Slavic origin, of Slavic roots – in all languages that our  genetic brothers and sisters speak today (Pali, Hindi, English, German and others).

The Fifth Conclusion – Border.

The Community of the spoken language that practically reaches Germany, Scandinavia, the Balts, Romanians, Hungarians, Iran and India, the USA and other countries, and for sure comprises all the spoken langauges of Slavic people – this language community facilitates us common  making of thoughtforms because the thoughtforms (thought images) consist of two elements of Word-Sound (Vowel and Melody) and Image. Our WORDS (Nasze SŁOWA) are common in a huge basic scope and while speaking our thought, emanating it, we use the same scope of sounds and the same image – in the area of 1 billion human beings. This state of affairs also facilitates passing knowledge on to others directly from consciousness to consciousness. Then we do not use the English language which is so commonly used to verbally communiacte nowadays, but we use our internal language that is in our inborn natural spirit. MAY IT BE ALL TIME. Let’s pass the knowledge on to each other in every possible way. 

The Sixth Conclusion – Life.

Our Language is our national treasure. The national treasure is also Faith of NATURE of Slavs that we are propagating. Why? Because it teaches us how we should talk to Gods / Energies / Infinite Consciousness, the Light of the World the part of which we are. It teaches us to get to know about ourselves with no limitations, it teaches Us to talk to Ourselves, it teaches us how to be  part of God and to be God, how to get to Ourselves, to our Highest Part of the Core of the Conscious Being.

The Seventh Conclusion – Happiness.

Let’s organise a huge community and together, with the knowledge we are presenting here reach the greatest number of Slavic people. Let’s do everything so that numerous publishing  houses, TV, radio, magazines, portals popularising this knowledge are set up. Let’s create the Slavic Culture, the original one, not following the West – Ours which other people will be pursuing.

The Eighth Conclusion – Fulfillment

Using Common Acts of Consciousnesss, with the help of informative and knowledge community, let’s make a Great Change of Poland, let’s act together for our current wealth and for the FUTURE. In this way,  by Conscious Acts and Conscious Acting we are capable of changing everything in a manner we want and give our country desirable, conceived by us shape – the Earth that is Free from THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PRESENT POLICY and THE PRESENT, NEGATIVE WORLDVIEW, from THE CULT OF DEATH!!!

Have we not already heard about all the observations that are here in the conclusions? Are these words really totally strange to us?! It seems as if I had heard about them thousands of times.  They are not new – indeed, we have been saying about and repeating these sequences for long.  The point is  that we must look on these postulates differently, from the side of the  CAUSATIVE STRENGTH OF  OUR INDIVIDUAL,  PERSONAL  CONSCIOUSNESS. 


To sum up, we will quote two articles and extracts of a duscussion. They bring the essential worth into our knowledge, namely they prove that it is first and foremost Slavic People that have a problem with their Slavism and placing it in the structure of the World history and in the proper place of the jigsaw puzzle of this World. They also prove common to all of us feeling of manipulation of the TRUTH in the past and nowadays. They prove our observation which is not only our specific observation of  Followers of Faith of Nature, people who have the alleged feeling of ”minority”, which results in a xenophobic view which is looking for threats where they do not exist. These articles also prove that Poland and the Polish are not able to find themselves in the swirl of historic events and feel this ”Slavic illness” particularly strong. This illness is the lack of ”attachment” to the specified  group of tradition and historical continuity. They prove that it is necessary for the national movement to integrate in regards of re-establishing of the Feeling of Inveteracy among the Polish and, more broadly speaking, among the Slavs. They prove the importance of work that we are doing here to promulgate the knowledge about Slavic people and their role, place and historic events as well as about the true generic Faith of Nature of the Slavs. Finally, these articles and these discussions prove that anybody who touches upon the subject of Slavism has to take into account a fierce attack of so called ”Europeans” and so called ”people of their roots going back to the year 966”.  Moreover, they prove that the discussions which are taking place on our blog, are taking place on different blogs upon reading such articles as well – they are not either our specifity of the Blog of the Faith of Nature of Slavic people, or our faith of Nature movement.

