Adam Smoliński – Are the present Germanic nations Aryan too?

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© translated by Katarzyna Goliszek

There is another issue which intrigues me and which I can not help thinking about.

In accordance with the assumed thesis – proved by genetics and linguistics:

1.  If  haplogrup R1a became distinct about 20 – 18 thousand years ago in the region of Altai.

2.  If  13 – 10 thousand years ago peoples of  hg R1a crossed Central Asia to the areas of north coasts of the Black Sea. Here, they met peoples of the Old European hg I1 and I2 and together began to create  the culture of  Proto Slavs as well as the Proto Slavic language. North Europe – to the Carpathians, North Asia – to south Ural – were covered by the continental glacier.

The people of hg R1a + I2 + I1 together undertook the expansion of areas of southern Europe (covered by the continental glacier) and Asia Minor.

3.  If, at the same time, part of the peoples of  hg R1a from the areas of Altai went south, in the direction of India and together with these tribes started to create Proto Dravidian culture.

4.  If, about 17 – 16 thousand years ago in the region of Altai haplogroup R1b became distinct, and then they went to the south of Asia, in the direction of present Iran. Next, they crossed Asia Minor, Bosphorous Strait and reached present France through the south of the Alps (about 5 – 4 thousand years ago). On their way and in the territory of present France , the peoples of  R1b met peoples of Old European hg I1 i I2, and they together began to create the culture of Proto Celts.

5.  If the peoples of haplogrups R1a and R1b, in the territory near Altai, used the same kind of language and kept this language for a long time despite separating into different directions. This proto language was called Indo European, from which the majority of European languages derive. Provided that the peoples of hg I1 and I2 having their own language (non Indo European) had a huge influence on the development of the languages and cultures of Proto Slavs and Proto Celts.

6.  If (about 9 – 8 thousand years ago) the outgoing glacier let the peoples of hg R1a + I2 + I1 (Proto Slavs) expand in the direction of north Europe (White Land), to the Baltic (Błotyk /pronounced: bwotyk/ ) and on to Scandinavia (Skon Nawia – the place of dying). At that time, the tribe settled for good, occupying the central, west as well as east Europe. Expansion deep into north Asia was impossible yet because the glacier was melting long. Next,  in new territories, these  peoples began to create new cultures, but still based on the Proto Slavic culture from the Black Sea.

7.  If, about 6 thousand years ago, warming of the climate of north Asia allowed for expansion and the part of peoples of  hg R1a + I2 (already Proto Slavs then) immigrated from the centre of Europe towards north and central Asia, setting up hubs like Arkaim (Arka Jama – Jama Arki) in the south of Ural. They called themselves Aryans – Noble. Following climatic changes, the tribes resettled in the south of Asia establishing such hubs as Gonur, and then started expansion towards the Indus River and Dravidian India. The advancing peoples still called themselves Aryans (which was noted by the language and ancient literature of Sanscrit). Till today, people in India have known who were and are Aryans. I know it from my own experience what impression the name Arya makes.

8.  If the peoples of  hg R1b entered south and west Europe around 1000 years later after the expansion of the  peoples of  R1a in the same territories, and  upon leaving of  some  Proto Slavs  for Asia. The peoples of  hg R1b encountered  the peoples of  hg I1 in Europe  and created Celtic culture  (of Skiełtowie – Gauls) together with them.

Summing up:

1.  If the points above are true and proven as well as provable by other sources, calling the majority of European languages – Indo European at present is correct. These languages own their one original source in the form of proto language of the haplogroup R, from Altai territories of Asia. That protolanguage spread by the expansion of hg R1a, and then hg R1b. The proto language of  hg R, upon meeting the hg I language in Europe received a new quality in the form of two different languages – Proto Slavic and Proto Celtic.

2.  If only the group of the hg R1a + I2 peoples (Proto Slavs) who migrated from Central Europe  in the direction of Central Asia called themselves Aryans, the name Arya was the own name of the peoples of hg R1a + I2 (Proto Slavs), mainly from Central Europe.

Thus, if at the time the part of Proto Slavs went towards Asia there were no Celts in Europe yet, calling the Celts Aryan tribes is wrong. At that time the Celts did not know that term so they can not have called themselves Aryans. The same concerns Germanic nations (in terms of contemporary times). In contemporaneity, Germanic nations as peoples of hg R1a + I1 + R1b came into being about 1,5 years after the Celts’ arrival in Europe. We can just say that, in a sense, contemporary Germanic nations started to exist after intermingling with the Aryans.

Consequently, the only people who have the right to say that they are the descendants of the Aryans are Slavic people. The blend of hg R1a + I2 speaking the Slavic language. The Slavic language is an Indo European language, and simultaneously it is the language of the Aryans, i.e. the Aryan language. Other Indo European languages, different from Slavic, are not Aryan languages, but are related to them.

Ergo, Germans, the English, the French, the Spanish, Norwegians, Swedes are not strictly Aryans, but they are just related to them through intermingling.

The concept about Germanic nations’ (Germans, the English, Norwegians, Swedes) being Aryan rose at the end of the 19 th century and at the beginning of the 20 th century. An emerging German state earnestly sought a myth of founding it. German geographers returning from India brought information about myths going around Hindus. The myths and ancient hindi literatue informed that India had been conquered in distant times by the noble people named Aryans.

The people came fom the far west and established a marvelous civilisation in India. They also created the ancient language of India – Sanscrit which developed on the basis of the Aryans’ language. Linguistic research quickly proved concurrence of Sanscrit with Germanic languages, particularly with German. The Slavic language was not taken into consideration in the research  as in the researchers’ opinions it was a barbarian language. Only Germanic languages could carry civilisation.

At that time, the biggest and richest research centres were located in Berlin. The Prussian – German  propaganda quickly took up the topic of Aryans and developed the belief that Germanic nations had been Aryans and that it was the most noble blood, the most noble race, the Race of Masters of the World. Additionally, the propaganda was stoked by news from Helena Pietrowna Bławacka about a mysterious land in Tibet – Szambalia.

The subject of Germanic nations being Aryan and superiority of the race of masters was adopted by Nazi propaganda.

Third Reich sent to Tibet and India expeditions of researchers whose task was to prove this thesis.

For the English, Norwegians, Swedes who perceived themselves as Germanic – the thesis of the superiority of the Aryan race – the race of the masters of the world was very suitable. The thesis always supported and justified any activities of ”Germanic nations”.

Owing to Nazi propaganda all adhered to the Aryan idea of the Germanic nations.

Only later was it found out thanks to linguistic research that the Slavic language is also an Indo European language and, moreover,  is  the oldest of all of them.

Unfortunately, the 21 st century genetics verified all the theses about Germanic nations being Aryan and their race  as the race of masters. Germanic nations (in contemporary understanding) simply turned  out to be intermingled with so much hated by them Hebrew race of hg J. It turns out that something like the race of Germanic nations has never existed and, all the more, Germanic peoples have never been to Tibet and India as Aryans. Genetics of the 21 st century had directly pointed out that peoples named Aryans who entered India are the peoples of  the hg R1a – Slavs.

Therefore, only Slavs, or first and foremost Slavs have the full right to be Aryans and to be called Aryan. Excluding, of course, all the scribble of German researchrs about the superiority of the race of masters.


Adam Smoliński

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