Diaboł Boruta "Żeńcy i południca" (słowa według wiersza Wojciecha Świętobora Mytnika)

Diaboł Boruta – Żeńcy i Południca – HD – lyric video

nadesłane przez Wojciecha Świętobora Mytnika


Wojciech Świętobor Mytnik
Słowiański czad!
Diaboł Boruta i utwór do jednego z moich wczesnych wierszy. Zapraszam!Slavic folk metal attack!
Diaboł Boruta (Boruta the Devil) and their song where they used one of my early poems. Enjoy!Of Reapers and PołudnicaAt the very noon, in the swelter of the summer hot,
The reapers were mowing the golden corn.
The blades were shining in the midday sun,
The flames of Svarog were pouring from the sky.Then something weird, something sinister happened:
Suddenly the whole neighborhood fell silent.
Among the reapers, dressed in white linen,
There stood a demon – the field południca maiden.The scythes fell onto the burnt ground,
The reapers fell soulless into the grain.
Not a word had they uttered whilst dying.
Not a single bird had sung in the skies.’Tis better not to go out at noon.
If you cannot hear anything around you –
That is the sign the demon would arrive
And you would find eternal silence in the fields.

Skład: Paweł Leniart – wokal, bas Mirek Mamczur – gitara, wokal Oscar Kuźniar – gitara Dawid Warchoł…

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