Remember that the Faith of Nature is professed by at least 420 million Slavic people – the Descendants and Carriers of the Y-DNA R1a1 and I blood haplogroup. We are not a minority, and our Slavic Faith rejecting the mediation of priests and accepting the scientific view, can constitute a pattern of the modern attitude to the contact of the Human Being with God, God in the Human Being with Infinite God and the Human Being with the Human Being in himself / herself.

Article from 2 th October 2011  Nowy Ekran

Scratch a Russian, and you will find a Pole

The subject is about the influence of genetic research on the issues of Polish people’s origin.

The headline of the article is the citation  from Igor Różański’s statement. Igor Różański is  one of researchers on genetics. 

Genetics is one of the youngest sciences. The selection of the human genome gave rise to revolutionary discoveries, most of which are yet to come. One of the most interesting implementations of genetics is archeology. Genetic archeology is in a sense ”Holy Grail” of research on prehistory.  Since the times of the first pieces of work based on DNA analysis in the 1990s, more archeological puzzles have been solved than throughout the last 100 years. The research has been carried out all the time. New facts, new research results changing hitherto the perception of history  appear every day.

One of the most impressive elements of the genetic archeology research are research on the origin of Slavic people. For 200 years there were arguments about the history of the people who occupied  half of Europe. The breakthrough work on this subject were the research done by A. Klyosov and P.A. Underhill from the years of 2008-2011. As it can be discerned, the research are very fresh, however, they have already totally changed the perception of our history all over the world in the whole world, except for Poland and Germany, of course. It is worth thinking why Polish ”scientists” do not accept the fact that the theses with which they still feed their students have been completely refuted. Nevertheless, it is not the topic of this article.

The analysis of Y-DNA haplogroups is presently the most effective method specifying the origin of a given society and their prehistoric roots. The Slavic people are classified to the Indo-European group, broadly defined by R1 haplogroups. R1a1 – Slavic tribes, R1b1 – Celtic tribes. Below, I am demonstrating the present distribution of the R1a haplogroup.

KIR distr1a1Map 19 – People of Hg Y-DNA R1a1 in Europe and Minor Asia. This map is not too precise as Pelloponese has not been marked pink. In Pelloponese there is historically confirmed evidence for over 400-year domination of Slavs who made tribal lands there independent from Byzantium not such a very long time ago – those were the times from about 550 to 950 AD. The same regards Crete where the Y-DNA R1a1 haplogroup is present in a fairly high percentage, and also on the border of Turkey and Iraq, its presence reaches over 20%, and an over 10%  share is in the whole area of Turkey. Further Slavic-Turkish relationships have not been shown in Central Asia. These relationships embrace the east as far as China and India. If we drew a line here of 10% of sR1a1 share in Europe, the range would increase to other areas, e.g. Sicily and would farther reach the west – for example, it would embrace France, North Italy and Bavaria. As far as it is known, because of Boj-Avars, Bavaria was related to, as follows: Venetia, Lęgia-Lugia (Ślęgia), Harusja and Caroduna (i.e. White Croatia), and then Hunaland, Avaria and Great Morava.

As it can be noticed, the biggest density of population of this broad group is present in Poland. It is worth paying attention to the fact that among Lusatian Serbs, this factor is even higher. At present, researchers have been arguing about the birthplace of these peoples. As it is known, both R1a1 and R1b1 originate from the R haplogroup which is very rare today and its successor R1.  The argument has been going on between the followers of the Altai and Iranian birthplace of these people. The important information is the fact that  the  R haplogroup was shaped 20 000 – 34 000 years ago, but R1 around 18 000 years ago. The haplogroups of R1a1 and R1b1 are slightly younger than  R1. As  it is known, this is the  age of the last bigger glaciation. It is highly probable that a few number of people owning R1 proves the decrease of the human population in that region. A great number of R1a1 and R1b1 seems to suggest that they emigrated to warmer areas. Lately, Anatole Klyosov presented his  theory about migration of  R1a1 people. The world of science has got used to listen attentively to Klosov because his earlier theories, totally contrary to the commonly known ones, found confirmation in serious evidence. (One of his theories said that the population  of  R1b1  arrived in Europe 4000-5000 years ago displacing almost completely people settling those areas earlier in the west of Europe). For the time being, serious scientists take this as the proved fact). In his work, Klyosov posits that Slavic people came to Europe from the steppes of Altai through the Near East  (the Catal Hoyuk Settlement) and the Balkans. He also points out that the Vinca culture (creators of the first writing in the world!!!) was made by the Slavic people fleeding from the deluge which flooded the coasts of the Black Sea 5600 years BC. It is commonly thought that the Vinca culture gave rise to Danube cultures with the Corded Ware culture as their apogee in the third millenium BC.

