„Zaspalo e Chelebiiche” (Sleepy is Chelebiiche) – Kosmiczne głosy z Bułgarii

„Zaspalo e Chelebiiche” (Sleepy is Chelebiiche) – adaptation by Hristo Todorov

epa01457885 Members of the international religious movement ‚White Brotherhood’ perform their ritual dance ‚Panevritmia’ as part of the celebration of their New Year on top of the Rila Mountain some 130 kilometres from Sofia, Bulgaria, 19 August 2008. The ‚White Brotherhood’ gathered in the Bulgarian Rila mountain for its traditional meeting at the seven Rila lakes. This annual ritual dates back to 1929. Bulgarian born Peter Danov (1864 – 1944) founded the ‚White Brotherhood’ in 1897 in Varna on the Black Sea coast. The aim of his movement initially was to raise the religious spirit of the Bulgarian people. Later on it grew and became a worldwide organisation, promoting the spirit of brotherhood among people by stressing on Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue. Danov laid out his teaching in 7000 lectures that are published in several series. He has followers all over the world. Danov contributed during WWII to Bulgarias decision not to send its Jews to the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Danov, known among his followers under his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, also composed 160 songs and pieces of music. EPA/VASSIL DONEV
Dostawca: PAP/EPA.


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