Kira: Grafiki i ilustracje z Wellington

Kira: Grafiki i ilustracje z Wellington



Kira kontynuując swoje zainteresowania plastyczne postanowiła poza swoim podstawowym zajęciem w Wellington rozwinąć działalność graficzną i ilustratorską w ramach Simple Things Design Studio. Na jej profilu na regularnie będą pojawiać się grafiki do odpłatnego komercyjnego wykorzystania. Rozpoczyna je Wiosenna Łąka, którą przesłała do mnie życząc nam wszystkim dalszego dynamicznego rozwoju Ruchu Słowiańskiego w Polsce. Adresatem są,  klienci z całego świata, profesjonalni jak i osoby zupełnie prywatne.


Spring Meadow Watercolor Set

Welcome all spring lovers!Feeling first spring sun and warm vibes of life waking up after a long winter? Me too! I decided to celebrate and welcome spring with this set of 63 watercolor, playful graphics. In the set you’ll find heaps of flowers, leaves, bees, butterflies, beehives, sun, a dreaming girl and one tree. I call it a spring meadow walk. I already imagine warm sun rays on her face and all the insects buzzing in the grass.My technique in fact is not pure watercolor, but ink, water and pen. I scan gray scale drawings and color them in Photoshop. That’s why all the colors are editable and you can easily change them. I often work with random, experimental ink splatters to see what comes out of it.The style is cute, funny, hand drawn and a bit rough, but that is what makes it different from many others. It looks perfect in children’s room, or printed on fabrics and handmade paper. With 19 wild, meadow flowers you have endless possibilities for wedding invitations and stationery.

Spring Meadow set consists of:

  • 1 layered PSD file with 63 elements on a transparent background (300 dpi, 5041 x 6464 px) (the tree is 1495 x 2184px, smallest heart is 78 x 89 px)
  • 63 PNG files on a transparent background
  • 1 EPS file with 63 vector elements nicely grouped
  • 6 A6 print ready cards designs


All colors are editable in PSD as color fill layers. You just double click on the color and select a different one. You can also change blending modes of the layers. An example of it is the dark card with a bouquet where I have changed colors and blending modes to achieve deeper, vivid look.

This is my second product so all feedback is welcomed. I’ll be happy to help and answer all your questions. I hope you’ll enjoy it and get a lot of fun when working with it, as I did when creating it!

Thank you!



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