Corded_Ware_cultureMap 20. The view of the range of archeological cultures – it is worth comparing with the maps of the Y-DNA haplogroup range as population of these haplogroups have been in these territories permanently since about 10.000 BC, and in the case of Indo Europeans for 25.000 years.

We can show strong evidence for this thesis thanks to justified cases of the R1a1 genome of people assigned to this culture.

Very curious, too, are facts linked with the R1a1a1g and R1a1a12 haplogroups called R1a17 till recently. These groups are very characteristic of the west Slavs’ community  (in the south of  Poland more than 30% of this haplogroup itself). I present the distribution below.
mapa r1a1a7Map 21. This map best illustrates the language situation – in spite of a big genetic share of Slavic people, because of germanisation they do not speak their language in Germany. In Hungary a low percentage of the group of Magyars of the haplogroup N imposed the language on 60% of R1a1 people, in Greece, the 15% share turned out to be too small to impose the Slavic language. A significant group of Slavs did not lead  to a complete slavisation of Romanians, the 15%b share of Slavs was enough to exclude the Turkish language of Bulgarians – it is not known why. Montenegro and part of Azerbeijan as well as the land of west Germany, north France and north Italy have not been marked purple – where the share of R1a1 equals 10%. 

Initially the rise of this haplogroup is dated back to 2000 years BC. The oldest varieties can be found in Serbia and Croatia (Lesser Poland is associated with so called White Croatia whereas Lusatia with White Serbia). A really interesting fact concerning the genomes of the R1a1 is information that the variance of this gene in the Polish community is higher than for the whole European population. It means that no less, no more the most likely region in which this population grew so rapidly is Poland. At present, scientists in the world are nearly wholly agreeable that the Slavic people populated the areas of west Russia from the territories of Poland. Scyths’ and Sarmatians’ raids were  a reverse migration of people who arrived at the steppes from Poland.

The thesis relating to the Prypiat roots of the Slavic people is regarded as practically overthrown nowadays. There are too many proofs that contradict such a version of events. Beginning from chronicles and ending with DNA research. Samples from this area indicate the presence of mutations which first occured in the territories of Poland, but later (even today’s) samples from Poland do not contain mutations from the swamps of Prypiat. As an essential curiosity, I will bring up the fact that among the community of Hindu Brahmins (who derive their descent from the Aryans) the dominating genome is R1a1, but not R1a1a7. Neither is it R1a1a1g nor R1a1a1g2.  Some people may be worried that we do not originate from the nation that conquered India and brought in their order there (Sanscrit is a Satem language, the Polish language has much more in common with Sanscrit than with English) because when they were leaving Europe (or north Caucasus – research is being carried out and soon we will know the answer) people of R1a1a7 had already lived in our territories. It is consoling, however, that the Lusatian Culture had already been typically Polish (they bred even Polish cows   ), but this topic is for another article.

An extract from the discussion

  • The first wave couldn’t have been Celtic. Ther’s plenty of evidence for it brought by genetic research.  R1b1, i.e. Celts had been in Anatolia for a very long time and emigrated from there to the west around 2500-3000 years BC, across the Balkans where the settlement of the Slavic group (R1a1) had already been very intensive, or across the sea, through the islands. Similarly, the late migration of the Polans from the east to the west is completely at odds. R1a1a7 is not present in the west and this group rose somewhere in the territories of Poland / Lusatia / Slovakia probably at the time when the Celts were settling in Europe. Differences as to your opinions are that it was exactly opposite. I am afraid you’ve just had a glimpse at the map, and haven’t read the text to the end.

