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Dobra mina do złej gry, bo zła gra dopiero się dla Rosji zaczyna wraz z regulowaną ceną ropy transportowanej morzem ustaloną przez G7 i embargiem na rosyjską ropę w Europie.



2. Jerzy Zięba – Co z tą wojną?


3. GNN: Najmłodsi (0-24) umierają w zatrważającym tempie, często we śnie przed świtem+ wstrzykiwalne preparaty mRNA na Covid w kalendarzu szczepień dzieci w USA

Czy dzieci przeżyją kalendarz szczepień z prep. mRNA na Covid? + o zagrożeniu jakie stanowi PEG, składnik szczepionek, ale i innych produktów medycznych np. MiraLAX oraz kontrastów diagnostycznych.

Fragment z artykułu Mercoli (link na końcu)

Jednym zdaniem: W USA wprowadzono do kalendarza szczepień dzieci preparaty mRNA na Covid z corocznymi dawkami przypominającymi. Tymczasem od czasu wprowadzenia tych preparatów w tej grupie wiekowej, obserwujemy nadmiarowe zgony. Pokazuje to graf poniżej.

Rysunek: Łączne nadmiarowe zgony wśród osób 0-24 lat w USA od 2019
cumulative excess deaths Unites States 0-24 years
Youths Are Dying at Frightening Rates

In the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZJfVR9-wo, nurse educator John Campbell, Ph.D., reviews the latest U.K. and U.S. data on excess deaths in the young. The U.K. is now seeing 20 to 30 excess deaths per week in the age group of birth to 24.

Excess deaths are also statistically higher in the U.S. than expected. For the age group of birth to 24, cumulative all-cause excess deaths was 16,747 as of week 35. The screenshot below, from USmortality.com,15 illustrates how the cumulative excess deaths among our children, teens and young adults have skyrocketed since June 2020.

Recall the FDA authorized the first COVID shot December 11, 2020, for individuals aged 16 years and older.16 If the excess deaths from June through December were related to COVID, the shots certainly have NOT improved the situation or made youths less likely to die. Quite the contrary.

Excess deaths among 0-24 in the USA

cumulative excess deaths Unites States 0-24 years

Excess deaths among all age groups follows a similar but more step-like rise.

cumulative excess deaths Unites States
Medical Abuse of Women and Children Is Rampant

The medical system has mistreated and abused infants for decades, forcing a number of completely useless and harmful interventions on them. Antibiotic eye treatment17 and the hepatitis B vaccine,18 both administered on the day of birth, are but two examples. The fact that U.S. child mortality ranks19 worst among the 20 wealthiest nations speaks to the effects of all this medial mistreatment and overtreatment of infants.

The U.S. also has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world,20 and according to medial investigators, 84% of all these maternal deaths are preventable.21 Clearly, we’re doing a lot of things wrong.

CDC Takes Child Abuse to a Whole New Level

With its decision to add COVID shots to the U.S. childhood, adolescent and adult vaccine schedules,22 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is taking the abuse of infants and pregnant women to a whole new level. As reported by The Defender:23

“Commenting on [the CDC’s unanimous] vote, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD), said:

‘This reckless action is final proof of the cynicism, corruption and capture of a once exemplary public health agency. ACIP members have again demonstrated that fealty to their pharma overlords eclipses any residual concerns they may harbor for child welfare or public health. This is an act of child abuse on a massive scale’ …

[A]dding the COVID-19 vaccines means 18 more shots — one per year between the ages of 6 months and 18 years — will be added to the schedule, according to Toby Rogers, Ph.D.

‘So overnight the childhood schedule would go from 54 injections (72 antigens because of combined shots like MMR) to 72 injections (90 antigens),’ Rogers said. ‘This has absolutely nothing to do with health — it’s all about profit and power’ …

Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., told The Defender, ‘Given the high risk of vaccine injury for a product that provides little or no benefit to children, this represents a criminal enterprise solely to ensure a revenue stream for COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers’ …

As of Oct. 7 [2022], the VAERS data for 6-month-olds to 5-year-olds who received a COVID-19 vaccine showed reports of 4,279 adverse events, including 182 cases rated as serious and 7 reported deaths. For 5- to 11-year-olds, there were 14,622 reports of adverse events, including 692 rated as serious and 29 reported deaths.”

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Dlaczego młodzi umierają we śnie przed świtem? Winne katecholaminy.

If a young person’s heart has been damaged, by an infection, vaccination, or for any other reason, the surge of catecholamines can be lethal. This is the reason, McCullough said, that people seem to die in their sleep. They’re really dying just before dawn.


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Can Children Survive This Many mRNA Shots?

The following COVID-19 jab recommendations will go into effect in 2023:

  • Age 6 months to 4 years — a two-dose primary series for Moderna, or a three-dose primary series for Pfizer, plus an annual booster
  • Age 5 to 11 years — a two-dose series of either Moderna or Pfizer plus an annual booster
  • Age 12 to 18 years — a two-dose series for Moderna, Novavax or Pfizer plus an annual booster

For children with moderately or severely compromised immune systems, the recommended primary series is increased from a two-dose series to a three-dose series, which is madness heaped upon insanity. I really don’t see how young children will get through their primary education alive if they have to take annual boosters on top of a primary series.

Rules Upended for Vaccine Injury Compensation

Adding insult to injury, while the COVID jab makers get a permanent liability shield through the addition of the jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule, those injured by these mRNA shots will not get compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which covers nearly every other vaccine on the schedule. The Defender explains:24

“Vaccine makers are not liable for injuries or deaths associated with EUA [emergency use authorized] vaccines but can be held liable for injuries caused by a fully licensed vaccine — unless that vaccine is added to the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule.

Parents of children injured by vaccines listed on the childhood schedule typically can seek compensation through the taxpayer-funded National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a no-fault alternative to the traditional legal system for resolving vaccine injury claims.

However, the revisions voted on today by the committee explicitly state25 (slide 24) that the newly added … COVID-19 vaccines are not covered under the VICP.

Instead, the COVID-19 vaccines added to the childhood schedule will remain covered by the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). To date, only six claims filed with the CICP have been approved for compensation.”

In closing, if you care about your children, do not allow them to be injected with these immune-destroying shots. If you’re still on the fence, please read the cited paper by Seneff, Nigh, Kyriakopoulos and McCullough,26 to get an understanding of how these shots can utterly decimate your child’s health.


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The Pediatric Perils of PEG: From MiraLAX to COVID Shots, FDA and CDC Ignore Safety Signals


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