Georgij Gurdżijew – Tan MOGTÓW

Georgij Gurdżijew – Tan MOGTÓW

705083Gurdżijew – wielka enigma

Opowieść o jednym z najbardziej znanych i tajemniczych mistyków XX w., Georgiju Gurdżijewie, który przemierzył świat w poszukiwaniu prawdy o „Czwartej drodze”… Inspirujące.


La Dansa del Mags (La Danza de los Magos)

„La Dansa dels Mags” es un espectáculo que busca despertar elementos dormidos del psiquismo del espectador a un nivel de atención más elevado.

El espectáculo teatral multimedia „La Dansa de los Mags” fue estrenado el 23 de noviembre de 2006 en el Teatro del Centro Cívico Can Felipa de Barcelona.

Ficha técnica:
Dirección artística: Giovanni Maria Quinti
Ayudante de dirección: Jorge L. Picorelli
Música: G. I. Gurdjieff i Fabio Imbergamo
Piano: Rafaella Lisi
Violín: Fabio Imbergamo
Bailarines y actores del Instituto para el Desarrollo Armónico La Teca
Vestuario: „Piú bello” (Jorge Picorelli e Iziar Estornes)
Peluquería y maquillaje: Joana Moreno
Audio: Francesco Dosia
Montaje del vídeo y animaciones: J.J. Brañas i Nacho Rodríguez
Idioma original: catalán
Subtítulos español: Montse y Rosario

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Kay Smith Presents Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances

Throughout recorded history there have been various forms of expression which can outwardly indicate a distinct effort of a particular civilization for the benefit of all mankind. The result of that effort lives throughout history in various forms of objective art. Its strength is characterized by the fact that it withstands the test of time. Forms of art that were used to express the outstanding aspect of a particular civilization may be seen in terms of architecture, sculpture, music, theater, painting and sacred temple movements or dances.

Today’s program may be seen as an allegory of those successful endeavors passed from one civilization to the next in the form of movement. It may represent the inner realization of both the potential of the mass of certain civilizations and the individuals within the particular culture. The movements you are about to witness with today’s show are taken from various civilizations, some of which are quite old. For example, the movement called „30 Gestures” may be approximately 4,000 years old and comes from ancient Egypt. In ancient times these movements may have been used in ceremonies acknowledging, with gratitude, the gift of life and its potential.

The ancient sacred dance is not only a medium for an aesthetic experience, but a book, as it were, or script, containing a definite piece of knowledge. But it is a book which not everyone can read. A detailed study of sacred dances and special movements and postures over many years has proved their importance in the work of the harmonious development of man; the parallel development of all his powers. Exercises and sacred gymnastics are used in this system of self-development as one of the means for educating the student’s moral force, for developing his will, patience, capacity for thought, concentration and attention, hearing, sight, sense of touch and so on.

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