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Andarian 02.10.2011 21:05:26

  • @Andarian

The migration from Anatolia across the Balkans seems weird  – have any traces remained? Isn’t the route by land to the north off the Black Sea more convincing? I’m not an expert on the things; the question: how is it to the Slavic custom as the Supper Eve which comes from present Iran, and came into being after the Indian migration?

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Krzysztof J. Wojtas 02.10.2011 22:01:26

  • @Krzysztof J. Wojtas

The concept of migrations to the north off the Black Sea is an alternative version, but there are no archeological proofs for it. Personally, I’m inclined to accept the version about sea route of the Celtic colonisation, or across Egypt, Libya, Sicily and Italy. This verison seems to have been confirmed by DNA research of Tutenchamon (R1b1). The question of the supper is interesting and I’ll try to explore the topic. Where do the data showing that this custom is younger than 1500 BC come  from?  Since when have there been such customs in Iran?

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Andarian 02.10.2011 22:22:59

  • @Andarian

the presence of Polish R1a1a7 on the south coast of Sweden and the east coast of Denmark looks very interesting, as well as R1a itself – long before the Vikings who then must be in a significant part the Slavic element, which is shown at least by the presence of R1a in Iceland wholly settled not so long ago regarding the time scale from the note. ”I’m afraid” that an argument about Swedish / Scandinavian origin of the founders of Russia will be raised. It will also turn out that ”Swedish” Vikings so skilfully sailed in rivers in Slavic territories as they could easily communicate with local rulers and negotiate good conditions for migration.

As far as the Supper Eve is concerned. For me it is as important a trace as the ones proved by DNA research. What is more, customs are cultural and not related to a genotype – so, the influence of co-existing together and not the tribal rule. While migrations there is always the possiblity of inter tribal contacts and these are usually developmental inspirations. Such individuals have a chance – owing to their being different – to gain a significant role in the tribe. This, in turn, is usually reflected in the number of ”genetic traces”.  It is worth pondering on.

Yald’s Holiday – the equivalent of the Supper Eve, is the holy day of Mitra’s birth. Mitra, in Zoroastrianism was the most powerful emanation of Ahura Mazda. Because during the Aryans’ invasion Mazdaism was in Iran, Mitra was one of the reasons to reform Mazdaism for Zoroastrianism. Mitra is the common point of Hindi beliefs along with Zoroastrianism.

niederlausitzwappen   Gorgeous coat of arms of Lusatia

The Supper Eve should be associated with the most important of gahambars – Zoroastrian holidays – Now ruz which was celebrated at the Spring equinox. Here, I mean the Now ruz Supper Eve – day and night devoted to ancestors’ spirits. And compare it with our Christmas Supper Eve and customs.

It is another thing that the calendar ”went”. Later, with time, it was at Winter Solstice. Gody means agreeing to serve  <the Polish word gody means: mating, wedding, festivities>. Jare Gody /pronounced: yare gody/ <Jare Gody is a holiday celebrated during the Spring Equinox>–  by the calendar it is along with Now Ruz. New Year in Nowy Rok in Zoroastrianism is held on the day of the Spring Equinox. Among many elements of this festivity, we can mention painnting eggs, hiding sweeties in gardens and spring cleaning which all are practised by Us but for Easter. Indeed, we practise many customs from Now Ruz  at  Christmas Supper Eve, but it does not indicate that this holiday came to us from the east; there  are no findings, no traces of this form of practice in Hinduism – certainly not in this form. There are, however, descriptions of similar customs in Assyria and in the territory of Iran. Therefore, this custom is later. There is much to be said that it began as early as under Zoroastrianism. Nonetheless, we ought to reject the version of Eliade saying that Zoroaster had lived ”500 years” before Alexander (Macedonian). We would rather suppose that Zoroaster lived about 1200 years BC. Yet, the custom seems to have started about 1000 years AD – which allowed for its setting and spreading among Slavic tribes of the last migration wave. I assume that the thesis about the Danube origin of the Slavic culture and developing it in the territories of Poland, will be widely recognised as proper because justified by the greatest number of proofs.

