Association of Slavic People, Movement of Free People, Faith of Nature: gender, recognition of animal rights, racism!

Association of Slavic People, Movement of Free People, Faith of Nature

© Published (by) bialczynski on February 17th, 2014

© translated by Katarzyna Goliszek
Dzik, dzika ?winia,

There are such social matters and civilization problems that must be clearly postulated by every organisation on the public forum, openly and loudly discussed in the environment that creates them.  These are the issues and problems which require a determined standpoint, an obvious stand made by the human, by the aware person and taking on an active attitude to the phenomenon which we are dealing with. There are such civilization issues that need an immediate solution even on the scale of the Planet. No human actions done to Earth should be hasty. Regardless of our perception of the Earth as a huge piece of stone on which Life understood in Darwin’s way evolves, and irrespective of our seeing a Conscious Being in it which is the emanation of the infinite Consciousness Shaping the Matter.

To some people, it may sound ridiculous, but gender and recognition of animal rights belong to these issues. If We, as the Slavic Movement (Association of Slavic People), The Movement of Free People (RWLWP – Ruch Wolnych Ludzi Wolnej Polski – The Movement of Free People of Free Poland), as the Faith of Nature (SSŚŚŚ and the Faith of Nature of Slavic People) follow the SCIENTIFIC world view and the paradigm of ”Consciousness over/under Matter”, which means the rules that directly reflect the way of activity recognizing the holistic perception of the world and holistic solving of the problems of the world and civilization, we have to tackle these basic issues very seriously and define ourselves explicitly towards them.

I, personally, as an aware individual who follows the scientific-holistic world view, do not imagine co-working in the Association of Slavic People with persons who neglect the Laws of Nature and consequentially lead to doing actions against Nature through the Association.

Am I for the gender ideology and do I recognise the existence of animal consciousness and am I ready to admit they have rights equal to the human being?

All the life attitude of the human  depends essentially on the answer to the raised question.
Here, I present a very sensible article from Gazeta Wyborcza just on the subject. Let it be the introduction to the statement which I will try to justify in a fully logical way and which leads, in my view, to the agreement that even the Association of Slavic People that seemingly has nothing in common with the social topic of this sort, has to define itself in similar ideological issues. The Association has to do it clearly, openly and honestly as early as at the beginning of its setting up so that no unnecessary incidents of tension, internal turmoil and loss of social energy in its further activity happen.

Recognizing the scientific-holistic vision of the world and civilization of the human being as well as using the holistic consciousness for his/her opinion and putting actions into practice, entails all the series of consequences which face all our Organizations and Movements in the situation of the Great Change – for example, in such an aspect as Self-organization of Society, i.e. the Tribe.

Someone could say: Why raise such questions and divide the Slavic Movement at its start with ideological issues which are secondary to Slavdom, as the Slavs are both followers of the Faith of Nature, Free People, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, atheists, homosexuals, Ukrainians, Belurussians, Serbs and Poles, Lusatians and Silesians, and also ”EVERY Human That Feels Slavic and Identifies himself/herself with the Culture, Tradition and History of Slavdom” although his/her mother was Jewish, and father was a pitch Black citizen of Germany. Furthermore, there are other people, quite ordinary ones, farmers, steelworkers, soldiers and policemen, people who do not think with ideological issues, do not philosophize and do not split hairs on the matter, but just live, feel and do various professions. au 222

When we were establishing the Association of Slavic People, I asked myself a simple question: What will we be doing in our Slavic Affiliation if there appear, as a crowd, members for whom a notion will be, for example, the so called Purity of the Slavic Race – that is obsession of the Fascist-Nazi kind, which prefers superiority of one Race over another and stipulates, in advance, humiliation of other races around them. Would I like to participate in such Association? I Say Certainly  NO!

The conclusion that came itself was simple. What has to join us so that we will start acting together for the Great Change is the Scientific-Holistic World View. This is the Philosophical Foundation which we need to accept and which we accept intuitively as yet. The Philosophical Foundation which we instinctively acquiesce – We All gathered around this Blog, Gathered Around the Issue of Regaining our Slavic identity, around making up Free Poland for Free People, around the Faith of Nature and Acting for Ecological-Humanistic Revolution.  


Free Poland that we want to make for ALL POLISH PEOPLE can not exclude anyone – it can not exclude either ourselves or our ideas because, for example, the so called any ”Majority”, ”Oneness”, or ”Only Our Matter” would like, now or whenever, to impose some general solutions on the rest of the society – the solution which will exclude the possibility of acting and co-existing of another small group of citizens. ONLY such philosophical (holistic-scientific) approach to the constituted LAW within the State excludes its excessive oppressiveness and repressiveness, excludes excessive regulating and manual administering, excludes automatically millions of superfluous administrative interference and clerical abuse, excess of superfluous taxation, multiplicity of controls, constant expansion of the system of penalties and free interpretation of the law, and excludes a number of other not less annoying discomforts of social relationship which we are coping with in Poland on an exceedingly large scale. 