mapoflusatiaMap 22. Here is what has been left of the areas on the Elbe for us Slavic people – only Lusatia reduced to the minimum. The incription Sakska – shows to us relatively early germanised Saxons, the descendants of Scythian Saka people.  This genetic relation is simply contained in the name of the tribe and country Sak-sonia (Saka-son, which in Scythian -Pre Slavic would have been written as Saka-sais). The Scythian and Slavic tradition of naming after father, well kept till today in Russia, was taken over from us by Scandinavians where there are often surnames of lars-son, gunar-son, etc.

I do not agree with the theory saying that Slavic people arrived in Polish territories from the east in the 6 th century AD. I do not agree with claims that they were savage people, deprived of any customs, taking anything that others gave them. I do not agree, either with the theory that Slavs shaped their ethnos and customs in the east, where they came from, fulfilling the post Germanic emptiness. These all are the theories which were fabricated – on the command of Polibureaus and offices of propaganda. I have given very substantial arguments refuting these theses. In my article, in the comments to your answers, as well as in the earlier text: ”Lech, Czech i … historic policy”.

I present these arguments very briefly here; they are as follows:
1.The lack on the R1a1a7 gene in the east shaped 4000 years ago.
2.The highest variance for the R1a1 gene in the Polish community.
3.The strong material evidence  joining the Danube cultures  (Cord Ware in particular) with the R1a1 genome.
4.Convergence of Slavic festivities with Aryan ones (it does not define directions of migrations in itself).
5.Slavic names of the commanders fighting with the Romans (Radogost, Ariowit)
6.Nestor’s chronicle explicitly says where Slavs came from (from the areas of Pannonia).
7.In Tacitus’s works there is an indication that the peoples of Suevovs (in my opinion, they were Slavs) spoke the common language, different from the language that Germanic peoples spoke.

I can point out many other arguments as well, like, for example, the convergence of the technlogoy of building fortifications between the Slavs of the 6 th – 12 th centuries and the technology of the Lusatian culture.

You have mentioned merely an argument about co-existence of holiday customs in Poland, Iran and Belarus which does not specify in itself the direction of migrations (although some ethnologists would argue that in migrating communities traditions are maintained more strongly).


I also think that it is vital to set the scenario of settlement of Poland’s areas and central Europe after descending of the glacier. The glacier finally descended around 16.000 years ago, further a  (very short or long)  interval during which the soil is slowly becoming suitable for farming,  and further on  a scenarion of migrations according to haplogroups…

This for northern Poland…

A scenario for other parts of Poland will be identical but shifted in time…
It seems to me that this will be unfavourable ”scenario for our neighbours” as it seems to be obvious, logical and reasonable that people were following the retiring glacier, which means from the south to the north. The availability of land farming is concurrent with the map of occurence of individual glaciations, i.e. the maps of settlements should be its negation for a temporary specification of settling the lands. Here’s information from bryk:),5ae12bd18488bc579b30The glacier did not go beyond the Carpathians so the Danube lands were the natural and closest basin of immigrants.
What do you think about it?

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Unfortunately, we do not have any proofs for such an early development of farming, though recently the history of farming has been drastically lengthened. Till recently, it was supposed that farming developed 4.000 – 5.000 years BC. For the time being, it is presumed that the first farmers lived in the areas of Gobekli Tepe 11.000 – 9.000 BC. It is confirmed by the research of the local wild wheat which seems to have been the ancestor of today’s grown wheat. By the way, Gobekli Tepe must be the greatest archeological puzzle of the contemporary people (a megalithic temple a few thousand years older than the pyramids!!! intentionally covered in sand more than 7.000 years BC). In the period after the last glaciation (the last cold period 11.600 years ago) there were perfect conditions to live at the coast of Black Lake (till 5600 BC it was a closed freshwater reservoir). In this way although farming was being formed, it spread as late as 2-3 thousand years later. It has its reasonable explanation. Both geneticists and archeologists agree that the last glacial was a narrow neck of the bottle  for all people in the world. The human population decreased repeatedly in that period  of time. Before the population was built to such an extent that it had to search for new places to settle, some time had passed. It is worth paying attention to the fact that also 12000 years ago  there was the last period of a very high volcanic activity (the next one is just starting). Well, the first people to settle our lands after the glacier were hunter-gatherer communities that, however, did not have such a high birth rate to settle these lands. A bigger settlement was made by farmers – Pre Slavic people from the KCWR culture, after the ”deluge” on the Black Sea that changed into the Cord Ware culture.



It is a pity that such interesting issues are presented mainly on the basis of the webstie whose author warps reality for his own vision (R1a1 – Slavs, R1b1 – Celts –  chasing mammoths – do I understand it right?) After all, nobody will take it seriously, and even someone who’s reading this information and has no knowledge about the subject can find facts from the text as they also appear?.  And now, what is roughly a fact.
R1a-M458 (R1a1a1g) with its sub clade R1a-L260 (R1a1a1g2) derives from the territories of Poland and is strongly related to Slavs.
And if so:
a.) There was no emptiness (the Slavs must have come from somewhere populating especially the Czech territories, Slovakia, Hungary,  less the Balkans, and then, for example,  the areas of Russia or Belorus).
b.) The Slavs must have lived in our territory in the period of the Roman Empire, but if the name was not known in those times, they appeared under other names. The R1a relates to Indo Europeans (archeological Y-DNA as R1a!). It is the only link as the substantial haplogroup of Y-DNA, but the most important here is R1a1a1-M417. It does not mean that the older R1a could not go together with it – because it could, but it is the group that makes up 99,9% of R1a and this is the group that is owned by Slavic people as well by Hindu people, etc.
Actually, we do not have Scandinavian vel Germanic R1a. I will correct a few things here.>>>>>”The headline of the article is a citation from a statement of one of the most  significant researchers of archeology – Igor Rożański”. It is rather repetition of the title of the interview which was printed in the Russian press with the real SCIENTIST. The link to the interview: ->
Here is the work the interview is about->
Truly, the headline is good. Firstly, rubbish about (ethnical) Russians that they are just slavicised Tatars / Ugro Finns has been refuted. Secondly, as a matter of fact, most of Russia is the area od the middle ages expansion of Slavic people, connotations with the territories of Poland are often seen.  In other research of DNA, Russians are either so close to the Poles as Ukrainians, or even closer. Yet, Balts are placed second to the Russians and closer to the Ugro Finns. What discipline is genetic archeology? Do we dig out somebody’s remnants from before thousands of years and examine their DNA?
”Rożański is not concerned with anything like that so he can not be one of the most significant researchers in this field. Just amateurishly he tries to classify on the basis of attainable haplotypes of the given haplogroups (here precisely R1a1a1) its component parts (a haplogroup is simply examined not enough), and specify, on this basis – if there are not known SNP at present, relation of one population with the other – which, considering the latest (it is not a joke – from yesterday and from last week) – results of his private research, can be said today was quite poor (he mixed up the affiliations of separate sub clades Z284 and Z280)”.>>>>>
Slavic population is classified to an Indo European group, widely defined by the R1 haplogroups.  R1a1 – Slavic peoples, R1b1 – Celtic peoples. Below, I demonstrate the present distribution of the R1a haplogroup. I would suggest less reading of priest Pietrzak’s website and more scientific research.
As all of us know it very well – the west of Europe (yes – it is there that R1b dominates) as early as in the Ancient times was inhabited by peoples (I think there is no point in mentioning them) non-Indo European peoples – they left after topo-, hydronymia, stories, sometimes writing. Actually,  indo Europeanisation has not ended till today – because we have such people as the Basques – of  record holders as for the frequency of R1b-M269 (R1b1a2).This haplogroup is present in Europe in two ways – R1b-U106 (R1b1a2a1a1a) more popular in the northern region of its presence as well as R1b-S116 (R1b1a2a1a1b) in southern.
”’Other (Indo European?      ) R1b-V88 (R1b1c) is present, for example, in Cameroon  –, actually it is closely related to one of the groups of Afro-Asian languages (known before as Hamito-Semitic ), and the traces which we have, for instance, in some Celtic or Germanic. Others R1b-M73 (R1b1b1) are present in Asia,  today quite closely related to the Turkish linguistic group.  But at this point it is worth paying attention to an interesting thing – if one group was examined, a young age of this group came out in every case  (e.g. Bashkirs ) with a strong, so called, effect of the founder – and actually its development can be placed at particular groups – as late as from the time of Turks’ entering the historical arena. By the way, often in the case of various haplogroups, it is like with Turkic languages, from the steppe and east Asia. But R1b-M73 as a haplogroup is, of course, older. Furthermore, in the case of  R1b with which I will finish my comment here.>>>>>”