Then, I also asked myself a simple question: Would I like to co-operate in the Slavic Association with people who do not recognize the RIGHT OF EQUALITY OF PEOPLE – i.e., for example, the Right of Women to be Free People (making decisions about themselves in all aspects – also concerning giving birth or not), and generally speaking, for the Human Right to Decide about One’s Own Fate (including euthanasia of one’s free choice) and about One’s Life Choices on the grounds of Full Freedom (also for homosexual relationships, or for life in a free relationship, in a sexual commune or whatever which the Free Human Being has the full right for)?  And I answered my question: NO! The only limit that All Members of the New Polish Tribe, World Wide Slavic Nation have to recognize – is that an activity of one Tribe can not harm the Other Tribe of this Nation. Where it starts to do harm, a mechanism of the LAW that rules out conflict and harm, exploitation, humiliation, abasement, ruling out one group by another, should turn on automatically in our New CONSTITUTIONAL Construction after the Great Change. 
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I would not like to take part in such an Association that in a while will make a decision to support the Ban on Working on Sunday, the Ban on Doing Shopping on Sunday, the Precept to Believe in This or That, the Prescript of Ritual Killing of Animals in the name of the Superiority of some Religious Laws over the Notion of Consciousness of Animals. Neither would I like to participate in such a Slavic Association which following the example of the Priest from Sulistrowice and other Catholic Adherents from the whereabouts of Sleza, will put up on Sleza near the Cross-Giant and Stone Holy Worship Catacombs their own Gigantic symbol of, for instance, a 40-storey Svetovid that shines with Neon Light at night onto Wroclaw and the whole area and makes Day out of Night for the animals inhabiting the Landscape Park.


Of course, I thought of, and I want Svetovid to stand on Sleza, but I want it to be integrated into the environment. I do not want it to be as wildly aggressive and intrusive as the one offending the feelings of other people than Catholics, gigantic Cross-Eyesore, like the Bloody Inferno – called the Way of the Cross which is for me just sadist-masochistic show which groups of children, young people and grown-ups who head for the mountain just to have a rest and do not have anything in common with Judeo-Christianity have to watch.

My reasoning is very simple in this case: if we are to create the Association of Slavic People that consequentially will take on a definitely big group of people who will direct them towards discriminating Black People, Women, towards backward thinking and acting against Mother Earth and Mother Nature, towards the so called ”modernity” involving the development of the Humankind by the cost of the whole Environment and Wildlife – we had better not make up any Slavic Movement at all.


Finally, I asked myself the last question about this subject and I answered it myself: Would I like to share the Association of Slavic People with such organisations as the All-Polish Youth, OUN, UPA, Swoboda Party, The Right Sector of the Maydan – after all, they are Slavs as well?! NO! I would not like to do that at all – no way! 

How to prevent, at the very beginning, a similar – contradictory to its idea – situation of distortion and surveillance of OUR organization from other ideological movements which can be called Slavic?

Well, every person joining the Association of Slavic People, must have obvious, full and irrefutable awareness: That during the First popular Rally that will be held, we will outvote inviolable Rules of Participation in Our Association of Slavic People, that is to say The Regulation of Admission to the Association. It will be the exemplary solution and clue to form a New Law in the New Polish Nation – THE POLISH LAW – which will not be the further development of the Roman Law, the Law of Master – Slave, but something completely NEW, as NEW as Novelty is NEW, which the Great Change is bringing to the World. 

These rules must be explicit, of course, and up not restricting, very simple though marking clearly and irrevocably a certain direction of reasoning of the Association of Slavic People and the direction of its activities for all the future. I propose here and now, and I give you for your consideration, and I expect a discussion of, the following issues that are to specify who (what person and what organisation) can become a member of the Association of Slavic People and what commitments I take on myself to comply with becoming the Member of The Association of Slavic People. 


I assert that the members of the Association of Slavic People can be people and organizations that profess in their philosophy and carry out as well as bind to fulfill within the Association of Slavic People: 

1. Scientific-Holistic World View 

2. Philosophy and Rules of the Movement of Free People 

3. Activities for establishing Free Poland of Free People 

4. Philosophy and Rules of the Ecological and Nature Development Movement 

5. Statute of the Association of Slavic People 

6. Also, exclusively Those who undertake to respect the rule that an activity of one of the Tribes can not harm Another Tribe of Any Nation. Where it begins to do harm, then turns on the  mechanism of the LAW that rules out conflict and harming, exploitation, humiliation, degradation, exclusion of one group by another.  

It seems to me that more regulations are unnecessary, and the ones presented here are sufficient determinants which guarantee the activity of this Association towards Freedom of People, Free Poland, Green Poland, Welfare and Development of Slavic People as well as the societies of all other people in the World whom WE, Members of the Association treat equally – in the same way as we treat ourselves.

If we recognize the rules I have mentioned above, we have to clearly and emphatically state that we do not have ANYTHING AGAINST GENDER – because it is only unreserved RECOGNITION OF THE FULL RIGHT OF THE HUMAN BEING TO WHOLLY DECIDE ABOUT HIMSELF/HERSELF, but in a way that does not harm other people (for instance, by public manifestation). We have nothing against RECOGNITION OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS FOR FULL DECIDING about THEMSELVES – also in the matter of giving birth to conceived or not conceived children as well as for their equal work status. We do not oppose RECOGNIZING Animals as Conscious Beings. On the other hand, we are TOTALLY against destroying the environment and Nature, or against privatizing State Forests in Poland.

I might have left out an essential issue in the 6-item list above which I would define as a contemporary, adequate to the Great Change Constitution of Life on Earth. Perhaps you have any doubts about some mentioned issues. If so, please, make your comments. 

Podziel się!