Below, I present the present distribution of the R1a haplogroup – however, I would focus on the previously put in the link Russian work. It has more in common with reality (though, for example, the percentages from Lesser Poland or Pomerania can not be seen: Kraków-64%, Lublin-62,5%, Gdańsk 60% – but here the average must have been increased by the Kashubians).>>>>>> Presently researchers are arguing about the birthplace of these peoples. As we know,  both R1a1 and R1b1 deriving from a very rare haplogroup today R and its successors of R1. I do not know the case that we could tell about that he / she owns  “R*” without any mutations known today defining the following haplogroups. It changed (last year) the discovery of SNP – M479 which defines the “R2″ haplogroup today (India, Pakistan and places around them, early dawne R*, at Mongolian peoples it is just R2-R2-M124 ). It must be the alike with R1*. Because  (provided it was done) usually two SNPs were tested that define R1b – M343, i SRY10831.2 (or more often M17) and they define not  R1a*, but R1a1* i R1a1a* – so what is hidden in scientific works underR1* position is impossible to answer. >>>>>>” The argument has been going on between the advocates of the Altai and Iranian birthplace of these peoples. What is that? What about Europe?>>>>>>

Significant information is the fact that the R haplogroup  rose  20.000 – 34.000 years ago, whereas R1 around 18.000 years ago. The  R1a1 and R1b1 haplogroups are slightly younger than R1. As it is known, it was the period of the last bigger glaciation.

These dates are, to a large extent, uncertain. But it is not about it here. The nearest relative of  the ”R” haplogroup is haplogroup Q (e.g. Indians), in the case of ”Ugro-Finnish-Baltic” ”N” it is ”Chinese” ”O”, etc. – but they were the obvious times of glaciers, mammoths, etc.

Where were R* i R1* born? – Surely in Asia (the Near East if the area of the birth of  R1b, R2 around Iran / Pakistan, Q are Indians, the cemeteries of Xiongnu, u 1. Turkish, etc.).

Where  was R1a*-M420 born? Nobody knows it (bearers of this haplogroup are from the British Isles as far as to Iran, there are no in India) – so it could have risen in Asia or in Europe from the arrived R1* .

R1a1*-SRY1532.2 is also broadly spread ( e.g. Sweden, Poland)
R1a1a*-M17 similarly

But that all  may be just a per mil or less (0,01%?) in relation to the most significant haplogroup as R1a1a1*-M417 most likely coming from neolithic times and which can be assigned to Indo Europeans and which at last is starting to divide (and we are closely discovering its division – especially owing to – into the following ones.

Today it looks like that.
I will present certain data.
Dominating in Scandinavia (and in the Islands) R1a1a1 – M417+ Z284+
Dominating in continental Europe R1a1a1 – M417+, Z280+
Dominating in the east (Asia) R1a1a1 – M417+,Z93+
Apart from this R1a1a1g-M458 which for sure is Z93-, Z280- in the case of SNP Z284 tests results are expected very soon.
Except that the groups Z284+ i Z280+ should be connected with SNP – Z282 ( and M458 unless it has Z284) and these should be linked with the following one  (Z645) z Z93+. And the relative of the whole group will be – European (and to be precise north-west European)  R1a1a1*-M417 (and in this group R1a1a1-L664)
As a tree it looks more or less like that.->

Translating it into Polish.
The  R1a1a1*-M417 haplogroup came into existence in Europe (quite possible in central Europe). It is Europe that this group spread from to the east, to Asia (and India). A 100%  justification of  this statement will be provided by research of archeological Y-DNA.

“Anatole Klyosov has recently presented his theory concerning migration of the R1a1 community” – which was instantly refuted by reality ( Haak’s excavations in the case of KCWR – F*, G2a3). An idea for the R1a way (yes, indeed – which one did he really mean?). From Altai via Catal Hoyuk via the Balkans is one of the biggest nonsenses that we can encounter in these issues (although there is a bigger one concerning R1b, written by… Klyosov)

“R1a1a1g…. The oldest types can be found in Siberia and Croatia (Lesser Poland is identified with so called White Croatia whereas lusatia with White Serbia).”

What can be found?

“.. that the variance of this gene at the Polish community is higher than at the whole European population. It means that no more, no less the most likely region in which there was a rapid growth of this population is Poland” – it indicates something different, namely that it dveloped in our territory and that – most likely – comes from our territory. I recommend a project on this topic.

SNP – is not a gene; I recommend definitions. SNP is a point mutation so it can not be diversified because then we would deal with other SNP. A haplotype of a given haplogroup is diversified..

>>>> “because while they were leaving Europe (or north Caucasus, research is being carried out, we will know the answer soon) people with R1a1a7 had already been living in our territory”.

Did other R1a vanish from Poland’s territories? Why Caucasus? S

If, for example, Indo Europeans rose in Europe (central? Easter?) while spreading all over, they were not wandering as one mass (altogether) from one place to another, but subsequent groups separated while the rest stayed in the homeland – provided some calamities did not drive them away or did not destroy them so they lasted, evolved linguistically, and the following separated groups came into interaction with groups of other languages, which contributed to changing of the language and giving rise to separateness (one of the first achievements of Indo European studies was the discovery that Celtic languages are also IE).. Also, while spreading, child haplogroups were rising. It is logical that if a given SNP rose in descendants in another place and at another time, it  can not have been in the ”nest”. And now a question – where does certainty that  R1a1a1g-M458 had already existed come from? Maybe, while the Indoeuropean group that later named themselves  Aryans was arriving in Asia, that mutation had already existed in a small area and in a small number advancing much later, or that mutation occured, or was to occur at the basin of the Oder River or the Vistula River? Considering that, how possible was it to be on both continents, at the same time?


Prix wrote under the earlier topic:
“national awareness, irrespective of a sex, is taken from the female line.”

Are these any facts?
Because as for the facts relating to Slavs not having their own state and living inside of  national organism of another nations – they say something opposite. Lusatians own R1a 63,4%, R1b-8,9% (and proportions of the remaining haplogroups are actually similar to the ones in Lesser Poland  R1a-64%, R1b-8% more or less in this R1b there may be.. older R1a), but a bit farther, in the borders of the same state – Lipsk (earlier Slavic territories) the situtaion looks like that: 27,1 % R1a (even many in comparison with the native German territories, for example Mainz (Moguncja)  8,4%-R1a 44,2%-R1b) a R1b-43,1% – is it obvious now why people speak differently in Lipsk than their native ethnical group?
I would willingly get familiar with research on people of Silesia who speak (and who have kept it) Polish, from the territories which we lost for a few hundreds of years. Kashubians R1a also have over 60%. But if you know research on mtDNA of these three/four groups,I will gladly get to know about them so as to check what it is like on ”mother” side, and which groups are closer to each other.

”and, for example in Talmudic law – exclusively.” As for this nation, it brings considerable consequences in the case of Y-DNA, all the Euro Asian bunch of haplogroups, usually with young ones, but expanded in numbers clades including R1a-(mainly Z93+, L342+)

Podziel się!